ugly double chin

really stop making fun of people because they have double chins like i dont care if u dont like them when u call someone ugly for having a double chin ur calling everyone who has one ugly 

The Woes of Ugly Sweaters

Lee Sunghwa had always been a beautiful man.

He had the face of an angel- if not that. He had the face that adorned cover magazines. The way his jaw was shaped so perfectly and so sharply deadly. He knew it as well. You found it funny how he always said his right side was his best side. You couldn’t see it because how could you say the right side is better than the left side when both is made out of perfection. The bridge of his nose sculpted perfectly not by the scalpel of man but by the hand of god and if there was ever a side more perfect. You were certain it was all of it.

His beautiful face was accentuated further with his beautiful voice and seasoned with the most beautiful talent you’ve ever seen. He knew he was talented. He always knew. It was talent and hard work that made his name grew in the music industry. It didn’t take him long once his music was out. No one could differentiate between talent and hard work but Sunghwa had both. There was never a more beautiful man you’ve met, especially when he had that smile on his lips and the humorous twinkle in his eyes waiting for you to laugh whenever he made one of his stupid jokes.

A lot would argue, but you believe Sunghwa had a very beautiful sense of humour.

He was an overall beautiful man.

His sweater on that day however, was not.

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Low Quality Pictures

Fandom: Attack on Titan

Pairing: Eren/Jean

Rating: Teen and Up

Words: 2036

Chapter: 1/?

Summary: A stupid story of Jean falling in love with the guy who decided to leave stupid pictures of himself on all of the tester phones in the Apple store.

[Read on ao3]

In all honesty, everything could have been avoided if Jean had just listened to Marco’s advice and bought a better case for his phone while he had the chance. Still, he’d somehow ended up in his bedroom staring at his fallen phone, the screen completely shattered.

“Shit,” he swore under his breath, retrieving the phone from the floor, careful not to cut himself on the glass. He held the phone closer to his face, inspecting it. The entire screen was wrecked to the point where he’d probably cut his entire finger just trying to unlock it. Jean let out a loud groan because, as usual, Marco was right, he should have just bought a better case, but he’d be damned if he’d let Marco know it. He threw on the nearest jacket and grabbed the keys to his car before heading out of the door.

It was pretty childish, even for Jean, to immediately spend money on fixing his phone just for the sake of proving his friend wrong. Still, he found himself in his car driving to the nearest store in which he could have his phone repaired. His face was contorted into the most annoyed scowl he could muster the entire time and it didn’t help that his phone kept playing his text tone, though he wasn’t receiving any messages.

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A/N: Just a Nate imagine. Enjoy xoxo

I never expected to be doing this, standing in front of my mirror in only my bra and panties, and questioning why my boyfriend was even with someone like  – me. I was never one to care about what people thought about me. Was I skinny? No. Was I fat? No. I was curvy. Usually, I embraced my curves and loved my body but ever since I started dating Nate six months ago, I started feeling more self-conscious. I rarely wore tight dresses that showed my curves, I went from wearing a two piece bikini to some one pieces that covered everything. I felt like I was constantly getting judged and laughed at. 

Today was wrose than usual, I don’t know why I ever decided to go onto Twitter. I normally avoided it because of the hate I received. Nate had posted a cute picture of us together last night on a date, he begged me to wear a new dress he bought me. It was – tight and I seriously didn’t want to wear it knowing there’d be backlash, but he picked it out specially for me and wanted me to wear it. I couldn’t say no to him, so I ended up caving and wore it out. It was a hot pink skin tight dress with a slit up the side, and it showed off my ass and boobs which Nate enjoyed staring at most of the night.  I nibbled on my bottom lip as I refreshed my Twitter feed to see all the hate roll in.

“Ew, she’s so disgusting! Her stomach is bulging out of that dress. #sick”

“oh.. my god. shes fucking ugly, her double chin is crazy #paperbagherheadpls”

“lol what a fucking cow. pls if you’re over 140, don’t wear tight dresses.”

“why is nate with someone so ugly like wtf are you doing? smh”

I slammed my laptop closed before throwing it across my bed, I tried so hard to stop the tears from flowing but it was no use. So now, here I am staring at my reflection and poking at my giant stomach. 

“God, I’m so disgusting. They’re right, why is he with me?” I questioned before turning around and jumping once I noticed Nate standing there.

“What are you doing?” He asked, walking closer to me which caused me to take a step back.

“Nothing, Nate. I was just changing..” I lied, walking into the walk-in closet to grab some sweats.

“Y/N, I know when you’re lying. You always pull your lower lip between your teeth.” He followed me into the closet.

Damn it, I hated how he knew me so well.

“Nate, it’s nothing okay? I just wanna go to sleep, alright?” I told him, slipping on my Victoria Secret sweats before walking out of the closet.

“Come on, baby. Talk to me..” He frowned as he leaned against the closet door frame, watching me get into bed.

“Nathan, I’m fucking fine just drop it!” I snapped.

I just looked at him and he was silent, sighing I just shook my head before laying my head against the pillow. Pulling the covers over my head, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling once again. I hated feeling like this.

“Lil mama, please talk to me..” I felt a dip in the bed and him uncovering my head.

I sniffled before sitting up and pulling the covers over my chest, “Why are you with me?” I asked.

“What?” He looked at me like I was crazy.

“Why are you with me?” I repeated.

“Why are you asking me this?” He crinkled his eyebrows in confusion.

“I just – I don’t understand Nate. You could have a model and here you are with a disgusting fat cow!” I gulped as I looked down, my tears still falling.

I didn’t hear a word from Nate, he just looked at me like I completely lost my mind. Before I could even open my mouth, he cut me off.

“Y/N, you are not are fucking cow. You are a funny, beautiful, amazing and totally drop dead gorgeous girl and you take my breath away if when you’re just in your sweats and your hair is messy. You’re one of the most kindhearted people I’ve ever met, and I love the fact you can get down and dirty with me and then dress up all sexy with me for a date. I don’t want no stick thing model when I can have a sexy, curvy beautiful girl. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Lil mama, I love you with all my heart and I don’t give a fuck about what anybody says. You’re my girl, and that’s never going to change. I love your curves. It’s more of you for me to love.”  He looked into my eyes and I could see the love in his.

The tears that were falling now, were not sad but happy. I couldn’t believe the words that left his mouth, he was so fucking perfect and he was all mine.

“I love you so fucking much.” I wrapped my arms around him and held him close.

Once he pulled away from the hug, he stripped off his clothes and crawled in next to me in just his boxers.

“I love you so much more, Lil mama and don’t you ever forget it.” He smiled, kissing me softly before wrapping me up in his big strong arms as we both drifted off to sleep.