Just keep telling her till she does. Yeah? You know…all her life, all she has ever wanted is somebody to reassure her that she is worthy of love. So if you do that, then, um…you know, she will be good to you, she will take care of you. She will even over look all those things that are so deeply fucked up in you. Uh, and yeah, when she get out of here, she will, uh…uh, probably hack your phone or maybe, uh, key some female co-worker’s car. But yeah shes gonna do it ‘cause she loves you. And uh… *chuckles* I mean, some people would give anything to be loved like that. *chuckles* That’s all I gotta say. Just stew in your juice, and then uh, yeah, do the right thing.
I love you so much, Lorna. But you know…you can’t just, like uh, keep doing whatever the fuck you want and then thinking it’s gonna be okay. *stutters* And the days of this, uh…crazy being quirky and cute… it’s past. It’s sad, ya know? I mean, you need help, and I can’t help you, ‘cause I need to help myself. Or maybe, uh, what if you go see the prison therapist, right?  See what she has to say about it. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna tell me…*stammering* She’s gonna call me a dumbass sucker crazy person for letting me do this again. And then tell me to never, ever, ever do this again, right? And this time, I’m gonna listen to her…'cause she’s the expert, right?

Nicky Nichols

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There’s crying, and then there’s movie crying. Whether you’re alone, in a crowded theater, or sobbing on a flight while receiving judgmental looks from a flight attendant (just us?) movies often lend themselves to some ugly crying—but no two movie cries are exactly alike.

The Disney Cry
The way one’s body heaves when watching a Disney movie is so specific to that genre that it really can’t go by any other name. It really doesn’t matter the film’s subject matter—the cry will be the same 

The Teen Tragedy Cry
We’re looking at you, The Fault In Our Stars.

The Nicholas Sparks Cry
The man has created his very own genre of tears.


here’s a thing- Rock Lee is a Saint.

bonus colored version of Lee’s scarred hand. I thought it would probably be a lot of overlapping friction burns that scarred over.