Ok ok ok, can we please talk about this scene from the trailers

Spoilers beyond this point. You’ve been warned. Ok so in the gif below Jyn is running with THE FREAKING DEATHSTAR PLANS. I know this was from the trailer but were they actually suppose to escape and live? I know they reshot a lot of scenes but DAFAQ. They could have lived in another alternate ending? Somebody HALP!!!!!!!!!! My babies. I cry I cry.

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There’s crying, and then there’s movie crying. Whether you’re alone, in a crowded theater, or sobbing on a flight while receiving judgmental looks from a flight attendant (just us?) movies often lend themselves to some ugly crying—but no two movie cries are exactly alike.

The Disney Cry
The way one’s body heaves when watching a Disney movie is so specific to that genre that it really can’t go by any other name. It really doesn’t matter the film’s subject matter—the cry will be the same 

The Teen Tragedy Cry
We’re looking at you, The Fault In Our Stars.

The Nicholas Sparks Cry
The man has created his very own genre of tears.

I asked the wonderful @robyn-kun1314 if I should drew fluffy or angsty Tomedd. And they said angsty. So! Backstory?

Basically, one big miscommunication and Tom thought Edd purposefully blew him off on something important ((spoiler alert: it was an accident)). But anyways, Tom did some ugly crying, Edd told him what really happened, they kissed and made up, and went home to watch some Disney movies. ‘twas all well in the end.

Jack Pearson sets the bar higher.

In yesterday’s live chat with Milo and Mandy before west coast premiere of the finale, a fan commented saying she (we all lol) has set the bars higher for men after watching Jack and MIlo said that Jack’s not perfect. You know what? Of course he’s not perfect. Rebecca isn’t either. No one is. The reason why we’ve set our bars higher after watching Jack is BECAUSE we see the imperfections in him and we see the multiple ways he has tried to overcome it. He drinks a lot for a year when the kids were little, he stopped immediately after Rebecca told him off, immediately determined he’s going to be the 200% parent Rebecca expects him to be. He knew they were drifting and he made an effort to rent their old house and put lights and shit for Rebecca just to make sure she knows he loves her more than anything in the world still. He wanted to steal from a bar last night and he stopped because he noticed Rebecca and I bet you a hundred bucks the reason he stopped isn’t because it’s true love at first sight, it’s because that true love at first sight made him think that woman deserves a better man. In the last scene, he got drunk and he knows it, he doesn’t know how to make it right again (he mumbled on going to support group) but he knows that if his wife wants him out, he will be because he respects her. He gave the most beautiful speech and still walked out, why? Because that’s what a respectful man does, he knows he did wrong and she needs space. He’s not perfect but he tries to be better ALL THE FREAKING TIME and THAT is why we’ve set our bars higher on our choices in men after watching the show.