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Steps to become a good artist:

1. Draw everyday
2. Use any reference you need (for poses, backgrounds, color palettes, anything)
3. Make sure to flip your drawing horizontally every now and then to improve the symmetry
4. Stare at a drawing you’re satisfied with until it becomes ugly
5. CRINGE at things you drew like 3 months ago
6. Hate yourself
7. Cringe some more
8. That’s it! You’re an artist

So I finished The Cursed Child...

*mind the spoilers*

I wanted to like it. I really did. And there were some parts sprinkled in the 300 something pages that made me almost think that it would be okay.

But that was the problem. Those great moments, those few beautiful moments were just sprinkled. Barely there. And what we were left with for the rest of, and the majority of, the script was some pretty ugly moments.

Some, downright cringe worthy.

And this is why.

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