ugly crew

I was just thinking about how I’m going to fight Neda and her crew of uglies if they even try to say something to Ika in jury, but I know my mom Ika is going to end them herself so I don’t even have to worry

Our first encounter

A/N; I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around this. I had too many ideas. The k-drama actually helped me. Which I’m glad you all inFIREd me. With your recommendations. I can’t believe I actually said that! BTW It’s late right now, so excuse my unedited writing. I feel kind of bad because I’ve been behind on requests. But I’ll get on it when I have time!

Simon D scenario

You were incredibly nervous. It was your first time meeting the AOMG crew. You were Jay Parks’ sister, and they probably had high expectations of you. You could sing well, but you could rap even better. Jay was the most excited for you. He always knew you’d go far, but he’s glad he can be the one to take you far. Your hands were slightly trembling.

“Are you that nervous Y/N?” Jay laid his hands on top of yours. He could always see through you.

“Could you blame me? I’m joining AOMG. People would probably think I only got in because I’m your sister…”

“Don’t be silly you had to go through a process too.” He smiled

“Really?” The corner of your lip raised slightly.

“Yes, Simon had to see what you were bringing to the table.”

Your eyes grew wide.

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Orbiting Human Circus Headcanon

The PBC board gave the crew ugly sweaters as a holiday gift. Pierre gave his to Julian because his was too small (He would not be caught dead in it). Julian cried as it was the first new piece of clothing he had gotten in years. The next day Julian woke up to find ‘santa’ brought him several sets of shirts, pants, and socks, as well as a cashmere scarf


maybe now’s the time to be alive

a mix for everyone’s favourite immortal crew, along with an origin story song for each member noted in the annotations
(aka: felix had a spotify playlist with a shit ton of fakehaus songs and he just wanted to use some of them)

1. molecules - atlas genius ♔ 2. runaway - ed sheeran ♔ 3. female robbery - the neighbourhood ♔ 4. feel alive - anavae ♔ 5. the run and go - twenty one pilots ♔ 6. duality - set it off ♔ 7. robbers - the 1975 ♔ 8. panic station - muse ♔ 9. dance miserable - patrick stump ♔ 10. we are the radio - new politics ♔ 11. na na na - my chemical romance ♔ 12. why worry - set it off ♔ 13. i’m so sorry - imagine dragons ♔ 14. old scars / future hearts - all time low ♔ 15. new generation - new politics