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Our first encounter

A/N; I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around this. I had too many ideas. The k-drama actually helped me. Which I’m glad you all inFIREd me. With your recommendations. I can’t believe I actually said that! BTW It’s late right now, so excuse my unedited writing. I feel kind of bad because I’ve been behind on requests. But I’ll get on it when I have time!

Simon D scenario

You were incredibly nervous. It was your first time meeting the AOMG crew. You were Jay Parks’ sister, and they probably had high expectations of you. You could sing well, but you could rap even better. Jay was the most excited for you. He always knew you’d go far, but he’s glad he can be the one to take you far. Your hands were slightly trembling.

“Are you that nervous Y/N?” Jay laid his hands on top of yours. He could always see through you.

“Could you blame me? I’m joining AOMG. People would probably think I only got in because I’m your sister…”

“Don’t be silly you had to go through a process too.” He smiled

“Really?” The corner of your lip raised slightly.

“Yes, Simon had to see what you were bringing to the table.”

Your eyes grew wide.

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How to spot stolen art

In light of the recent art theft going around - I don’t mean just reposting people’s art, I mean actually selling it on products, which infuriates me beyond comprehension - I thought I’d write a little guide on what to watch out for if you want to avoid buying from thieves.

First of all you might be wondering - why should you care? Art is art. And oftentimes, things with stolen art or unlicensed products are cheaper. Great! Right?

Except, the thing is, they’re bad quality. Usually, artists don’t post high-resolution files on the internet, and most of us watermark our work. That means that any stolen art you buy will either have the watermark on it, or blurred out, or cropped off. The picture will also be pixellated and blurry, because that’s what happens when you print a low-resolution image. It looks fine on a computer screen, but in reality… not so much.

There’s also the point that it’s illegal. And a jerk move to steal someone’s art, or support theft of someone’s art. If an artist isn’t getting recognition for their work and instead has to watch other people actually making money off it, they might stop altogether. Meaning there won’t be any new art for you to enjoy.

So for the sake of not wasting your money on bad-quality merch, and being a decent person, please, please avoid supporting the thieves.

What to watch out for:

1. Who’s selling it. Whether it’s on Amazon or Ebay or Redbubble, have a look at the seller’s shop and see what else they’ve got. If you find an array of different art styles and subjects in their shop, then they’ve probably stolen it all from various people. Some artists do have a mix of styles or media, but it’s usually pretty obvious.

2. Where it’s being sold. Ebay and third-party sellers on Amazon are really iffy. You’ll find a lot of questionable stuff on there. Watch out for sellers from China especially, and in the listings, watch out for “Engrish” and weird phrasing.

3. The quality of the item. This isn’t always obvious, since even low-res pictures will look fine on a computer screen, but there are other things to look for. Some of these products have the art “squished” onto them, in order to fit the whole image. Like so:

Speaking as an artist, I’d never do that, because it looks crap.

4. Check with the artist themselves! Most artists who post their work online will have links to their shops and anywhere you can buy their stuff. If it’s not on the list, it’s probably not legit. And if in doubt, just ask! Trust me, nobody is going to be offended if you make sure that their work is being sold legitimately and that your money will be going to them.

Note: some people do buy art and stuff legitimately and then re-sell it on Ebay or somewhere if they no longer want it. Obviously that’s fine. But in those cases they’ll probably only have one of an item available, and they probably won’t have a whole shop full of merch.

I know it can be tempting to buy the cheap stuff. But bear in mind, you will get what you paid for. And you’ll contribute to something that makes artist feel like crap. Trust me on that. Sites like Redbubble and Society6 frequently run promotions and discounts, so if you’re interested, sign up to their newsletter and keep an eye out, and get the art you want for less, the right way.

Thank you!


favourite castle episodes the wild rover;  why don’t we meet my partner, huh? yo, javi, where you at? right here, bro. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. no, no, he is former special forces. you do not want to draw on him. want to meet the rest of my crew? hey, beckett! you called, ryan? don’t let the looks fool you, boys. you don’t want to mess with her, either. castle! seriously? I didn’t… I didn’t bring my vest.


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