ugly code

People who don’t fucking play Overwatch trying to get into its shipping discourse anyway, exhibit A

How do I even break this down

- Roadhog is Maori-coded af

- Most of the people I know who ship roadrat are mlm, nb, or both, but nice implication that only fetishistic straight women ever like m/m ships buddy

- There are so many goddamn potential interracial crack ships in this game that don’t involve pushing an ugly gay-coded adhd chaos vermin into some awkward adam-sandler-esque relationship with a neat pretty order-obsessed autistic woman who would probably hate his guts.

- Potentially canon gay relationships involving a fat man with ptsd and a mentally-ill physically-disabled man are boring and overdone and should be tossed out for the above, I GUESS.


@socialstaff, спасибо за передачу эстафеты

итак, нужно прикрепить 10 случайных песен из плэйлиста

  1. Модест Мусоргский – Пляски смерти
  2. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes–Lullaby 
  3. Imagine Dragons – Battle Cry 
  4. Code Orange – Ugly 
  5. Palisades – Better Chemicals 
  6. Joy Division – Atmosphere 
  7. I Am – Sacred Cries 
  8. Deftones – (L)MIRL 
  9. Linkin Park – Heavy (feat. Kiiara) 
  10. Порнофильмы – Любовь 

передаю эстафету всем желающим, а также любопытно было бы взглянуть на музыку от @teronische, @igla13, @northcoust,  @ada07k.