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so, as i said a bit earlier, i decided to make a masterlist of pinterest users for people in search of either people to follow or of some aesthetic pics for moodboards/picspams etc. this will be a list that changes constantly as people send me ether theirs or other people’s profiles to add, so stay tuned for additions every now and again! i’ve linked the tumblrs that the people have listed on their profiles in case you wanna check them out, too, so i hope you enjoy! feel free to spread the word by reblogging, guys! you can find the list HERE!!

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🔥otabek altin

The fandom has fucked up his character. They have made him into this parental role who will make yuri “calm down” and “act more mature.” Nah. They’re two teens boys who are best friends.
I want them in season 2 to be in the background gossiping the entire time. I want them to text zoomed in pictures of other skaters mid jump. (Yuri has an entire folder for Each Russian Skater+Yuuri respectively) I want Yuri losing his shit when Otabek talks about his crush. (”YOU SPENT 20 MINS TALKING ABOUT HIS EYES. BEKA GOT A CRUSH!!!” “No I don’t.” “Omg I’m gonna text him.” “YURA GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE”)

 I want them to have jump offs where it’s 90% shit talking over face time. 

Y: “You’re triple axel is ugly as hell dude.”
O: “Yeah, well at least I don’t two step my landings.”
Y: “Omg it’s so on.”  

Also I’m  👀 at the fans who ignore the fact that Islam is the most practiced religion in Khazakhstan (70+%) and that it’s VERY likely he’s Muslim. 

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i just saw your iris/daisy gifsets and hoooowww do you get them so beautifully sharpened and coloured??? no matter what sharpening settings i try they always seem to get pixelated and ugly (and aos shit ass lighting doesnt help :o)

Well the biggest factor when dealing with quality is what size the video is. I always try to find 1080p resolution videos for anything that I edit because the gifs always look so much cleaner. 720p is also nice, but with the way that I color it turns out a little more grainy so I try to avoid using those. If you can get your hands on 1080p bluray, especially for tv shows, you struck gold my friend.

I use one sharpening setting for literally everything:

When I make gifs, if I want to keep the original colors from the scene, I’ll normally only use 4 (literally, just 4) different adjustments and I’m usually pretty satisfied with the outcome. This technique has also been pretty successful so far when it comes to avoiding whitewashing poc. If it does end up lightening someone’s skin too much, adding a selective and/or vibrance layer on the gif before you color it should help keep the skin tone where it should be.

I’ll use this scene to try to show you exactly how I do it:

For normal gifs, I always start with a brightness layer. I try not to ever go over 45-50 with the brightness unless the scene is really dark, and the contrast most likely won’t ever go up over 15-20 (more bc of personal preference than anything else really).

Next, I’ll add a curves layer…

Then a levels layer…

Levels can be a little trickier. You don’t want to boost it up too much, or else it will start to look pretty awful. It can also be extremely confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. I just kind of discovered this year the proper way to use levels layers, and I’m so mad that I didn’t know about this years ago because it makes all the difference. I won’t go into detail because I’m still learning myself, but:

To finish it up I add an exposure layer because I like how bright it makes the gif without compromising the quality (again, as long as you don’t go too crazy with it).

I normally don’t take the exposure above +.22, and the gamma correction never goes any lower than .90 (again, personal preference).

Final result:

For more colorful edits, before I do any of the above steps, I’ll add a selective layer and boost up the more prominent colors. For this one it’s blue/cyan in the background. Don’t go too heavy with the first layer. Adjust it enough so that it makes the colors pop more but to really make it vibrant, after that first selective layer, finish coloring the gif and then add another selective layer to the top, followed by a hue/saturation or vibrance layer and then turn up the saturation a smidge. It’ll look something like this:

And then you’re done!

It’s pretty simple and it’s not layer heavy so adjusting it is really quick and easy. This is by far my favorite technique out of all the ones I’ve used, so hopefully it’s as helpful for anyone else that wants to use it.

boku no hero academia : bad cliché characters, horrid designs, lazy writing, predictable jokes, insufferable japanese animu clichés, no elaborate female character because moe, also sexist as fuck tropes and outfits, actual trash for pre-teens
me : *watching both seasons on a row*
also me : why am I like this