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any tips on drawing chubby characters?? its sad that larger chracters gets overlooked so much even in art. like i feel a lot of artists thinks that drawing chubby characs is not pretty or it will make their drawings ugly. sigh. whats your thoughts?

Sadly, I gotta agree with you, anon… a lot of people still have this idea that fat = ugly. While most of the prejudice can be blamed on our society - what with all those impossible beauty standarts - it comes down to each one to get over them in the end.

So there aren’t even that many larger characters to begin with. Most of the times, even when they’re supposed to be fat/chubby, their designs don’t convey the idea. And I feel it’s even worse for female characters, where being larger means having huge boobs and ass, because god forbid a woman has fat in any other body part (Hanayo, for example, is canonically chubby, she says so herself, the other girls agree with her, and yet look at her flat stomach in every damn official art).
Alternatively, when the character is fat, then it’s a joke, it won’t be taken seriously, it isn’t worth of being anyone’s love interest, it ends up losing weight, and so on..

But well, enough blabbering, or else I’ll never stop!! For the acual tips!!
I’m definitely not the best one to instruct anyone, so of course you should first and foremost look at references. Something I can say is: let your lines loose!! Make lots and lots of curves!! And mostly have fun I guess! ‘Cause it’s really nice to draw the chub~

Here, have some doodles of some body parts getting steadly fatter (idek why, but maybe it can help some)!

the signs on the toilet
  • aries: leaves the door open
  • taurus: takes a shit with no shame and stinks up the whole bathroom
  • gemini: looks at twitter and stays in there for twenty minutes
  • cancer: laughs when the poop splashes
  • leo: takes snapchat selfies
  • virgo: becomes self-conscious when they think people can hear their pee
  • libra: uses all the toilet paper
  • scorpio: watches dog videos
  • sagittarius: doesn't have any toilet paper because of libra
  • capricorn: falls asleep
  • aquarius: in and out within a minute
  • pisces: either always or never washes their hands after using it

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I was trying some brushes and then this happen. I like to think that Mabel and Dipper will move to GF for the rest of their lives school years so here you have an older!dippica. 

Sorry the ugly drawing background, but I didn’t have any idea of what to do with it.

Btw, Pacifica is a cheerleader and Dipper is… still a nerd.