ugly adele

so i work at lush and the most famous person i’ve served so far is adele. one day i’m just standing there moving some bubble bars and pretending to look busy when suddenly this lady comes in with her child. i think “she looks like adele if adele didn’t wear make up” whilst i go over to greet her. she asks me what a bath bomb is. i think “hmm, she is very unexpectedly cockney, like adele.” halfway through my description of bath bombs i realise holy fuck it’s actually adele, and i end up saying “so these are bath bombs, you drop them in the water mnnnnnnand theychangecolour n fizz… stuff……..” and i think she realises i suddenly know who she is because she gently but firmly tells her son to pick a bomb. she gets some for herself as well. i put her through the till and i realise she looks very tired, so i don’t want to bother her, but holy fucking shit this is adele. i’ve ugly cried so many times while warbling her beautiful songs. she’s unwittingly been there through some bad times for me. i want to say something but i’m not sure what, so i fixate on her bright woolly vest and blurt out “i like your vest!” and she immediately replies, very chipper, “aw fanks it makes me look like a rare bird!” she departs and i stand there shaking while i whisper to my colleague that that was adele. this reaches the back of the shop where a birthday party for a bunch of 14 year olds is going on and my 19 year old colleague just shrieks “WHAT” at the top of his voice. all the girls clamour asking if we have security cameras to prove it actually was her and i’m like, the proof is that i have suddenly become 10 times emotionally stronger after being in her presence. i have absorbed her self love and all of my exes have crumbled into dust, dissolving away like the bath bomb she’ll be using later on that very night

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Good luck with getting the glass duck!!! Whatever the reasons for stealing it, I hope you and your friend will be careful. If not, well, guess a flight to Ireland (if I recall, that's the country you're in) is in order. (Yes, busting you two out is the plan. Shhhh.)

So the glass duck belongs to the landlord of my friend, who’s kind of an asshole. And by kinda, I mean he’s a mean Cavan bastard.

(No offence to anyone from Cavan but I’m sure you know what I mean)

It sits on my friends mantelpiece in the house she rents and has become the source of many amusing drinking games and general friend-memes. Apparently, the landlord really loves this duck. Just not enough to have in his own house.

SO LONG STORY SHORT the duck sort of ended up moving from house to house by way of house parties and drinking games. You know, general mischief.

Except my friend’s landlord was coming to visit. So my friend needed that duck back. Because if it was missing he’d totally bill her for it. And she’s a student, so like, she’s broke and he’d definitely overcharge her for this duck as well.

We asked the lad who currently has the duck if we could get it back. And he said no, because the duck was his new mascot for his house or whatever general lad-fuckery. You know the kind. He wasn’t actively trying to steal this duck, he just didn’t want to sacrifice the banter this duck provided.

So I got roped into Operation: Fuck Duck, (as it was deemed in the group chat), as I had been having a ‘terribly pity party’ and ‘needed good drunk fun.’ I agreed, though I didn’t drink. (Only committed to half of this endeavour, I’m afraid).

And basically, we went to the house party this guy was throwing, distracted him and stole the duck by throwing into a dodgy Tesco bag in time for landlord. A heist to go down in history.

Thank you though!! I’m glad I’ve got friends who’d come bust me out of prison. 10/10 would recommend you as Best Friend Ever. xx

I like the idea that Shinigami are all people who used to be alive and used the death note tbh because it explains where they come from and the Shinigami realm fits as the “nothing” that Ryuk describes as where people who have used the Death Note go. Also I think it makes the whole ‘Shinigami can only be killed by falling in love with a human’ thing a lot sadder somehow idk.


See Klaus’ face in that last GIF? That was his expression immediately after telling Caroline that he will ensure Stefan’s safety, and that is the face of a man who never let go of “…however long it takes.”

I can fangirl all day long about how he decided – without a single ounce of hesitation – to forget everything he said to Stefan just seconds before and ultimately help him, all for Caroline. Or how when he said “Because I will ensure it”, it wasn’t just a statement; his eyes were set, his chin was raised, his voice was brimming with pride and determination – it was a promise, a vow to help Stefan no matter what, at all costs, even if it was the last thing he did.

But then I see his face after he makes Caroline that promise, and I just want to cry because I know that is the face of a man who is still in love. They spend the last few minutes bantering on the phone but now both of them are silent and maybe he can hear the breath of relief Caroline lets out when he hears him say he will make sure Stefan is fine. His eyes reflect emptiness, pain, wistfulness and hope all at the same time, set on some distance past that bar’s walls, to some place only he can see. I will never know for sure what the writers meant for Klaus to be thinking at that moment, but personally, I feel like inwardly he’s asking why Caroline loves Stefan so, and if she will ever love him that way.

His chest rises slowly – his breathing looks pained and it’s like every particle of air he takes in is snagging at his throat as he asks himself those questions because he knows that when it comes to this, he is helpless. Because no amount of power in this world will give him Caroline if she doesn’t want to be with him.  And during these few seconds he is not the almightily Original or the King of New Orleans… he’s just a man and he’s just in love and he knows it. He’s doing all of this for Caroline and he hopes that she knows it even without him saying so. 

He’s not angry that Caroline doesn’t feel the same way he feels about her.

He just wishes that someday, she will.

Look at that last GIF and tell me again that Klaus is no longer in love with Caroline.

‘What is it with Adele? Why does everyone like her?' 

Well, I’ll tell you 'what’s with Adele’. She is one of these few people that I believe come once or twice in a generation. The kind of people that actually make music for its beauty and for the love of it rather than for what goes with it. It is hard today to find someone who only makes art because it is what they love, though much easier to bump into fame lovers and people in pursuit of power that like to go by the status of ’artists’. Adele is not a recording-moneymaking machine. Adele comes back and the next second, like the smoke of a cigarette, disappears. Adele doesn’t really show any love for her fans, but it’s alright and has always been, because she is who she is and as she blesses the world with every single word she sings, we forgive. Adele doesn’t show off. Adele is quiet. Adele doesn’t need to make the music world revolve around her, it does by itself. People don’t talk about the last guy she fucked, or the clothes she last wore. They talk about the music she makes. Sad to admit it is, but it’s only rare to find a musician today who actually tends to be known for their music. So yeah, Adele is depressing. Adele is fat. Adele is annoying. Adele is ugly. Adele is overrated. Adele is boring. Adele is this and Adele is that. But Adele, my boy, Adele is everything music needs right now.

'Adele’s soul comes through her eyes’