Love includes pain, sadness, happiness, contentment and in-betweens. You cannot define love with just happiness, with just butterflies flirting and whirling inside your stomach. It also consists thorns, knives and even rocks that could give you scars and fears, tears and blood shedding moments. There are times that confusion gets in the way, feels like in the middle of something or nowhere.
—  dentedheart // ugly truth #6

Can’t post this photo in facebook. I’m afraid of those people who keep on judging a person by their looks.

I know my flaws.
I know where I should stand.
I know what they’re thinking.
I’m not numb.
I’m not stupid.

This is why I like tumblr. It allows me to post whatever I want without considering the thoughts of the crowd. I don’t need audience. I need listeners.

anonymous asked:

Taylor told the truth according to the snap that was released. Go look at Taylor's teams quote. I don't see Taylor approving it there. Just thanking him for telling her. It also does not say he is going to use 'bitch'. So Taylor told the truth

i think you’re missing the point. just because taylor “technically” didn’t lie doesn’t really mean anything. up until tonight kanye had been painted by taylor and her team as someone who was trying to humiliate and manipulate taylor. while i don’t necessarily like kanye, if you’ve watched the videos kim posted he is clearly genuinely interested in her being comfortable about the song and taylor turning around and releasing that statement and doing that cringeworthy speech at the grammys as if she didn’t know it was coming is so deceitful and ugly. even IF taylor didn’t know about the line “i made that bitch famous” she made it seem as though she was blind sided by the whole situation and that kanye was only trying to embarrass her which we now know clearly isn’t the case otherwise he wouldn’t have asked for permission. her “truth” was just cloaked in her own agenda and obsession with maintaining a perfect image.