ugliest uniforms

I wonder which major US sport champion had the ugliest uniform? That’s a very good question, so lemme throw out some contenders

Without question. Fucking vests man. 

Hope you like wedgies.

There’s this girl who goes to my high school, let’s call her S. Now S is a year older than me, and we’re both in the drama department. Up until a few months ago we were pretty good friends, but recently she’s been very nasty. Entitled, rude, ignores me, etc. It’s like she takes the competition too seriously. She’s even gone so far as to take out it on my mom, switching around carpool assignments at the last minute and making us waste time and money driving random people everywhere.

This year in our spring production, S plays a cheerleader, and while this character had the potential to look really cute on stage, unfortunately for her, my mom and I are in charge of costuming. So she’s got the ugliest pale blue cheerleading uniform $.99 at the thrift store can buy (because all the other girls are in pale colors and we want her to match!) and her white uniform doesn’t fit quite right (but not bad enough to the point where we NEED to alter it).

Have fun picking out all the wedgies, b*tch.


The L.A. Kiss, owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the band K.I.S.S., are the newest Arena Football League team. 

They will begin playing football in 2014 and they will wear what we think are the ugliest, most fire-colored uniforms you’ll ever see.

This uniform is only something that Bam-Bam Bigelow or Heat Miser could be proud of. (Photo: L.A. Kiss/Twitter)