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Stelena Forever Meme || [1] Moment You Fell In Love With Stelena

↳ 1x02: The Night of the Comet


#ThankYouBones Week

Day 8: 5 B&B moments that made you fall in love with them

This is by far the most difficult day of the challenge for me. This was the day I dreaded most. Because it’s just that- a challenge. I could sooner choose a favorite family member than be forced to select just five Booth and Brennan scenes. Like most, I knew- right from the beginning. I knew that these two were going to be both my greatest joy and my ultimate downfall. I knew from the very first “Don’t call me Bones.” I fall more and more in love with them with each passing scene. It all commenced in the pilot, and will live on through the finale. So the first and last scenes I chose are symbolic of that fact. Because I loved Booth and Brennan from the moment I met them, and I will continue to love them until the end of time. This couple radiates true love. They are the most genuine embodiment of pure unadulterated love on television. Booth and Brennan have proved time and time again that with mutual trust, support, and love, they can conquer anything life throws at them. “You know we’re better together.” There is no obstacle they cannot overcome together. No battle they cannot win. They can bend, but they will never break. Their bond is truly impenetrable. They are partners. They are a team.  And at the end of the day, when all is said and done, they still want to spend their time together. They love this. They love their routine. Booth and Brennan have been each one another’s standard from the start. They are each other’s partner for life. And they are each other’s eventually- ALWAYS.

Pretend as though I included every last B&B scene from the entirety of the series. Because that’s what I would do if it was possible. I feel truly blessed to have watched these two for twelve incredible seasons. They are my home. 

since we’re on the subject of hp let’s talk about how the ugliest and most codependent thing james and sirius ever did (which is.. huge since they did many ugly and codependent things) was invent wizard facetime so they wouldn’t have to be apart


pairing: lin x reader

requested?: yes!!

warnings: making out ?? teasing ?? like one swear word

words: 481

summary:  “u should do a lin x reader where they’re doing something like a tickle fight or making out or smthing and one of the cast members walks in on them and it’s just rlly awkward and cute??”

notes: i’m sorry its short and shitty i just havent been in the mood lately :( anyway i hope u like this !!

You were waiting for Lin in his dressing room. He had asked you to go to rehearsal with him, because he wanted to take you somewhere later.

While you scrolled down your Twitter feed, you heard the door open. When you looked up, Lin was smiling at you. “I have a small break right now,” He said. You nodded before getting up from your spot on the couch.

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all the reasons why scrappy doo-el is shitty aside, the ONLY hero journey i signed up to watching on supergirl is KARA’S and the other women around her (alex, cat, lucy, m'gann, lena….) not some manchild who don’t know shit and isn’t even interesting. I thought supergirl was supposed to be some big feminist show…? If i wanted to see a male superhero origin story i wouldve watched The flash or arrow or whatever other show the CW got. Lmao honestly fuck this and fuck anyone who thinks this is a good thing. They’re literally treating kara as some love interest not the main character. Literally this is the ugliest fucking thing they could’ve done to the show lmao

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To add to your list of historical gays plato thought that straight people were abominations and that gay people were the only natural beings

Plato wrote that same-sex lovers were more blessed than ordinary mortals. But then he changed his mind, describing the act as ‘utterly unholy’ and ‘the ugliest of ugly things'” 

i think we can pinpoint the exact moment plato broke up with his bf