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Title: A Touch of Color Pt. 4
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Trigger Warning: None
Plot:  In a modern world like this, finding your soulmate was nearly impossible. There were only few people who had the potential to ever meet their soulmate - people who normally saw in black and white, but once they saw their soulmate, color would start to appear all around them. You were cursed as being one of those people. You had never met your soulmate until you see your best friend from high school through strange ties. And your soulmate? Your best friend’s fiance.

Previous Parts 

On Monday, you went back to work. You were exhausted from the weekend, so you trudged in your heels to your cubicle, holding a steaming cup of coffee. 

You weren’t just exhausted from Saturday with Scott. On Sunday, so yesterday, you made the mistake of agreeing with Scott to go clubbing. You were so glad that after such an awkward moment with him, you guys were still close. If anything, you two had gotten closer.

Except, you drank so much last night just to forget the troubles you were plagued with. 

Unfortunately to forget everything, you had to drink a lot more than you were used to. An equally drunk Scott and you stumbled home in a cab. 

“Y/N, do you mind copying these for me?” your co-worker asked, handing you some papers above your cubicle wall.

You agreed and grabbed the papers, feeling bad if you denied her request, especially since she had been so supportive of you and Scott, even though it wasn’t likely to happen.

You made your way to the copy room and nearly ran into Scott, who looked almost as beaten up as you were. 

“Tough morning, am I right?” Scott asked, rubbing his forehead and nursing a mug of coffee.

You nodded groggily and placed a few pieces of paper in the copy machine. As it printed out multiple copies, you turned to look at him and leaned against the counter opposite of the one he was leaning on. “I don’t think I have ever been this hungover in my life,” you said, massaging your temples. “I love you, Scott, but we should never do that again.”

Scott grunted and nodded eagerly. “Don’t worry. That was a poor choice. A very poor choice.”

You two sipped at your coffee in silence for a bit before Scott broke it. “So did you and Stiles come up with a day to bond yet?”

You gave him a pointed look. “Unfortunately. We mutually agreed to never associate with each other unless you or Kira were there, but Kira was so adamant on us spending time together.”

Scott offered you a sympathetic smile and then took a sip of his coffee before speaking again. “Sorry you have to go through that. When are you doing it? Maybe I can come.”

“We’re doing it Friday after work.”

Scott sucked in a breath through his teeth and clucked his tongue. “I can’t do that day. I’m visiting my mom straight after work. I am so sorry.”

You waved your hand dismissively. “Don’t even worry about it. I need to fight my own battles. You’ve already done so much for me.” You placed your cup of coffee on the counter behind you and then went up to him and hugged him. He wrapped the arm that wasn’t cradling his coffee around your body.

After finally putting his coffee down behind him, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close.

Unlike when you were anticipating the date with Scott, you were dreading your meet up with Stiles. Sadly, it came sooner than you had wanted. It came up so much faster than your wait to go out with Scott.

You met up with Stiles in the parking lot, where he had parked in a blue beat up looking Jeep. It finally felt so nice to see color. He was leaning against the car, adjusting his position every now and then to attempt looking cool. 

“I’m ready if you are,” you said, making him look up from his cell phone. 

He blushed a bit and pocketed his phone. You both got into the car and sat in awkward silence. 

“Where are you taking me?” you asked to break the silence. 

Stiles cleared his throat and fixed the position he was in by moving his back closer to the chair. “Well, what do you want to do?” he asked, taking one hand off of the wheel to make some hand gestures. 

You shrugged and looked straight ahead at the road, aware that his head was turned slightly to look at you. “I’m fine with anything.”

Stiles released a sigh of relief. “Good because I was thinking that we should just start off with something generic.”

Not too long after saying that, he turned into the parking lot of a mall. It was surely very generic, but then again, you weren’t complaining. Maybe you could find some new clothes there.

You two walked alongside each other in silence once again. Stiles had his hands stuffed in his jacket pockets while you had your arms crossed over your chest. 

“So…” you both said at the same time.

“We need to stop doing that,” Stiles said after you two shared a laugh.

You rolled your eyes. “What were you going to say?”

Stiles cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair. “Okay, so don’t get freaked out,” he said. “I know I said it was this kind of generic thing, but it’s not.” He looked down at you and gauged your reaction. You were just staring up at him with one eyebrow raised. “So I thought instead of shopping, we’d be those annoying people who just try on clothes and not buy anything because I’m not normal and you’re probably not normal.”

You feigned being offended. “Excuse me? I’m not normal?” you said with a gasp. 

Stiles looked at you with the same expression you had been giving him. 

“Okay. I’m going to admit - I actually love that idea,” you said, chuckling a bit. “Where are we going to start?”

Stiles grinned and pushed open the door to the main entrance. “We are going to the mother land,” he said, leading the way. “We’re going to Macy’s.”

You laughed. “You’re kidding.”

Stiles, with a big grin, shook his head. 

You two entered the store and immediately went to the clothing section. 

“First objective: Find the ugliest thing you can find, try it on, and then convince someone to take a picture of you and ask them for their honest opinion,” Stiles muttered to you, leaning down slightly to reach your height. 

You looked up at him with a lopsided grin and wiggled your eyebrows. “You’re on. Winner gets to pick the next challenge.”

Stiles smirked and flicked you behind your ear jokingly. “Time’s a-wasting, Y/N. Get ready to get creamed.”

You rolled your eyes and hurried off toward a rack with an unusual clash of colors. You were glad Stiles was still in the vicinity so that you could pick which colors just didn’t match at all with each other.

You quickly picked a mermaid style dress with bright reds, oranges, and an obnoxiously neon pink and headed toward the dressing room. 

With determination in your eyes, you pulled on the dress, and prepared a gimmick. You held the dress up at the front with your forearm and opened the door slightly, catching the next woman who passed by you.

“Excuse me, do you mind doing some small favors for me?” you asked, kindly, stepping out of the dressing room.

The woman’s eyes widened, but she happily accepted. 

“Could you zip this up for me and take a picture? I want to send it to my husband and ask him how it looks,” you said.

“Of course, sweetie!” she said, helping you zip up the dress. You handed her your phone, posed for a picture, and then sent it to Stiles.

You: How’s this? :P

Stiles: Very ugly

You gasped and showed the woman the message. “Do you see this? He just told me it was really ugly! What do you think?”

The woman gave you an unsure smile and took in a deep breath through her teeth. “Well, I don’t think it’s ugly, but I just don’t think it suits you.”

You hugged the woman and said, “Oh, thank you so much. It’s our anniversary today and I just wanted to look nice for him.”

“Well, happy anniversary, sweetie. Good luck finding a dress.” She gave you a kind smile and headed to her own dressing room.

Smiling deviously, you changed out of the dress and pulled on your regular clothes.

You met up with Stiles, who was grinning ear to ear. “Sorry, Y/N. Sure, yours was filled with the worst combination of colors, but nothing can beat this.”

He showed you a picture of him in a bright pink mesh top and pants that were half red and half green. 

You felt like puking. “Oh my lord,” you said.

“And the guy who took the picture was too nice to say that it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen.”

“Fine, fine, you win,” you said, laughing hysterically at the picture. “I want that picture so bad.”

The competition wore on until you two got hungry. 

Unfortunately for you, Stiles had won. He was unusually good at the game. You were sure he did this all the time.

“You were a very worthy opponent,” Stiles said, leading you to the car.

“I can say the same for you. You were really good.”

“It’s a gift,” he said with a fake bow. 

He opened the door for you and went to his side when you got in. He started to drive off. 

“So are you taking me home?” you asked, actually upset that you two would have to end the day on that fun note. You wanted to spend more time with him.

Stiles shook his head. “Pfft. Of course not. It’s only 7 o’clock. The night has just begun.”

Learning from the last time, you turned on his car radio and gasped happily when All Time Low’s “Dear Maria, Count Me In” came on. 

“This song is so old,” Stiles said, rolling his eyes before turning up the volume. 

Dear Maria, count me in! There’s a story at the bottom of this bottle and I’m a pen!” he sang quickly after his statement in a horrendous voice.

He was head banging really hard and snapping his neck this way and that to the instrumental beat between the first verse and the second verse.

You quickly joined in and head banged with him, your hair flying everywhere. 

When the lights go up, I want to watch the way you take the stage by storm. The way you wrap those boys around your finger.

At this point, you two were screaming the lyrics, but Stiles was now focusing his attention on the road.

When the chorus came up, you two looked at each other and started to mouth the lyrics furiously. 

Cause I’ve got your picture. I’m coming with you. Dear Maria, count me in. There’s a story at the bottom of this bottle and I’m a pen. Make it count when I’m the one who’s selling you out, cause it feels like stealing hearts calling your name from the crowd.”

At this point, you two were at the point where you would start making the guitar noises with your mouth. You played the air guitar while Stiles was banging on the steering wheel. 

When the song ended, you two were breathing heavily and smiling brightly. You had never been happier. A good song came on and you and Stiles bonded over it. Not to mention, you could actually see color. This wasn’t even a date, but with the fun that you two were having, it was starting to feel like one.

Stiles ended up parking in a nearly deserted parking lot for a park. 

“Doesn’t this park close at 7:30?” you asked Stiles, looking down at the clock in his car to see that it read “7:25″.

“Not if we don’t get caught,” Stiles said. 

He pulled out a blanket and a picnic basket before leading you stealthily through knooks and crannies to not get caught by anybody on patrol.

Soon after, you ended up on a grassy hill that had the perfect view of the stars. He placed the blanket down and then the basket before sitting down on it and inviting you on it.

You two sat facing each other with the basket in between you.

As you watched Stiles unpack the food, a thought struck you. “Hey, Stiles, doesn’t food usually spoil when you leave it in the car for a long time in the heat?”

With the expression of a deer caught in headlights, he slowly put the food back and said, “Yeah, we probably should have had the picnic first.” You two shared a laugh and lay down, looking up at the stars with adoration. “We could probably eat at some 24 hour diner.”

“I didn’t peg you for the kind of guy to look at stars,” you said, causing him to look at you. He had his hands folded under his head and his legs spread out across the blanket.

“I don’t usually do this,” he said. “I just felt like trying something new.”

“You are strangely poetic and I don’t like it.”

Stiles laughed and rolled his eyes. 

For a while, you two laid in silence. It was definitely a more comfortable silence now that you two were more acquainted with each other. 

It was just then that the silence was broken by someone’s stomach grumbling.

“This was a really bad idea,” Stiles grumbled. “I’m really hungry. Let’s go.”

You laughed and snuck back to the car with him.

Stiles and you had ended up eating at a 24 hour diner, being those obnoxious people who threw spitballs at each other. But everyone seemed to look at you two with some sort of admiration. 

It wasn’t a surprise that you two were starting to connect well with each other. You two were soulmates after all. It just made you wish that you had met him before Kira or that maybe you and Kira had stayed friends long enough to have met Stiles. 

But Kira and Stiles seemed happy. They were getting married, so you couldn’t stop that from happening, even if you and Stiles were meant to be together.

By the end of the night, Stiles parked in front of your house and turned to you. He gave you his famous tight lipped smile and waved awkwardly. 

“This was actually really fun. I thought Kira was crazy to suggest this, but I…uh…it was great,” Stiles admitted.

You smiled back and tucked your hair behind your ear. “Yeah. I thought it was really nice just to relax.”

Stiles nodded to fill up the silence and you opened the car door and were about to step out, but Stiles stopped you by saying your name. 

When you turned, his face was close to you and his lips were instantly on yours. 

You closed your eyes as you kissed him back. 

It just felt so right. 

And then you realized just how wrong it was. 

You pulled away and scrambled out of the car. “Thanks for the ride home,” you said, closing the car door and stumbling toward your house.

“Oh my gosh,” you whispered, covering your mouth as you unlocked the door and forced yourself inside. 

You slid yourself against your door as you whispered again, “Oh my gosh.”

All your waiting has paid off! Not a lot of you liked part 3, which I get because it wasn’t Stiles. Well, here you go, my loves! Part 4 with lots of Stiles love!

Tell me what you think! And please don’t be afraid to request!

Hugs and kisses,

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