ugliest gifset :(


we put these jellybeans on a scale when i was trying to think of all the things i like about you. and i was trying to decide what i needed to do. it means you riley. i choose you. and i really want you to choose me. i do. i always did. i have something for you too. you do? we have this one little life, and for a lot of it, we just blow around in the wind. but if we’re lucky and we believe that life knows what’s best of us, sometimes we land on the right person to talk to. i’m glad i fell into your lap. so am i. 


“The fact we all have such different backgrounds means a lot to our fans. We come from Third World countries, and we made it in amazing America. A lot of our fans connect to that because they’re minorities or from those places as well. They see themselves in us — they have those dreams, too, and through us they feel that it’s possible.”  


You act as though you have some right to judge. To declare me and mine wrong for the world. And yet everything I’ve shown you – all I’ve said and done – should clearly demonstrate otherwise. We did not harm your people. We did not support the Crown. We worked to see this land united and at peace. Under our rule all will be equal.