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Enjoltaire Headcannons

-Grantaire is pretty short. He’s just a couple inches away from being tall enough to reach the top shelf, but short enough so that he has to stand on his toes to kiss Enjolras.

-Enjolras is about 6'0 and Grantaire is about 5'2-5'5 something

-When Grantaire first started calling Enjolras “Apollo”, it confused and slightly infuriated Enjolras because of how annoying he thought it was

-Enjolras WILL fight someone when it comes to politics.

-If they adopted a pet, Grantaire would pick out the ugliest and weakest cat and demand that they would adopt that one. And R would love that cat to death.

-Grantaire has a lot of mental problems and struggles with communication, which frustrates him. He usually tries to conceal his outbursts and disordered speech as much as he can in public, because a lot of the time they make h feel embarrassed, but since he’s grown so comfortable around Enjolras, he doesn’t feel like he needs to hide his symptoms in front of him. Enjolras accepts him as he is and realizes that he can’t help the way he acts and the emotions he feels. Alongside that, R uses his passions (art, dance etc) to help him cope, especially since he can’t stop fidgeting his hands no matter what he does.

-Grantaire is so active and reckless that he’s almost always got some kind of dirt or damage in his clothes, or a leaf stuck in his hair.

-Enjolras has an extreme amount of empathy and lacks self esteem. Even if he just sees someone prick their finger, he’ll rush to their aid and start apologizing relentlessly. He doesn’t think very well of himself, but tries to focus on the positive and making himself better. His low self esteem does get to him sometimes, and when it does, it hurts a lot.

-Enjolras finds himself very fascinated with Grantaire’s artwork. Sometimes, when R isn’t looking, Enjolras watches over his shoulder to see what he’s working on. Grantaire absolutely loves it when people compliment his work, especially if Enjolras is the one giving out compliments.

-Enjolras will occasionally have panic attacks (usually late at night). He’s scared to tell anyone, but usually Grantaire notices that something’s wrong. Most of the time when Enjolras gets a panic attack, R will hold his hand tightly and cuddle him reassuringly to try and help him calm down, no matter how long it takes. Usually, Grantaire cuddling him won’t make the panic attacks go away, but Enjolras appreciates the effort and feels safer with Grantaire near him.

-Grantaire can’t help but blush and squeal internally whenever someone addresses him as “my love” or “my dear”

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  • Neil doesn’t find the first cat, the first cat finds him. For several mornings on his daily run, a giant orange cat with bright blue eyes follows him. He is quite possibly the biggest cat Neil has even seen. This cat could win the World Record for biggest cat ever born.
  • Neil grows concerned when Biggest Cat Ever seems to be losing weight. Does Biggest Cat Ever not have a family to feed him anymore?? With slight hesitance, Neil brings the cat home.
  • Andrew says nothing. Biggest Cat Ever is introduced to the rest of the Fox family. Nicky offers up two suggestions to name Biggest Cat Ever: King Fluffkins and Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. (Neil decides upon King Fluffkins because what the fuck, Nicky?? how is Sir Fat Cat McCatterson any better than Biggest Cat Ever?)
  • King Fluffkins is also the sweetest cat ever. He loves to cuddle, purr, lick, and sometimes even follow Neil on his morning jog.
  • Andrew says they’ve gotten a weirdly shaped dog instead of a cat. (He doesn’t protest when King Fluffkins sleeps in his lap though. He also pays for the most expensive cat food, treats, toys, and everything else.)
  • Three weeks later Andrew comes home with a cat. This cat is nothing like King Fluffkins. He’s small, hairless, and missing his left eye. His ears are possibly the biggest thing about him.
  • Neil stares at the cat, who hisses at him when he comes too close. Andrew stares at him blankly and says “his name is Sir Fat Cat McCatterson.”
  • Neil doesn’t protest. (Actually he immediately falls in love with Sir Fat Cat, Neil is weak to Andrew holding tiny ugly animals with such love and care.)
  • King Fluffkins LOVES Sir Fat Cat McCatterson, but keeps his distance at Sir Far Cat’s hissing request. He’ll sleep close by, but not touch him. He let’s Sir Fat Cat eat first, and sometimes even throws his food at the other cat. He gives his toys to Sir Fat Cat.
  • One morning Neil comes out into the living room to find Sir Fat Cat (who Nicky tried to rename to something more “appropriate” but Andrew absolutely refused) sleeping on top of King Fluffkins. Neil smiles.
  • Andrew comes out to Neil curled around the cats, who’ve huddled closer to Neil’s chest.
  • Andrew stares for longer than he cares to admit, before going over to join them. When he comes closer he hears not only King Fluffkins purring but Sir Fat Cat as well.
I loved everything about the last episode of Lucifer

But my favorite part by far? The pilot whose greatest desire is to open a cat sanctuary. I want his dream to succeed as much as I want Lucifer and Chloe to make out some more. If they don’t put some kind of Easter egg in one of the upcoming seasons about it I’m going to have the ugliest meltdown.

Hell-themed cat sanctuaries for life.