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songs similar to nell run???

Here are a few songs/artists that are similar to “Run”:

Like The Dust (먼지처럼) - Hong Kyung Min (홍경민)
Really? (정말?) - Jung Joon Young (정준영)
Monni (몽니)
You, Fool (너란놈) - Kim Sarang (김사랑)
Blind (창문) - TRAX (트랙스)

Hope this was a bit helpful! ^^

- Dragana & Jane

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Do you have any songs similar to just one day by bts? Songs that have a soft melody and vocals and a soft yet deep sounding rap (does that makes sense lol)

Hey there!

You might like these:

  1. Swings - Fallin’ (feat. Jay Park)
  2. Giriboy - I Will Take Care of You
  3. Tablo - Tomorrow (feat. Taeyang)
  4. Yong Junhyung - Flower
  5. Dok2 - Best Time (In Our Life)
  6. Gaeko - Rose
  7. Epik High - Amor Fati (feat. Kim Jong Wan)

Hope you enjoy!

- Devi :)

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Could you recommended me songs like Cheers, Thinking about you,..?

Hey there~

Of course I can recommend some songs for you! I think you might also like:

Hope you enjoy!~

- Devi ^^

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Hi, do you know any songs that are similar to Geeks- Officially Missing you? Thank you and have a wonderful day :D


Here are a few artists/songs similar to what you requested:

How Are You (어때) (Feat. Harim 하림) - Geeks (긱스)
Same As You (그대와 같아) - Joo Young
자니 (feat. Dynamic Duo) - Primary (프라이머리) [If you’d like a more K R&B style song]
Bitter (쓰다) (Feat. Kim Sarang) - Pinodyne (피노다인)
Walk (산책) (Feat. Crucial Star) - Louie of Geeks

I hope this was helpful ^^

- Dragana & Jane

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Hello, do you have recommendations for songs that are similar to Mino's I'm Him? :)

Hi there~

Some songs that have a similar feel to Mino’s I’m Him are:

Somdef (썸데프) - Dirty Anthem (feat. Isle Qim)
Jerry.K - Diablo
MFBTY - BizzyTigerYoonMirae
Dynamic Duo - Shoot Goal In (슛 골인)
Dynamic Duo - 쌔끈해 (Three Dopeboyz) (feat. Zion T)
Drunken Tiger (드렁큰 타이거) - Monster
Jerry.K - It’s Gettin (다 뻥이야)
Marvel.J (마블제이) - 사냥개 (feat. SIMS (심스))

I hope they’re what you’re looking for!


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i love duet songs like 썸 (soyou & junggigo), 틈 (soyou & urban zakapa), special love (wheesung & gummy), can u recommend me some songs like them? thanks a lot


Pillow by Soyou and Giriboy (ft.kihyun) 
Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms by IU and High4
그대와 나, 설레임 by Acoustic Collabo 
Never got your one by Acourve


Hi there! I can actually give you a never-ending list for this one as I’m a fan of duet songs as well. But for now you can try:
Do You Remember by July ft 1sagain and Yoon Jin
Riddles by Kim Jisu and Yozoh
Perfect Spring Day by Tokyo Girls ft Soshiman Boys
Three Things I Want to Give to You by Crucial Star ft Girl’s Day Sojin

- Jess

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I just got into Underground K-rap , Do you know any good Rappers or songs ?

Welcome to the underground! Trust me, you’ll love it the deeper you dig into it ;D There are a bunch of recs related to K-rap here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. (There has GOT to be a more efficient way of doing that…)

Personally, these are the artists I consider quality rappers:

Zico of Block B, Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Zizo of Together Brothers, Huckleberry P, Outsider, Crucial Star, Dynamic Duo, JJK, Geeks, Epik High, Mad Clown

K-rap is an amazing genre and I hope these recs help in any way! ^^

- Jane

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Favorite songs of Verbal Jint & MFBTY? Their my favorites

Hi there!

Verbal Jint is awesomeeeee :3 Some of my favorites would be

Walking in the Rain (비범벅) (Feat. Bumkey)
Downhill (내리막) (Feat. Tablo & Mithra Jin of Epik High)
Good Morning (굿모닝) (Feat. Kwon Jeong Yeol of 10cm)
Storm (Feat. Swings & Kanto)
You Deserve Better (충분히 예뻐) (Feat. Sanchez of Phantom)

And if you listen to songs that he features in, his amazing rhyming tends to be emphasized more in comparison to other rappers.

I’m not too much of an MFBTY fan (though I respect them immensely). And I don’t think they have that many songs out (they only had one release). I do like “Sweet Dream” but it’s not something I’d call one of my favorite songs ><

- Jane

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would you mind making a zip file of all your fav k-indie songs?

Whoa that’s gonna be a challenge XD I ACCEPT IT.

Here’s a zip file to mine. I tried to be as selective as possible (yet I still ended up with 60 songs OTL I suppose that’s what happens when you’ve been searching for music almost every day for 2 years…). Hope you like them as much as I do! ^^

Disclaimer: This is not a full list. I couldn’t find mp3’s to some of them because I have nearly 10,000 song files in my entire computer and it’s just too much to find each and every song I like ._.

- Jane

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hi! thank you so much for posting all this music! it's really refreshing to hear new music other than the normal kpop sounds :3 do you happen to know of other sites similar to yours that posts music in other languages too? i'd like to expand my music library even more hehe, thanks so much for everything!!

Hey! A few blogs I can think of that post music in languages other than English are:

Everysongaday- K-indie, K-pop, Japanese, basically a little bit of everything

Fuckyeahkindie- K-indie blog similar to ours


Translatedkhiphoplyrics- Translations of lyrics but a good way to discover more k-hip hop!


Cartilageinyourears- Mostly European music


Hope this list was broad enough! Let us know if you’re looking for music in a specific language and we’ll try to help :)


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Would you happen to know artists similar to Jung Joon Young? ^^

Hi there ^^

I love Jung Joon Young.. As soon as I heard his music I immediately became a fan. Here’s a few songs/artists that are a bit similar to Jung Joon Young’s rock style:

JACE (제이스) - My Serenade [They’re a new rock group that just released new songs. Even though they’re new, anticipate their future songs since they seem to have a lot of potential]
DICKPUNKS (딕펑스) [A more of a pop type of rock, highly suggest this band as they create really unique songs especially their Immortal Song 2 performances which is linked here as well]
FT ISLAND (에프티 아일랜드) [The lead singer, Lee Hongki, has a very unique and explosive voice just like Joon Young. Though, this band is a bit more mainstream]
Monni (몽니)

I hope this was helpful!

- Dragana

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Hey i wonder if you know any somg similat to Tablo's No Tomorrow feels?like those with raps and stuffs hehe. It would be a great help if you could recommend me some. Thnks in advance~^^

hello ^__^ here are some suggestions

Just Go by Geeks

Daybreak by Kanto

You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me by Leessang

Walking in the Rain by Verbal Jint

hope you like them!


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could you recommend some really soft sweet instrumentals and then some really upbeat and happy and fast songs?

Well, Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그) released a piano album not too long ago titled “Moment” which is really nice. More instrumentals that are soft and sweet are:

O’Lee- 4PM In Autumn (가을 오후 4시)

Piano Poem (피아노 포엠)- It Would Be Nice If It Were You (당신이라면 좋겠습니다)

Rubatic (루바틱)- Running into Spring

316- Spring Comes With Your Warm Embrace (당신이 따뜻해서 봄이 왔습니다)

Some upbeat/happy/fast songs are:

Handsome People (핸섬피플)- Woowei Woowei

We Are The Night (위아더나잇)- Summer

Bye Bye Sea (안녕바다)- Beautiful Dance


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hello~ what are some good sad/depressing/eerie songs? some nice songs to listen to on a rainy day ahh

Hi there!

For sad songs, check this list

For eerie songs, check this list

And for songs good for a rainy day, check this playlist

Hope that helps! ^^

- Jane

uoev  asked:

hello. ^^ Do you know any songs that has the same feel to Junggigo's “Too Good”? Thank you!

Hi there~

Some similar songs to Junggigo’s Too Good would be:

Thank You (고마워 고마워) - Ra.D(라디)
Baby (베이비) - John Park (존박)

Love Love Love - Roy Kim (로이킴)
Heaven’s Door (천국의 문) - Eric Nam (에릭남)
I’ll Love You (예뻐할께) (Feat. MC Hangil) - Taru (타루)
Appear (나타나) - Kim Bum Soo (김범수)

Hope these are the kinds of songs you’re looking for!

-Yazzy & Jane

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could you recommend me some good female hip hop artists?

Hello :D

I would suggest to check out ASH B, Kasper, Yoon Mi Rae, Choi Sam. Some song you should check out are:

ASH B - 달라

Kasper (캐스퍼) - Hell and Back

Yoon Mi Rae (윤미래) - Get It In or 내일을 위해

Choi Sam (최삼) - La Cucaracha

There’s also a list of some other female hip-hop artists here! Hope you enjoy ^^


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hey, I really love ur blog. I'm wondering if you could share a link to download some of your favorite k ballad songs? or k indie. Thank you ^^

Hello ^^

Some of my favorite K-ballad/K-indie songs would be the following:
XIA Junsu (준수) - 11 o’clock (11시 그 적당함)
Tritops - I’m a Bad Boy (나는 나쁜 놈입니다) (feat. P.O of Block B)
Coffee Boy (커피소년) - Love The Coward (사랑의 비겁자

- Dragana

Ah these questions are as hard as asking what my life goal is… Some of my absolute never-get-tired-of-them favorites are:
Coffee Boy (커피소년) - That’s Nothing
J Rabbit (제이레빗) - Lately You (요즘 너 말야)
Jungkey (정키) - Mama (Feat. 구윤회, 한예슬, 신종욱, 김나영)
Ha Dong Kyun (하동균) - After the Love

Hope you like these! ^^

- Jane

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Do you like block b? Any zico solo songs recommendations?? :)


Zico is the one who got me into K-rap and now I’m absolutely hooked. I’ve dug so deep into it that I’ve forgotten how much Zico influenced my passion! I really just love anything he raps because his rhythm, voice, and flow are just exactly my style. Some songs that I love are

I’m Still Fly
Get Em High (Feat. Uglyduck & Gganmo)
Billionaire (억만장자) (Feat. 한해)
LOL (It’s not solo but his rap in this Block B song is eargasmic)
Battle Royal
숨이차 Remix (Feat. Ugly Duck & Fana & Zion.T & Crucial Star & Zico & DJ Dopsh) (Again, not a solo song but he features and it’s just a perfect track in general)
No Limit

There are a lot of songs that he features in as well (I’d like to think he’s pretty respected in the community :3) so I’d really recommend going on a listening spree on our Zico tag and Youtube ^^ He’s truly an artist who didn’t lose his identity with being an idol. Hope you like these songs~!!

- Jane