No joke tho if people yell in my general presence it makes me really uncomfortable and irate, even if it’s not directed at me. I just hate it so bad. Which is probably hypocritical cuz I yell at my cats pretty often (THEY GET INTO SHIT OKAY) but idk man like

I think I have some general empathy-lacking issues for the most part but man negative moods rub off on me WAY EASY especially when yelling happens

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Laxus-san! Laxus-san! Juvia made a Freed-sock-puppet for you! -shows him the sock with green wool hair and big button eyes-

Give my muse something to smile about.

     A blink. And also a few more, before he stopped.
His first thought was that the water woman wanted to show him something about her man again or christmas cookies she baked and maybe have to try out — but as his head twitched into her direction, confusion was seen that vanished after some moments. She made something for him? No cookies, nothing like that – no – it was a Freed-sock-puppet. A slight smile was seen, indeed, the dragon slayer smiled at her and he would also consider it to call it ‘cute’ what she actually made for him. But these words were not hearable, they remained in his mind where they belonged to. And the smile vanished again, Laxus cleared his throat now, looked straight towards her.

     And then, he smiled again.
Tried his best to hide the blush, but the more happy expression was seen. Right what he needed after such a day. Well, this Lady was really a warm-hreated woman. Now, he asked himself, how someone could not like her. He was an idiot to think like that in the past — to think she wasn’t part of Fairy Tail, just because she belonged to another guild before. However, that was not the right moment to swallow into the past. His eyes focused her and the smile got wider, got a more honest touch, his voice low as he spoke.

     “Thank you, Juvia.”
Only three words, but he meant them. And maybe he underlined them with a snort and now also….
               A blush.

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Green has passed away.


As much as she spouted them almost ninety-nine percent of the time, she hated it when it is directed to her. Nothing hurts a liar more than to be lied to..especially when she knows that it’s an untruth. However, no matter how much she punched the thought as a mere lie, it didn’t lessen the unsettling feeling that had started to grow ever since the name of the boy had been added to that statement.

It was madness. Green cannot die. Though he might not be immortal, Blue had always thought that the guy would outlive her. Maybe he’d even live for a whole century. Green was someone she just couldn’t picture dying. 

Dammit, Green.

Blue reached for her pokegear, the one she stole just this week, and started calling that one number she memorized.

“Pick up." 

Yes, he’ll surely pick up after three rings, he always did. He’d scold her for calling him in the middle of whatever time it was. Blue wasn’t sure anymore. Time just seemed to zoom and wane and stretch, she just had no idea.

Three rings. Still no answer.

"He.. must be busy. Battling someone in that gym of his.” she choked a giggle, trying to peel off the Pokegear from her ear.