Okay I know this pairing is really nonexistent but I KEEP THINKING ABOUT IT AND IT’S SO CUTE I MUST SHARE IT

just. ennoyama.
just imagine it though. Ennoshita understands Yamaguchi’s want to participate in games and knows how much he practice, since maybe one day while they were talking he said something about training with Shimada and explain he does it regularly.  and Ennoshita gives him so much respect for that. He really is amazed by how much Yamaguchi is trying to catch up to his fellow 1st years and not giving up even though it’s clear from talking to him he doesn’t have that much self-esteem. so he grows PROTECTIVE on yams since DO NOT SHOUT AT A PERSON THAT TRIES THIS HARD HE GETS IT WHEN HE DOESN’T DO WELL ( ukai i’m talking to you)
and then when the 3rd years graduate n ennoshita becomes captain it’s all cool because he sort of gives a reminder of daichi being a strict papa to the team. but the team suddenly lacks a motherly figure and none of the current 3rd years takes up the job. But then everybody see yams and ennoshita talking happily with each other about the team and getting along together so well and yamaguchi being as supportive as possible to the new members and the older ones too and ennoshita being so proud when yams shows his skills from his training with shimada and regular practice altogether, AND BAM YAMS IS PRETTY MUCH THE NEW MOTHERLY FIGURE. 

and never mind that they will be a nice daisuga parallel, it’s just nice to imagine yamaguchi and ennoshita being together because they both understand how is depressing it is to try hard yet not be a regular. since they both know how it feels, I think they’d be be able to comfort each other and get each other to continue trying towards the goal. 

i’m sorry i’m just having feels about cute ennoshita calming yams down from making mistakes at a game with kisses all over his face a reassurance that he’ll get the chance to shine again.