i only started watching the 100 because i heard clexa finally happened. this homophobe(ish) acquaintance of mine was watching it too so we shared impressions on it… when she got the hint that clexa was hapening she 1 said there was no way they’d actually end up together and when they did 2 she shrugged it of with ‘’they’re not gonna last, lexa’s gonna die in battle or something, that’s what’s fitting’’ and i was like NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND CLEXA WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN AND YOU’RE GONNA EAT YOUR WORDS :D and now i’m so very upset because she happened to be right and she’s gonna be soo delighted when she catches up :( she got her way in the end. maybe it’s silly but this meant something to me and now she and all the other homophobe’s got their way and i’m here like ughh

why does this always have to happen

why can’t the girls live happily ever after