• tamsin has seen bo naked
  • tamsin told bo she has a cute little ass
  • “you are more alive than anyone I have ever met”
  • they’ve kissed 8 times
  • tamsin watching bo sleep in the car
  • bo watching tamsin sleep when she was shot
  • tamsin smiling into the kiss (you know the one)
  • tamsin told bo she’s perfect
  • “speak for yourself”
  • they’ve shared a bath
  • boobs on knees
  • they’ve played spin the bottle
  • “i don’t wear underwear” “good to know”
  • “that’s what love feels like”
  • bo initiated the third yule make out kiss
  • and bo’s little smile when she woke up in the car after it
  • to acacia “her name is BO”
  • tamsin drove off a cliff to save bo
  • tamsin snuggles into bo when they hug
  • tamsin reaching for bo’s face when they kiss
  • bo to tamsin “i forgive you”
  • tamsin gazing into bo’s eyes in the bathtub
Because there's no such thing as a perfect world.

I’m seeing alot of posts regarding KARA and U-KISS, about the No. 1 spot. 

Obviously my lists consist of around 98% Kiss me’s, so everything I’m seeing is sadness, heartbreak and hate. 

I’m as sad as everyone is about U-KISS not winning. I’ve written posts about it myself, about how much they deserve it, trying to keep positive in the thoughts that someday they will, that it’s their time. It’s not comforting when another artist wins, but this sadly is not an excuse to start bashing on the person that won. People will not agree, despite how much agreement there seems to be on this. We all know U-KISS has given their very best and eventhough they haven’t won yet, YET is the keyword. KARA won last night, we can complain and say whatever we want regarding that but that won’t change that they won. 

The problem here is that, if you stop and think about what you’re saying before you say it, then you can prevent many things from happening. 



I know we’re upset, but Hating on KARA seriously is not gonna do ANYTHING. Hating on anyone will never change ANYTHING. So why do it? Why make it so that you start spreading an unnecessary hatred? When have people thought that hating was a way to solve something? Stop and think about what you’re gonna put before you put it, because in the end KISS ME’s are the ones that, I will say it like this, Look like bitches. In the world of K-pop, one fan can ruin everything for the rest. You know it, I know it, the whole world should know it already. Hating will bring you absolutely nothing, believe me. Please stop and think about what you’re going to say before you say it. You have a right to be angry, but think about it if you’re gonna share it publicly. 


Theres a tough battle with so much competition, but isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing? We’re supporting a group we absolutely love above any other idols. We are supposed to be supporting and telling them that we’re here, win or lose, their number will be here, it’s ok, theres always tomorrow, it’s supposed to be so we show our support, our LOVING support, not our immature hatred. And Kevin tweeted last night to comfort Kiss Me’s. WHY? Why when the ones that should be comforting and supporting them with tweets of “It’s ok! Great Job, you did amazing tonight!” “Don’t Give up, we’re behind you the whole way!” “That was amazing! Great job!” so why did Kevin have to put ““it’s okay~ we will just constantly go up and up from now! right?! keke fighting~~~ thank you so much for the kiss-mes that came to m!countdown today! the cheering sound was the best~ please go home safely ♥” and ”Its okay~ we will try our best and we will get #1 someday! We trust ourselves and Kiss Me~ Thank you ♥“ 

I. Cannot understand this at all. 

Isn’t it us that should be telling them that?


I know there are some fans who like to keep rubbing in our face that U-KISS hasn’t won. 

Obviously, we know this. Haters’ are gonna hate. I personally just encountered one fan on youtube that told me U-KISS should just disband. As much as that made me angry, it also made me laugh. Why? Because U-KISS isn’t quitting, and we know they’re not. And as long as we support them, those words mean NOTHING. NO WORDS MEAN NOTHING IF YOU DON’T LET THEM GET TO YOU. No situation will be anything if you don’t keep your cool. Don’t fight. Just don’t do it. Omg SERIOUSLY JUST DON’T. 

We’re supposed to be supporting U-KISS. 

Leave KARA Alone, it solves SHIT.

And I’m annoyed of seeing so many posts about how much you hate them and how they don’t deserve to win, and how U-KISS deserves to win instead. THEY DO DESERVE TO WIN, and WE KNOW IT. Thats what we’re trying to help them reach. But why do those hating posts when you should just move on and think that U-KISS is the one that needs your focus instead of Kara. Let the girls be, we should be thinking about U-KISS this is about and FOR U-KISS. 


THIS NEW GOSPEL | a kanye west inspired mix for jim kirk’s journey from the only genius level repeat offender in the midwest to the youngest captain in the ‘fleet with a crew that you don’t want to fuck with

01. hold my liquor
02. spaceship
03. runaway
04. monster
05. stronger
06. power (g.o.o.d. music remix)
07. amazing
08. clique

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