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Omg I love the dnp texts so much it was just something I didn't expect them to include but they're so domestic and cute and so THEM omg

they’re so good and unexpected iajeoriajewr the one where it’s raining and dan’s complaining about going to boots and phil’s like nah you don’t need to go my hair will survive like lowkey confirming dan was gonna go make an extra stop in a torrential downpour just for phil’s hair and obvi the chocolate one and dan fucking w phil about the keys ughhhHHH why are dnp so funny and in love :( 


I love these so much
Obviously not mine, (creds go to
See what you get( if you’re on your phone seriously screenshot is your best friend)
What I got:
Antagonist: Twogami
Suspects Me: Sonia
Kills Me: Nagito
Killed by Me: Twogami
Weapon: Electric Shocks
Execution?: Yes, because of a death message
Best Friends: Mikan and Gundam
Crushes on Me: Gundam (ughhhhhh my Tanaka loves me💖)

me: happily cheering on my biases because they are awesome and deserves every love!


also me: when they aint your oppar because you is their noonar 

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Thank you @tiedtonguesandflashcards for tagging me!

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Nickname: Some people call me by my last name. Most people just call me my name, Noah, though.

Gender: Cis Male

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 5′9″ish/176ish cm

Hogwart’s House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Color: Deep Blues, somewhere between royal and navy

Time Right Now: 6:52pm

Average Hours of Sleep: It changes so much. Sometimes 2, sometimes 8. It’s summer right now so normally around 7ish, but in the school year average is probably like 6ish, maybe 5.

Lucky Number: 11

Last Thing I Googled: House Bill to defund Fulbright (because WTF why are you defunding Fulbright ughhhhhh America)

Blankets I Sleep With: Sooooo many. Normally a sheet and at least 3 other blankets.

Favorite Bands: Most of my favorite “bands” are broadway musicals. I really like Carrie Underwood, too. Aaron Tveit is love and life. Shakira.

Dream Trip: I’d love to go almost anywhere, tbh. As of right now, I think my dream trip would be backpacking across Europe (which I get to do 2 summers from now yayyyy).

Wearing Right Now: A red t-shirt and turquoise shorts.

Age of Blog: This blog is fairly new, but I’ve been on tumblr for quite a few years.

# of Blogs you Follow: 169

Posts: 635

What I Post About: Languages, Linguistics, Travel, International Studies, Politics, Art and Architecture, etc.

When Did My Blog Reach Its Peak: Hopefully it hasn’t yet

Origin of My URL: I’m a Russian major (in more than one way, one of my majors is Russian Language and Literature and another is Eastern European and Russian Studies).

Whoever wants to do this can consider themselves tagged by me! @aspoonfuloflanguage @lemonadeandlanguages @ruthenian-knyaz @language-amante @languagesetc @lass-uns-studieren @thefrenchmajor @interlingva @salutonriano @epunda @corbinstudies As always, if you don’t want to you obviously don’t have to do it :)

omfg, my HEART, i fucking can’t even. 

this goddamn book, i swear. 

okay, so i have some issues with the way brandon sanderson writes the character of mat cauthon, but this passage, in my opinion, was absolutely perfect, for him and his relationship with tuon, and it made my feels~~ explode:

“’You know how to make a fellow feel loved. Well, I know how you feel about me.’

‘And how is that?’

‘You looked over your shoulder.’

She shook her head. ‘I had forgotten that you are supremely good at saying that which has no meaning, Matrim.’

‘When you saw me,’ Mat explained, ‘with a dagger in hand—as if to throw at you—you didn’t call for your guards. You didn’t fear I was here to kill you. You looked over your shoulder to see what I was aiming at. That’s the most loving gesture I think a man could receive from a woman.’”


*rolls around in all of my feels*



otp 5va, good lord. actions speak louder than words <3

(and with the fact that tuon is seanchan, and has been raised expecting everyone to be out to assassinate her, that she never even considered the same of mat is actually saying A LOT. so, yeah, from her, that pretty much is a goddamn declaration of love and trust~~~~) 

these two are going to be the end of me, i swear. XD XD XD

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Thank you so much for your evak fic rec masterpost! i'm reading and falling in love as we speak! also have you read crash into me by endlessandinfinite on ao3? i just read all the chaps and i'm hooked. anyway just wanted to say your masterpost is pretty much saving my life! hahahahaha<3.

glad you’re enjoying it!! and no i haven’t read it, but it sounds good! i will definitely add it to my read later list :)

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do you think you could write next part for "Fade"? I loved it so much, even though it was so sad! WHY THE ENDING UGHHHHHH I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS

I think I want to write a second part from James’ POV because I hate myself 🙊

Thanks for reading my depressing story ❤️

Study Break

Based on Anon Prompt: “Hello there! I love your blog very much ; w ; I was wondering if I could request a scenario about Hades and his female s/o studying for an important exam but it turns into a make out session? Sorry for any lack of detail in the description. Have a nice day and thank you in advance ♥♥”

You glance at Hades out of the corner of your eye and he still just sitting there reading his textbook. Something about the action is just so frustrating to you…mainly because he just looks so darn cute. It’s really killing you.

“Hmmmm,” You sigh loudly, much more exaggerated than was necessary and without even looking up, he reaches out a hand to rub your back soothingly. You mewl and lean into his touch, but try again. “Ughhhhhh.” You exclaim and he finally glances up at you, although somewhat distractedly.

“What’s wrong my love?” He asks and you put on your best pouty face.

“This is so boring.” You say, and you see his lips turn up into a smirk. “I don’t want to study anymore I’m dying.” You bend over at your waist and droop your arms to the floor in a show of utter exhaustion.

“What chapter are you on?” He asks, ignoring your drama, and lifting up your book. “You only have one chapter left you can do it.” He says with slight humor in his voice and goes back to his reading.

“But I wanna do something else!” You insist, looking up at him with a huge pouty lip sticking out.

“What would you like to do?” He asks, eyes still in his book so he misses the devilish smirk that crosses your face as you look down and grumble.


“What?” He asks simply,  clearly not having heard you so you slide closer to him, tucking a leg under yourself and facing him.

“Something fun.” You say, placing your hand on his knee and slowly sliding it up a few inches. You see his eyes dart to your hand for a split second before he composes himself again and continues reading.

“We need to finish studying.”  You groan but keep to your task.

“Hmmm, but maybe we could take a break?” You say, your voice a bit brighter and you grab the book in his hands, taking it from him and dropping it on the couch. You place a hand on his cheek, forcing him to look at you and lick your lips; then you get to your knees, throwing a leg over him and straddle his lap. “Just a quick break?” You ask quietly before leaning in to kiss him.

He succumbs to your lips easily enough, only letting out a quiet groan of defeat before sliding his hands to your hips. You string your arms around his neck and lean into him, pressing your chest into his. Your fingers find their way to his hair and you play with it as his lips dominate yours. After a few minutes, you part your lips and he is all too eager to taste your mouth, his tongue slipping into it. You keep at that pace for a while, not getting too heated but rather just falling into a comfortable routine as you explore each other’s mouths.

That is, until you hear a book slam down on a  nearby table and jump away, both of you staring at the place where the noise came from only to see Thoth standing there with a very unfriendly look on his face.

“Out.” He says angrily, and it doesn’t take you long before you’ve crawled off Hades’ lap and gathered your things up, Hades’ hand on your back as he ushers you out of the library.

“I think I’m going to continue studying in my room,” you say, wiggling your eyebrows at the inflection you make on the word ‘studying’ and he shakes his head, letting out a soft chuckle.

“You’re impossible.” He says but his smile tells you you’re going to get your way. You take his hand and pull him behind you, rushing to your room. When you glance back and see his kiss swollen lips and messy hair, you can’t help but be proud that he’s yours, in all his human-like glory.

Hungover - a continuation

Yo. I wrote a little continuation fic. I liked @nowenteringtrash’s “Intoxication” so much, I decided to write what would probably happen the morning after.

Pairing: (when is it not) Climbing Class Scenario: Josh wakes up from a long night of being drunk.


“Good morning.” Chris said, looking back at a treacherously hungover Joshua Washington, laying face-down on his bed in last night’s clothes. Chris was opening the curtains of Josh’s bedroom to let in bright morning light. Too bright.

“Fuck off.” Josh mumbled.

“Lovely.” Chris said, with a smug smile on his face. “That’s pretty different to what you said last night.”


“Come on. Get up.” Chris tugged at the covers on Josh’s bed.

“What did I do?
Last night, I mean.” Josh’s speech was muffled by the pillow but still understandable.

“What do you remember?”

“Uh….it’s blurry. I texted you…a lot. Sayin’ I loved ya. Cause I do. And then…”

Chris paused.
He didn’t just…
Did he just?
His cheeks burned, but he cleared his throat and said “Go on…” as he continued to clean up empty bottles around the place.

“Then…you’re here now so you came over. And….that’s all I remember
Prob'ly did something really stupid.
Sorry if I did.”
Josh rolled over onto his back and stared at the ceiling, trying to focus his vision.
“I feel like death, bro.”

“Yeah. You were pretty fuckin drunk.” Chris leaned down to pull the rest of the covers off the bed. Chris’ shirt moved and revealed a hickey on his neck.
Josh stared at it for a moment.


“Did we…? Y'know.”

Chris bit back laughter. He could at least have a little fun with this. “No, I don’t know.”

“Oh my god. You’re gonna make me say it.”

“Say what, Josh?”

“Son of a bitch.”


“Did we fuck or not? Did. We. Fuck. There, I said it.”

“Unfortunately for you, no.” Chris said. Still, he had a wide smile on his face that didn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

“Then how did you get here and why is there a mark on your neck?”

“Well. Let’s just say you called me, I came over at 2 in the fucking morning to stop you from crying, aaaand…”


“We kissed.
A lot.
You’re really affectionate when you’re drunk.
Really affectionate.”

Josh put one hand on his face and let out a small “Heh.”
He sat up, and noticed how much Chris was smiling.
“Never thought I’d have the courage to do it. Go, drunk Josh.
See, I remember being on the phone to Sam and she doesn’t know what to do with anyone when they’re drunk and she was like ‘I don’t fuckin know go fuck him if you like him’” Josh laughed, nervously.

Chris sat down on the bed next to Josh. “Wow. Sam wins the best advice award.”
Chris sighed.
“You like me then?”

Josh looked down and then up at Chris.

Chris leaned in and pecked Josh quickly on the lips. “Want coffee?”

Chris got up and walked to the door of the bedroom.

“And, Cochise?” Josh said.


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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I love taehyung so much Idk I had to share this I can just imagine tae being the type of boyfriend to just have his arms and legs wrapped around you in the morning and like being all cutesy and saying "goodmorning" in his deep sleepy voice ughhhhhh😍

well fuck thanks for sharing that with me because now look at this-

taehyung was an overall affectionate person. he was always brimming with warmth, radiating with love, combusting with pleasant emotions that whenever he sees someone, the first thing he does is hug them. doesn’t matter if they’re older, younger, a decade older or younger or anything in between, he’ll hug you. even dogs, cats, animals, the whole fucking zoo if he could, he’d spread the love.

especially, you.

you find that he’s very touchy around you; doesn’t matter if he’s in the mood, doesn’t matter if he isn’t, doesn’t matter if he had the worst day of his life, doesn’t matter if he feels like the happiest guy in the world, he will always want to hold you close, considering you make him feel like the luckiest man to ever walk on this land.

he’s already a loving person on a daily basis but you realize that he’s even more when he just wakes up. it’s not a shocker that you wake up before he does because of his long arms that snake around your waist, if they weren’t there before, they are now. his legs tangle between your own along with the blanket that wrap around your limbs together, making it almost impossible for you to break free from his hold. what you like from this most is the heat that spreads from his body to yours, his breath hitting the nape of your neck as he nuzzles his face there and your body reacts when you come to wake. you feel his grin forming on your skin, it’s more evident when his grin widens and you chuckle as he whines when you try to move away.

“don’t,” he whimpers, using the advantage of being the big spoon, hooking one of his legs over your own to tug you closer as he murmurs, “stay here with me for a bit…”

“we’re going to end up falling asleep again,” you chastise, yet, you don’t stop yourself from rubbing your palms over his forearms, brushing over the prominent veins that wrap around his form before you reach his hands and you let them rest there.

“doesn’t matter,” he hums, then reaching up to kiss your cheek before he sing-songs in a voice that’s so deep, it shakes you to your bones, “good morning…”

“good morning, tae. now please let me go so i can make breakfast and-“he frowns immediately, the corners of his lips dragging down makes you stop mid sentence for you to rephrase your words, “you’re not going to let me go, aren’t you?”

his demeanor changes, his endearing box smile coming to view as he childishly shakes his head, “nope.”

San Japan in a Nutshell
  • Lots of Rose Quartz Cosplayers 
  • The “No Photo Zone” being the number one spot to take a selfie 
  • All the new fancy signs 
  • Crunchyroll sponsorship (hell yeah)
  • So much Steven Universe and Love Live! 
  • The “Your Waifu is Trash” Guy 
  • Ice Cream Narwhals and Banana Crocodiles 
  • That accurate Waluigi, with voice and everything included 
  • A ton of people attending Sunday (like seriously Sundays normally don’t have a lot of people) 
  • Mr. Creepypasta taking off his mask for 900,000 subscribers h

(Feel free to add to this) 

(Edit: I had to put the last one in. ughhhhhh) 

ok, it may be small and the watermark ruins everything what a surprise


  • Friend: I care about you so much and your happiness means the world to me and I love spending time with you you're my best friend and you're so important
  • Anxiety: okay but what if they're just saying that because they feel bad for you
  • Friend: I'm not saying this because I feel bad for you, I genuinely care about you and want you in my life
  • Anxiety: okay but

This person on Kik started messaging me and I told her I loved her pic and she said “yeah thats me” and when I told her that I knew it wasn’t and that I was following that chick on Tumblr, she stopped messaging me. I just thought I should let you know that you’re being impersonated.

UGHHHHHH this has been happening so much lately, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, ive been getting numerous people contacting me about stolen cosplay pics >:I im really tempted to start using a watermark



calum hood is a special human because he’s so chill and cool but then as soon as someone accuses him of not loving them, even if they’re joking all of a sudden the poor little puppy is all “nO NO I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WAIT NO PLEASE”

Listen to me.

If you haven’t seen @softsons videos about tjlc then you are missing out on life. I just binge watched some of them at work and have no regrets even though I’m now behind on paperwork lol

If you know people who are unbelievers or are on the fence then please direct them to all the lovely videos made by this beautiful person.