• Friend:I care about you so much and your happiness means the world to me and I love spending time with you you're my best friend and you're so important
  • Anxiety:okay but what if they're just saying that because they feel bad for you
  • Friend:I'm not saying this because I feel bad for you, I genuinely care about you and want you in my life
  • Anxiety:okay but

tirezaveclesdeuxmains asked:

:p Imagine Draco getting his first non-dorky haircut since....ever. And Harry's reaction.

non dorky + draco malfoy = sex on legs basically

Honestly it would literally just go down like this:

Draco walks in th door with a quiff, a side sweep, anything really that you can think up that is smoking hot.

harry comes out of the kitchen because he knows draco got a haircut today but as soon as he takes one look at draco nonchalantly swiping the hair out of his eyes like some sort of sex god he gapes. 

“Like it, potter?” Draco grins, sliding off his shoes. 

Harry, of course, has more tact than saying ‘bedroom, now’. So of course, the first thing he says is “Bedroom. Now.”

And Draco willingly goes.