ughhhhh perfect


Ughhhhh~ this picture is perfection and so much better than I imagined!

For my first convention, I got an Ackles hug, which proceeded to be my profile picture everywhere for the whole year. This year I had to try one looking at him because I had heard the experience was worth it. AND IT WAS.

Green eyes and freckles. You guys, I am just saying.



1/6 Female Characters ➵ Aika Fuwa

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His thighs are so thick,so hairy,they have that perfect tan,ughhhhh I hate him

They’re gorgeous. I don’t usually love hair on guys’ thighs, but, fuck. I’m willing to love it for Harry… He sports body hair in the best way. xx


I’m literally still crying over this😭😭😭 it was like prince and princess against the bad guys. Eric and Arial against Ursula. The scene was so quick but the amount of physical contact was so beautiful. I love how they kept clinging onto each other and Lydia kept holding onto his arms and ughhhhh they were so perfect. And only stydia would have the time to run away holding hands. And the way he was gently talking to her while stroking her face and hair killed me. They’re so perfect for each other. Every single one of their scenes tonight were absolute perfection