ughhhhh perfect


I’m literally still crying over this😭😭😭 it was like prince and princess against the bad guys. Eric and Arial against Ursula. The scene was so quick but the amount of physical contact was so beautiful. I love how they kept clinging onto each other and Lydia kept holding onto his arms and ughhhhh they were so perfect. And only stydia would have the time to run away holding hands. And the way he was gently talking to her while stroking her face and hair killed me. They’re so perfect for each other. Every single one of their scenes tonight were absolute perfection

You know what's awesome?

My half marathon is this Saturday! And…. I have a stupid cold. What the heck body???

We shall see how this goes but I’m happy I can at least breathe a little better than yesterday. Crossing my fingers that this cough is at least 50% better by Friday night. My taper is essentially me trying to do anything possible to make myself better.


“I humiliated them. The two proudest people in the world, and I humiliated them. I spoiled their plans. I took their fine upbringing in a world of comfort and opportunity, and I threw it in their faces. I broke their hearts, and they’ll never forgive me. I guess I can’t expect them to.”
“Maybe you’re wrong about how they feel about all this. It was a long time ago.”
“Rory, I don’t want them to go. It’ll just hurt them, and me, okay?”