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Not to be mean or anything but you're literally the only hooker I love (lol that term always makes me uncomfortable) I just see so many claiming it's still the same man and it pisses me off. I mean I get it they can love anything Colin brings cause he's a great actor, but this rogers isn't OUR killian never is going to be, this rogers is literally made up from a damn wish. Ughhhhh I hate these damn writers so much they literally screwed us over with that shit. sorry for my venting.

Don’t be uncomfortable. I love being called a Hooker. 

But seriously, people are claiming that because they feel he is, and that’s their right. I wouldn’t even be surprised if soon A&E give some bullshit ass excuse to try and say the same thing. Although, if they were smart, they’d just not open that can of worms because then they would have to explain why it was okay for Snowing to be killed & what happened to orphaned Henry then if they were “real”, but you never know.

But a person that was fake last year & never existed before the EQ made that wish isn’t real to me. *shrugs* 

And you’re right, Rogers will never be our Killian and we were screwed over because all summer we were lead to believe he was.

Don’t apologize. I’m here for anyone that wants to vent, my ask is always open.

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Do you have a post or any links about why SGA is bad?

Yeah, though warning, a lot of them contain a lot of back and forth between people who talk to each other a lot, so it may be a lot to wade through. - why MOGAI was shunned, with a side journey into why SGA is being pushed. - why I explicitly reject the use of MGA to describe me, linked in to why I’m not down with SGA - post talking about The Dead Horse discourse including where SGA came from and why it isn’t good More on that - this is a lot about bisexuality, my history as a bi femme (I’ve been out for over 25 years), and why I’m sick of intracommunity fighting. Long post.

The tl;dr is that a) it came out of a desire to shut people out of the community, b) it mangles my identity and the identities of many of my friends, my kids and my comrades c) it reduces m-spec (bisexual/pansexual/polysexual, biromantic/panromantic/polyromantic and others under that general umbrella) people to ‘half gay half straight’ and UGHHHHH d) what even is the ‘same gender’ for a non-binary/genderfluid person like me anyway e) it came from/is linked to actual conversion therapy terminology and can be very triggering for actual people in the community plus that’s just nasty and lastly f) I hate gatekeeping. I actively loathe gatekeeping, because what it comes down to is a bunch of stupid hurtful infighting that takes our energy away from helping, protecting, and taking care of each other. The Straights would love nothing more than for us to fight each other.

So don’t use SGA. Use MOGAI (which despite rumors was NOT coined by a pedophile but by a CSA survivor), use LGBT+, use LGBTQIPA, use ‘The Un-Straights,’ use anything but ‘SGA and trans.’ Not only is all of the above true but using SGA makes me immediately think someone is purposefully ace-exclusive, probably transphobic, definitely biphobic, and I don’t want any part of that.