ughhhhh get out

also I drew Granby like 9 times just now. I dunno why but he’s the hardest for me to draw anything approaching consistently so here is my sheet of granby practice. I think i’m getting closer to a True Granby….

…is it bad that i’m kind of thinking oh, sure, they’ll have steve die in cap 3, that fits in the overall arc/it’s from the comics but like.

i did not think about bucky being alone for two years, maybe recovering, maybe doing his one man mission of revenge against hydra, and then meeting steve and–

someone using the shutdown code on bucky at the wrong time.

or. or another code that just flips a switch and turns him into the full-on winter soldier again to finish his mission.

i just. i didn’t think about it and IT’S A DEFINITE POSSIBILITY AND I CAN’T HANDLE IT.

ETA: ‘Cause I keep seeing it in tags – I’m thinking of them using the shutdown code on Bucky to incapacitate him or for him to hurt Steve, not for him to ultimately kill Steve!