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Art Theft

Just a heads-up - I’ve found my art being sold on a site called teehumans twice this week. I don’t sell any of my prints via that site, so if you see my stuff on there (or anywhere other than Redbubble, Society6, or Etsy), it’s there without my knowledge or permission. I keep reporting it, but these “campaigns” only seem to run for a day so by the time they take it down, it’s over anyway and whoever is doing it just puts it back up.

All I can say is, don’t buy it. It’s going to be absolute crap in terms of quality, because they’re using really low-resolution images with the watermark blurred out. And it’s pretty expensive. You can get much better-quality posters for less on Redbubble. Please save your money and don’t support thieves! Thanks!

Why do people think it’s so terrible to be a millennial? Did gen x also get this kind of bile and disrespect from baby boomers and I just don’t remember it happening? Did baby boomers get crapped on by the silent generation and nobody talks about it now? I just don’t understand all this hatred and disgust. So we grew up with the Internet, so we didn’t have to hike through the snow uphill both ways to school with no shoes, so we don’t have someone dying from consumption left and right, so what?! What about millennials is so terrible that we deserve this derision from literally everyone??

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Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 


Due to some less than polite anons lately I would like to public announce that…
Yes… I love BTS
Yes… I love Red Velvet
Yes… I love EXO
Yes… I love Monsta X
Yes… I love B.A.P (yongguk tho👌)
Yes… I love Got7
Yes… I love Blackpink
Yes… I love so many other bands and that doesn’t change how much I love BTS. But obviously based on my blog title im a bts themed blog, however That does not mean I’m not allowed to post about other bands or anything else I want as well. “why?” You might ask… because it’s MY blog… so no I won’t stop reblogging pictures of sehun or minhyuk… because this is MY blog… if you don’t like it that’s fine, you don’t have to. I’m not forcing you to like my blog or even like anything I post but that’s not going to stop me from posting/reblogging what I like… we are all allowed to have are favorite bands and members (I have my own and post about them all the time😊) but that doesn’t mean everyone else is less than them.I really don’t appreciate the negativity I’ve received as of late in my inbox. I don’t mind if you come and say that you like EXO more than BTS or vice versa. But I will not tolerate putting other people down to express how much “better” someone else is so from now on I will be deleting all asks(anon or not) regarding things like “BTS is better than monsta x by far!” ” why do you like youngjae??? Taehyung is soooo much cuter!” Or anything that states that one person is lesser than another. Thank you.

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How do you think Roy's parents/Riza's mom would react to the other. No matter Roy and Riza's current relationship (friends/subordinates/bf gf etc)??

Honestly, I feel like they’d get along really well! I have this headcanon where Riza’s mom is someone who is incredibly easy to talk to and a great conversationist. She lights up a room whenever she walks in, and she sees the good in everyone. 

I see Roy’s father being chattier than his mother (he’s who Roy gets his charisma from), but both of them are incredibly lovely, thoughtful people.

Bring them together and you have a recipe for in-laws who love each other.

Headcanon that Riza’s mom is the one who first poses the idea that Roy and Riza should be an item.

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ughhhh fuckkk can you imagine monty having to get tutored by you, pretty smart girl in his grade (who hes always had a silent crush on) and she comes over to his house like very bummy (sweatpants, hair tied, chillin w/ no makeup on vibes) and he just gets all flustered but tries to keep cool but on the inside hes getting more and more turned on by how beautiful and smart you are by the second

He’s so flustered he can’t even concentrate and she’s like, “Monty, you had this equation down the last time we worked together. How many brain cells did you lose the last time you hung out at Bryce’s?” because she’s so not quiet about how much she dislikes the jocks, and she’s not afraid to let Monty know that she’s not a fan of most of his behavior, but she’s definitely interested in extra credit and if this is how she has to get it, then fine, so be it.

And the entire time Monty is wishing he’d worn sweatpants too so that the boner he’s currently sporting would be a little bit easier to hide, but he’s doing his best, casually holding a pillow in his lap as if he does that all the time, just holds pillows over his crotch while he sits. And he’s shaking his head, trying to concentrate, because he wants to impress this girl, even though she’s tutoring him, he wants to show her that he’s a fast learner, he’s not dumb, he can grasp these concepts.

And every time she leans over to write on his paper or point something out, she brushes up against him because that’s what happens when you’re sitting next to someone and you have to lean over to see their work, and Monty just can’t take it, it’s not even intimate touching but shit it makes him wonder what touching you intimately would be like, which definitely isn’t helping his situation.

And at one point she excuses herself to go to the bathroom and can you just imagine him removing the pillow and yelling down at himself to “Get it under control, buddy!”


Margaery knows. The High Sparrow has underestimated Cersei Lannister, and she will die for it. Loras will die for it. Her lord father will die for it. Dozens of innocent people will die for it.
She is angry. She thinks about the High Sparrow - looks at him and lets him know what a fool he was. She thinks about Cersei and it makes her sick. She thinks about sweet Tommen and how his heart will break. She thinks about Olenna and that is when she almost cries. At least she managed to save the Queen of Thorns. She thinks about her dear brother, about the Tyrell name that seems bound to disappear, and she cannot believe she will not come out as a winner at this game she knew so well. She had been almost flawless, she knew it.
But Winter is Coming. It has been for a while now. And it almost strikes Margaery as funny that she should be thinking of the Stark house words now, when all of her other last thoughts seemed to have made perfect sense. Almost is the keyword, because she knows. Margaery knows it is because of Sansa Stark, her sweet girl Sansa Stark. The Tyrell (it is bittersweet to use that name. She had loved it so much, and now she cannot believe it is about to be gone) knew that they could never, ever be. That nothing could ever happen between Sansa and herself. That her feelings for Sansa were not smart, were not good for the game. And yet…
Not that it mattered now. She was about to die. She had hoped to see Sansa again, but she was about to die. And she was thinking of the Stark girl. Would she be all right? Margaery knew how strong she was, how sweet she was, how smart she was. She really hoped Sansa would be okay. Then the Tyrell was filled with regret for having never seen Winterfell. How would the snow feel on her tongue? Would Sansa laugh at her southern blood when she felt cold?
And Sansa had not seen Highgarden either. That made Maragery’s chest hurt. She still hoped she would. She hoped Olenna would take her there (her grandmother had to know of her fondness of Sansa Stark), or that the next Lord of Highgarden was gentle and joyful and held tourneys and balls and invited all of the great houses to be there. Sansa would love the gardens and the masquerades, she was sure. Her eyes watered thinking about how much she would love to dance and laugh with Sansa, but Margaery Tyrell would not cry.
I hope you are happy, sweet girl. I hope winter comes and goes and you see summer again. Will spring make you remember me? And maybe somehow, somewhere, in some other world where there is no game I must play…
And then it was green, but the last color on Margaery’s mind was the blue of Sansa Stark’s eyes, and she thought she had a smile on her face as she went.

We’ll be washed and buried one day my girl
And the time we were given will be left for the world
The flesh that lived and loved will be eaten by plague
So let the memories be good for those who stay

Mumford & Sons - Winter Winds

but meeting tiny 11 year-old calum in your first year at hogwarts and you’d both get sorted into ravenclaw - him a couple minutes before you - and your cheeks would be flushed a peachy pink colour as you plopped down next to this shy boy at your house table and he’d introduce himself with a thick australian accent and red cheeks and you’d smile and mutter your name in return and not long after the fest would start and you’d be chatting to calum in between bites of yummy food, murmuring “how come you’re at hogwarts when you’re clearly australian?” and calum would chuckle lightly and excitedly explain “my dad’s scottish! his cousin went here and i suppose that’s why i got in as well!” and as the conversation went on you were happy to have made such a good friend on your first day. years later when the two of you graduated hand in hand, you would still be thankful for sitting next to that small scrawny boy with the messy brown hair and the angelic smile.

Holy Monkeys!!! I reached 100 followers?!?! This is so crazy, does this mean that at least 100 people want to see MY drawings???
No one I know in person ever sees my drawings, except my little brother, but that’s cause I have to borrow his iPad to do my drawings… Thank you so much!!! ❤️ ❤️ And just so you all know, I really really REALLY appreciate every single like and every single reblog.

The familiar sound of his alarm caused Morisuke to stir. He groaned as he tried to reach for his phone to turn the damn thing off. 

Unlike popular belief, being fabled as the ‘mom’ figure in his Nekoma days, Yaku Morisuke was not by any means a morning person. And yet here he was, waking up for an eight a.m. class. 

He pushed off his blanket, upset that he had to leave the comfort of his bed, and made his way out of the room. Today he felt more…worn out. He had to drag his feet to the toilet and after rinsing his face he noticed the dark circles. 

Morisuke was up late last night, he remembered going to Tetsurou’s place for a small get-together. It was just Tetsurou, Kenma, Taketora, Lev and Kenma’s friend from Karasuno- Shouyou. They didn’t drink, all they did was play games and chat last night. He remembered being thankful that he and Lev were able to come back home in one piece before crashing into bed. 

He frowned when he didn’t find his toothbrush. There was Lev’s red one but his yellow toothbrush wasn’t there. Rubbing his eyes, wondering if he really was that tired, he peered at the glass again. 

Sighing in resignation- it was too early and he was going to run late- he rinsed his mouth instead and returned back to his room. He opened his cupboard to find it…empty. 

“Is this my apartment?” Morisuke wondered out loud. Surely his clothes couldn’t have just vanished into thin air. He shot a suspicious glance at Lev’s bed. The other’s leg was dangling off the bed frame and it seemed that the silver-haired boy had been out cold for a very long time. From what Morisuke could make out, Lev looked really peaceful. 

He looks cute.

Shaking his head at the thought, Morisuke opened Lev’s cupboard just in case. There were no signs of his clothes being hidden under that mess. Morisuke scratched his head and stomped his foot in irritation. He marched to his bed and checked under it for any sign of clothes. 

Then he checked his phone; if he didn’t get out of the house in fifteen minutes he would be late for his lecture. Desperate, Morisuke contemplated on waking Lev up and asking the other to help him in his search for clothes. At the thought of Lev bluntly commenting on his ‘small’ size of clothes and turning the apartment upside down, Morisuke shook his head. 

He would find his clothes by himself. He made his way to the living room and swore when he saw his clothes. They were all neatly piled up…on top of the kitchen cabinets. 

Blood rushed through his head as the perpetrator’s name was on his tongue now. 


“Oh so you figured it out!” A voice chirped from their room and Morisuke scowled as the other’s head popped out. 

But Lev wasn’t smiling; Morisuke noticed a pout and the crinkle in his brows suggested that the other could actually be…upset? 

“Why are my clothes up on top of  the kitchen cabinets?” Morisuke breathed in slowly. 

Keep your temper in check, Lev probably has a reason for doing something like this. 

“Because I’m angry at you.” 

The reply was softer and hesitant. 

“Okay… we can talk about this later because I’m running late. Can you get my clothes down?” It was taking every ounce of Morisuke’s patience to ask the other for help because of his height. If Lev was angry, they could talk about it after his class, when Morisuke would not be so distracted. They lived together anyways since Lev joined the same university so it wasn’t as if Morisuke would go anywhere else. 

“No, you avoided me last night too. So I decided to take the extremes in my hand.” 

“Extremes? Which idiot told you that?” 


“I’m going to kill Kuroo.” 

“Yaku-saaaan.” Lev whined, “Last night I heard you tell Kuroo-san I was a handful. Am I really that bad?”

Morisuke raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Is that why you’re angry?” 

Lev was now in front of him, looking down and Morisuke had to remind himself of the fact that Lev was in fact very tall and towering. 

“Yes. If you’re not happy with me then at least tell it to my face.” Lev huffed out. 

“Oh god, you actually grew intellectually?” Morisuke blinked and he earned another whine from the taller of them. He laughed out loud and jabbed Lev’s side- lightly. 

Yet Lev still gawked at him with wide eyes. “What was that for?!” 

“Two things.” Morisuke held out his fingers, “First for doing something ridiculous and unnecessary.” He gestured at his clothes, “And second for assuming things without clarification.” 

The tall boy blinked at him and Morisuke scratched the back of his head and coughed. 

“You didn’t catch the next part of our conversation idiot.” He looked up into Lev’s eyes uncertainly. Damn him and his pretty green eyes. Morisuke looked away and continued, “I also said that you’re still reliable at times and you’re not a complete dunce.”

He’s also very endearing, I’ll admit.” 


“Shut it Kuroo.” 

“Of course. No need to blush about it Yaku~.” 

“I am not blushing.” 

“And I have the most manageable hair. Lies.” 

Lev seemed to brighten up at that. “Really?” 

“Yes, really. Now can I have my clothes back?” 

“Yup!” Lev sang and pulled down the clothes along with Morisuke’s toothbrush. 

“If there was a spider up there I guarantee you, you will not live.” Morisuke deadpanned and Lev gave out a rather nervous laugh. 

“There aren’t any spiders! Not when I checked…” 

Morisuke shook his head and grabbed a shirt and a pair of pants. He glanced at the clock. He could still make it in time to catch the train. He dashed off to the bathroom to change. 

Upon stepping out of the apartment, Lev gave him a hug, lifting him up. 

“Lev I swear-don’t do this!” 

Instead, the other laughed carelessly and gave him one last squeeze. “Have a great day Yaku-san!” 

“You too.” Morisuke grumbled out as he took off on the stairs, feeling his cheeks warm. He only hoped his flushed face had not been that apparent. He patted his cheeks and scrunched his face as he tried to forget the warmth of the hug and how he didn’t really mind being lifted up if it meant being close to Lev. 

Of all people, I just had to have a crush on that big idiot. 


a series of unlikely crossovers