To do or not to do the new FSN fic exchange, that is the question. D:

I’ve got a plate full of art commissions right now, one massive AU-in-progress, and a few other artistic projects I want to do. Thinking of sitting this one out…but I love exchanges so much. D:

Im gonna scream like just straight up scream my teeth hurt so bad and my eyes feel like they’re about to fall out of my face and my lips are bleeding what the fuck is happening

Plots Total: 1 (technically?)

  • Plot 001/ “Our Rights, Our Wrongs” → Complete. Graphic needed.
  • Other plots → Incomplete. Graphic needed.

Replies Total: 1

  • Cassandra → Andraste.

Applications/Accounts Total: 1

  • Crystal Peters → walterprep.

Other Total: 2

  • Finish my ‘characters’ page.
  • Message Vee back.