#Felicity making Oliver laugh is one of my very favorite things in the whole wide world  (。♥‿♥。)


Sometimes Nozomi catches herself just staring at Eli because she’s so pretty but nozomi isn’t brave enough to seriously tell her that in words, so she hides behind her jokes and her smiles. one time, eli actually catches nozomi staring, but eli is so gay that as soon as nozomi flashes that smile she forgets and apologizes like she’s the one who was actually staring—


that’s what you think this is about?
                                                     that i don’t trust you?
                                                                                    o f  c o u r s e  i trust you


Try to remember that.


Miranda Barlow Memorial Week  Day 2: Favorite Episode/Season
XIII (season 2, episode 05)

I understand why you need that fort. I understand why you need that gold. I understand why you need this island. I understand it all because I was there the day our lives ended and all of this began. But I have been devoted to you since that day. I have been loyal and protective and fucking committed to you since that day, and I am asking you to come with me so that I can save your life.

Logan: “You never really needed rescuing, Ace. You know that.”

Rory: “I do now”


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