ughhh look at how he stands

a more detailed account of what happened in the red bullet in hong kong

basically my personal best moments

- yoongis aegyo for 20 seconds during Look Here because he lost at rock paper scissors aND IT WAS SO ADORABLE UGH

- jin falling off the bed multiple times in Embarassed whenever he tried to dance while standing on it

- jihope pushing each other onto the bed in Embarassed like holy shit get a room

- jimins high notes like wtf is he made of ahHHHH

-  jimins abs heLP

- basically the boys are all talking in english and i understand every bit of it god bless them they probably worked so hard on the pronunciation and uGHHH

- taehyung saying ‘english is too easy’ during a talking session (bonus: yoongi looking at taehyung like ‘wtf’ and rm being like ‘ohshitohshit’)

- jin forgot how to say something and took a little note out of his pocket (which is super cute ugh) and said ‘i love you hong kong’ in cantonese

- namjoon talks most of the time though bc its english and he looks so happy whenever we scream and react to his words

- namjoon coming over to where im at really often and aRE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME IS THAT IT


- we surprised jungkook and namjoon with a birthday cake and it turned out to be  styrofoam lol

- there were so many banners that were distributed freely from fans and theyre all so prettyyyyy

- the highlight was probably danger where everyone sang/screamed along to the whole song and its so awesome and they all look so happyyyy

- the fans singing/saying yoongis intro in I Need U perfectly and he looks sO HAPPY AND PROUD AHHH

- the boys spill water all over an unsuspecting maknae (bonus: jimin patting kookie on the back aw)

- jin doing the shoulder dance thing

- jin saying ‘family, members, teachers, Hong Kong armies, I love you’ and everyone was laughing bc ‘teachers’ jin this isnt your graduation speech but it wAS SO ADORABLE HE LOOKS SO EMBARASSED

- jimin sat on the edge of the pit for a while the fans there are so lucky OTL

- jhope repeating that he is ‘your hope your angel’ its super adorable and his smiling is literally blinding

- jungkook saying ‘thank you’ in cantonese in a really deep voice liKE SURE IM JUST GOING TO SULK HERE

- also taehyung saying ‘i love you’ in cantonese holY SHIT

- jimin saying that all the armys were ‘so pretty’ in cantonese WHY MUST YOU DO THIS

- jin saying nearly perfect mandarin 

- jimin occasionally getting too excited and speaking in korean while namjoon translates

- have i mentioned yoongis aegyo lets be honest here who sold their soul for this can i get in touch with whoever you traded with

- jungkook waking up from the bed in Embarassed with a tiny hearteu on his hand PLEASE STOP

and basically the fans are super great and the fanchants were so loud my throat was sore after the first song and the boys were smiling so much and were so genuinely happy they were positively shining and i just UGH