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Infatuation (pt7)

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“Taehyung heard the sound of a whistle and looked around. The world was in motion all around him, but his mind was foggy. Suddenly he was on the ground, eyes going dark, and the image of you with Jimin flashed through his mind before he blacked out.”

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader, Jimin x Reader
Word count: 2301

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Love Lessons

Summary: He understood Math like the back of his palm. It was textbook, it had specific formulas to follow, and if everything was placed well all his problems would be solved. Too bad there isn’t a formula on how to ask you coworker out.


T+ for smooches

(Ive accidentally deleted like twice now someone shoot me)

Inside the quiet classroom, the sound of feverish pen tapping bounced against the walls.

Was it a nervous teen waiting for a test grade?

Not quite.

The owner of the pen had been thumping the end against a stack of ungraded tests for several minutes, and the students were just waiting for him to pop.

“ggrrRRHOW DO YOU ASK SOMEONE OUT?” The salmon haired man burst from his desk. 

His cry caused the students to jump in their desks, earning some shrieks from the jocks in the back of the class.

“Here we go again.” A pink haired girl sighed as she opened up a small notepad labeled ‘Mr. Dragneel’s issues’ on the cover.

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