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The Silent Treatment: Tom Holland x Reader

Tom and Reader had a fight and now she’s giving him the silent treatment and he can’t stand it.

After getting frustrated over the argument you stormed off into the bed and screamed. You calmed down and decided that you were just going to ignore him and give him the silent treatment.

He noticed and smiled, “The silent treatment huh? Good so I don’t have to hear you talk me to death.” He joked. “UGhhh! Just for that rude comment I’m not talking to you for the rest of the day!”

He shrugged and smiled, “That’s fine with me.”He smiled.

After awhile he missed the sound of your voice. “Can you pass my the remote?”

You chucked it at him and went back to reading your book. He turned on one of your favorite shows, The Office. You two had decided to give it a try on Netflix and it was your favorite show. He was trying to get you to laugh but you got up and went to the bedroom and continued reading your book.

You were almost done when he came in the door, “Hey babe, I was going to order dinner. What can I get you?”

You shrugged and flipped your page. “Sushi? Tacos? Pasta? Wings?” He threw out some suggestions. You shrugged again and finished reading the last page. “Baby, I’m sorry! Can you please talk to me?” He begged, walking over to you.

“Y/N?” He got in your face and touched his nose to yours. Please?”

You got up and went to the bathroom with him hot on your trail, “Please! I need to hear that beautiful voice of yours! Can I at least get a hug or a kiss? A hi-five? A smile? A blink?”

You shut the door in his face and did your business and came out of the bathroom. “Did you wash your hands?” He joked. He tried to get a response out of you but it didn’t work. “I love Y/N!”

You clenched your jaw, “You know the rules. When one of us says ‘I love you’ the other has to say it back. No matter how upset we are at each other.” He said.

You pulled out your phone and texted it to him, he sighed, “That’s not fair. Babe come on.”

You rolled your eyes and walked to the kitchen,”I just want to hear you talk. Say something. Call me a dickhead, a twat, I don’t care.”

You pulled out your phone again: You are a dickhead and a twat😒

He sighed, “Fine. I’ll leave you alone.” He threw his hands up. You texted him again: I want bbq wings and pasta. Mineral water no ice.

“You got it.” He put a thumbs up and ordered the food. During dinner you kept it up and ate in silence.

“Y/N?” He asked. You almost said ‘what’ but caught yourself. “AH man, I thought I had it.” He snapped his fingers and continued to eat.

You weren’t as mad with him as you were when the day started. You two settled into bed. “You look beautiful.” He smiled. You looked at him and did a half smile, “You smiled.”

You nodded and reached for the light, “Hold on.” He grabbed your hand. “I am so sorry for being a dick today. You don’t talk too much and not hearing your voice all day made me want to scream.”

“I love you darling, good night.” He kissed you on the cheek and turned of his light. “I love you too.”

“YES!” He clapped his hands and pulled you into cuddle. “Say something else. I need to get my quick fix.” You laughed and kissed him. “You’re crazy.”

“I just really love you, you know that right?” He asked. “Yeah, even sometimes you have a funny way of showing it.”

“How?” He asked. You two got into a heated discussion, “Okay let’s not do this. I just want to go to sleep.” You said. “Okay, my bad.” He kissed you on the forehead and you both fell asleep.


sims!d*s/sims!ladybug dump

i recently started getting invites from the lb gang to hang out, so figured i’d throw a few of those here.

first off, i sent my d*s fam to the [still empty] lot i have the LB sims living on… 

Adrien and Kou immediately started talking about family stuff [they have the same aspiration tho so that’s not surprising xD] and joking around together [kou looks mad here but he just has resting bitch face lol….]

while Rylie and Marinette instantly seemed to hate each other???? 

Anyway, I had all the characters introduce themselves to one another after the initial autonomy played out, and then Anna and Adrien really seemed to hit it off. Lysander was uhhh…

….he was this

[more under the cut]

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Workout update:

I -think- I feel a slight bit of progress. Slowly getting better push-up form and increasing situps every couple of days. Overall I’m really hitting the core hard, and I can tell because my stomach muscles feel…tightened? Like not stiff but definitely slightly rigid as I walk around. Not painful though, feels…correct?

I gotta start getting cardio in. If I had a treadmill or exercise bike that’d be no problem at all, but I gotta go to that creepy workout room to do it, or wait for spring to actually jog outside. I really want to start getting some of this flab off of me.

Cutting down on sugars too. Sugar-free mint gum is my best friend.

Overall it’s certainly gotten easier to just -start- the routine entirely. The first few days was really a “ughhh I gotta do this” and now it’s a case of me clapping my hands together and saying “Okay, gotta do this, can’t skip it.”

So at the very least I’ve made mental progress.

Title: Just A Simple Night In

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Bobby x Reader

Word Count: 899

Summary: You come home from a long day at work wanting to rest and Jiwon is just the man to do it with.

A/N: So this is my very first fluff, or writing piece in general. A friend asked me to make this for her so I did and she ended up liking it so I decided to post it. I hope you guys enjoy it.

 “Ughhh, good lord am I tired” You walk into your house throwing your shoes to the side and taking your jacket off. You just want to go to take a hot shower and rest after your long day at work. As soon as you walk into your room you see your boyfriend Jiwon there laying down on his phone.

“Oh, hey Y/N. Back from work?” He says as he sees you lazily walk over to the bed and flop down right beside him.

“Yes. Absolutely the WORST day ever. I just wanna take a hot shower and sleep.” Right away an idea pops into Jiwon’s head.

“Why don’t you get ready to take a shower, I’ll be right back” He left out the door in such a great speed. As you were taking your clothes off in your room you started to hear a clanking noise from the bathroom, you ignore it and continue with getting ready.

As you walk to the bathroom with a towel wrapped around you, you open the door to the bathroom and there you see, your boyfriend standing with a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair a bit damp with a couple of water drops falling down his face, off his chin onto his bare chest moving its way down across his chiseled abs.

You stand there with a blank expression on your face, which at this point is probably quite red. Jiwon then just takes you hand and leads you to the bath tub which is filled and lighted with candles around the rim of the tub and you can smell the wonderful sent of lavender flowing from the water in the tub.

“You wanted a nice hot bath right Y/N? Well how about a nice massage with it as well?” He said as he stepped into the tub while still holding you hand to lead you into the tub with him. He then takes off his towel to expose his great big member. He then removes your towel exposing your body as well and leads you into the tub.

He then sits down and you sit down with him while leaning your back against his strong chest and sinking into the nice hot water. He then grabs the shampoo and squeezes some into his hand, he starts to rub the shampoo in your hair and starts to massage you head in a nice and gentle circular motion. You start to hum in response to his massage and he starts to sing a small tune in your ear to sooth you.

He then washes the shampoo off with water, and then he grabbed the liquid soap and put some on the palm of his hand. He then started with your shoulders and massaged all the knots outs and then went on to spreading the soap suds from your shoulders to your back then to your waist and up to your breast and then back down to your thighs rubbing little circles to ease the tension in your muscles.

“How are you feeling jagi?” He said as you laid your head on his chest while he’s still massaging the spots he missed.

“Mmm, I’m feeling so good right now, this was a great idea.”

Just as you guys finished your bath, you both just sat there in the still warm water until Jiwon suggested that it’s time to get out and dry off to go to sleep.

You both started to climb out of the tub. Jiwon took your towel and dried off your shoulders and then wrapped you in your towel and gave you a kiss on your forehead. He then grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist. You both walked out the bathroom and walked into the bed room to get changed

“Why don’t we watch a movie in bed?” Jiwon said. You agreed and took one of his big shirts out of the closet and just threw it on. Jiwon just put on some boxes and as he turned around he saw you in his big shirt where the end of his shirt hit midway to your knees. He stands there just staring at you with a bright smile on his face, wanting to laugh at how cute you looked in his shirt.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” You said when you saw him staring at you.

“No, I just thought of how cute you look in my shirt.”

You both laugh and then climb into bed. He stretches out his arm and you lay your head on his chest and get close to him as he turns on the tv to watch a movie.

He just turns on the tv to any first comedy movie he’d find. About 20 minutes into the movie Jiwon is laughing and he turns to you to see if you were laughing as well but as he turns to look at you he sees that you’ve fallen asleep already. He takes the blankets and pulls them up to cover both of you. He then turns off the tv and wraps his other arm around so your against his chest sleeping. He looks at you and kisses you on the forehead and says “I’m so glad I have someone like you in my life. I hope to stay with you for a long time. Goodnight Y/N, I love you.”

in media res (Tadashi/GoGo)

Title: in media res
Summary: In the time it takes the flash to go off, Tadashi Hamada falls a little bit in love with GoGo Tomago. / Tadashi&GoGo, artist/photographer AU.
A/N: SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG ughhh I ended up having to cut out a scene where Honey Lemon was a glassblower ‘cause it didn’t work with the rest of it. >.<  I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT ANYWAYS <3 Happy Valentine’s Day! :)
A/N2: thanks for all the lovely requests I got, guys!  You’ve certainly fueled my inspiration for more tomadashi one-shots and ficlets, so just because I didn’t pick your suggestion for my v-day special doesn’t mean I won’t write it. :)

This is his magnum opus. This is his masterpiece. This is—

“—a little off,” says Hiro.

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