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Secrets- Riverdale X Reader Chapter 3- Body Double

Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings: none

notes: sorry for the clusterfuck of confusion on the uploading time of this. my editor was busy and then I had no wifi for 2 days and ughhh. anyways its here!

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You were sitting on the couch sketching when your phone started binging like crazy, you set down your pencil and picked your phone up to see about 16 texts from Kevin. You unlocked your phone to check your texts but before you could even open the messages app Kevin’s face filled your screen and his obnoxious custom set ringtone stopped you. With a sigh you hit the green ‘answer’ button.

“hey Kev wha-” You started but Kevin cut you off mid sentence.

“Holy crap (y/n) you will not believe* what just happened! where are you?”

“Home? I didn’t feel like going to school…though, if anyone asks I’m grievously ill.”

“Well you better recover ASAP, and get over here!” Without waiting for a response Kevin ended the call.

You put your sketchbook on the couch next to you with a dramatic sigh and stood up, throwing everything in a bag and tugging your shoes on as you stumbled out the door towards the school. You quickly covered the two blocks to Riverdale high, and when you got there pretty much all of your friends were waiting out front looking like they had seen a ghost.

“(Y/N)! FINALLY!” Kevin grabbed your arm and dragged you back towards the rest of the group. “While you were sitting around at home being a recluse- something I do not endorse by the way, we already have Jughead for that- Cheryl dropped probably one of the biggest bombs since July 4th! In bio she totally confessed!”  Kevin looked like he was about to explode.

Betty stopped him before he could go into further detail. “All Cheryl said was that she was guilty, Kev, she didn’t say of what.” Kevin Rolled his eyes with a dramatic sigh, “Well theres not alot of other things it could be!”

You waved your hands signalling them to slow down, “Hold on, what happened exactly?”

“The Sheriff’s department came into class, and Cheryl stood up and said they were here for her, because she was guilty.” Veronica summed up for you.

“I– wow. Really?” you were stunned. sure Cheryl was a mythic Bitch, but you didn’t think she could kill Jason. Or anyone really.

Later that day you were all chatting in the student lounge.

“So are you a suspect now?” Veronica asked Kevin.

“My dad says we all are, including me.”

“Not me girl. I don’t know these people. neither does (y/n).”

You nodded silently and looked at the ground. You did, actually know these people but nobody needed to know that, and it didn’t even matter you sure as hell weren’t the one that killed Jason.

Kevin fiddled with a piece of licorice and looked at the rest of your group with a grin. “Guys, should we maybe rebinge making a murderer on netflix tonight?”

Betty laughed, “Sorry can’t, gotta stay late to work on the paper.”

“Count me out too. I’ve got a date tonight.” Veronica added.

“You do?” Archie asked.

Kevin smiled, “Which Riverdale Hottie made the cut?”

Veronica tilted her head towards the door with a cryptic smile, towards one of the jocks “Hey V-Lo, I’ll swing by the pembrooke to pick you up at 8?”

“I’ll be waiting.” she smiled at him.

“Cool.” The boy grinned while putting on his jacket before walking out the door.

Betty and Kevin both had immediate reactions.

“Chuck clayton?” Betty looked extremely concerned.

“You’re going on a date with chuck?!” Kevin looked weirdly excited.

“Wait whos Chuck Clayton? You wondered out loud.

The rest of the group semi-ignored you, opting to keep talking about Chuck. "He’s kind of a player…” Betty leaned back into the couch.

“Who cares? hes the hottest of Hot! And he’s the football coach’s son. in Riverdale that’s like dating a Kennedy!”  Kevin was grinning.

Veronica smiled and raised her eyebrows mischievously. Betty sighed and stood up, “I have to go, I have a newspaper meeting.” You shot up out of your seat and grabbed your bag. “Can I walk with you? I have something to ask you.” Betty nodded and you both walked into the hallway.

“So I was wondering if you had any openings in the school paper. weatherbee is actually still on my case about extracurriculars. And I think it’d be really cool.”

“Well since it’s just me, I think we have room for you.” Betty replied as you turned the corner to the old dusty newspaper offices.

“Wow these computers are ancient…” You laughed lightly, “I wonder if we could sell them on Ebay as antiques.”

“I don’t think anybody would buy these things.” Jughead leaned against the doorframe, his lips turned up into a faint smirk.

He turned his attention to Betty.“If print journalism is dead, what am I doing here?”

The Blue and Gold isn’t dead, Juggy It’s just dormant. but waking up.“ Betty swiped some of the dust off of one of the ancient monitors. "You’re writing a novel right? About Jason Blossoms murder?”

Jughead picked up a magnifying glass. “I am. Riverdales very own In Cold Blood.” He held up the magnifying glass and peered through.

“Which started out as a series of articles! I’m hoping you’ll come write for the Blue and Gold.” Betty grinned nervously, stretching her arms out like a magician after pulling off some amazing trick.

“I just don’t think the school papers the right fit for my voice.” Jughead said hesitantly.

“Truman Capote worked at the New Yorker for 2 years before he wrote in Cold Blood.” You added. Betty and Jugheads gazes both snapped to you with questioning looks. “What? I know stuff and it’s kind of relevant the new yorker is a newspaper.” you muttered defensively. Betty shook her head and turned back to Jughead.

“Juggy, Jason’s death changed Riverdale. People don’t wanna admit that but it’s true we all feel it.” Betty walked closer to Jughead. “Nothing this bad* was ever supposed to happen here, but it did. I wanna know why.”

Jughead glanced away his gaze softening. “Would I get complete freedom?”

“I’ll help and edit and suggest…but it’s your story, it’s your voice.” Jughead looked less and less convinced with each word out of Betty’s mouth.

Jughead rolled his eyes with a grin, “Doesn’t sound* like complete freedom…But- I’m in.”

Bettys face lit up and she clapped her hands together. “Okay great! um, in that case I have your first assignment. There’s one person who was at the river on July 4th that no one’s talking about.”

“Dilton Doiley and his scouts.”


Jughead smirked and flicked his nose with his thumb as he turned to walk out. But Betty called after him. “(y/n)s coming with you Juggy!” You both stopped dead.

“Wait I am?”

“She is?”

“Yes, she is. (y/n) doesn’t have a lot of journalism experience so…I thought you could show her the ropes.” Betty explained, with an almost pleading smile.

Jughead rolled his eyes. “Fine. come on.”

You grabbed your bag and walked out after him. “You know, I think Betty is just worried about you scaring the crap out of a bunch of 11 year olds.”

Jughead rolled his eyes again, but there was that familiar spark of amusement. “Meet me at the adventure scout hall tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

“This is gonna be fun, Jones it’ll be like Sherlock with a way prettier Watson!”

The next day you got to the field outside the adventure scouts building and he was standing near the kids all lined up while Dilton Doiley lectured them. You walked over and smiled in greeting. Jughead nodded, and held up a hand for you to be quiet. Dilton was lectureing his troops about dying, or something. You didn’t really catch it.

Jughead approached him, “At ease Doily we’re writing an article for the Blue and Gold, hoping you can help.”

Dismissed! but stay close.” Dilton ordered the kids.

“Cheryl and Archie say they heard a gunshot July 4th, but they don’t know who fired.”

Dilton immediately got defensive, his posture shifted and his face hardened. “Sheriff Keller already asked me about this, like I told him, my scouts and I…we didn’t hear anything weird.”

You narrowed your eyes in suspicion, this kid was definitely hiding something.

Jughead took a step closer to Dilton, his eyes were filled with the same suspicion as yours,“Well, did you see anything weird?” his tone was a little more accusatory than it had been, it was clear Jughead believed Doily about as much as you did.

Dilton straightened his back and crossed his arms. he glared at jughead. “A white winged crossbill, A long eared owl…oh. And Cheryl, sitting by the river soaking wet.”

Jugheads expression was hard and unreadable as he stared at Dilton. You grabbed Jugheads arm and dragged him away from the other boy. “C'mon we’re not going to get anything more out of Doily. He’s on the defensive now.”

“That’s alright. I have another lead.”

Later that night you met Jughead at Pops. “I’m always up for food, but how is pops a lead?”

Jughead gave you a deadpan look, “It’s not the diner it’s what’s inside, one of Doily’s scouts was looking at us like he wanted to say something, and we’re gonna find out what.”

“Or maybe he was checking you out?” you joked. Which earned you a fairly impressive bitch face from Jughead.

You walked through the door with Jughead a few steps ahead, the boy from earlier was in a booth chatting with someone, who you assumed was the kid’s father. The dad got up and left the table and Jughead crouched on the empty booth seat while the kid was looking away Jughead grabbed the cherry off the kids sundae and ate it. You ran a hand through your hair, immediately regretting being there.

The kid dropped his spoon and threw up his hands as the metal utensil clattered on the table. “What the hell man.” his face was full of confusion, and maybe a little fear.

“I saw the way you looked at me.-”

You rolled your eyes. “Cause that didn’t sound creepy Jug.” you muttered under your breath.

Jughead slid the kids sundae towards himself,“-during grizzly training. you’re hiding something.”

The kid leaned in, “It’s scoutmaster Doiley, he’s lying.”

“About what?” Jughead kept eating the scouts sundae, and watched the boy with a weird expression, a mix of curious and suspicious.

“The gunshot, It was him. He was teaching us how to shoot targets.”

“Dilton Doiley shot the Gun on July 4th?”

“What the hell is with this town?” You blurted out.

“He’s a hardcore survivalist. He says if we don’t protect ourselves, no one will.”

Jughead and you exchanged a look, this was big.

The day after your confrontation with sundae boy, you were sitting in the student lounge eating a muffin and reading the article on Chuck Claytons class A douchebag status being exposed. When your phone chimed with a text from Betty telling you to get to the Blue and Gold office ASAP.

You shoved your phone in your pocket and threw the rest of your muffin away before dashing out the door and down the hall to the Blue and Gold offices.

Betty and Jughead were waiting for you when you arrived but before you had a chance to greet them or ask what was wrong Dilton Doiley walked in.

“Have a seat Doiley.” Jughead said, while kicking a chair towards the space in front of the desk. Dilton straightened it and sat down, facing the three of you. Jughead jerked his chin up at him as a signal to start speaking.

“If you publish a story saying I fired that gun, my life will be ruined. I’ll be banished from the adventure scouts and charged with a misdemeanor. So, what if I have a better story?”

Jughead glanced back at you and Betty and you both shrugged and shook your heads, none of you had any idea what Dilton had to offer.

“If I tell you what I know, promise me the gunshot stays between us.”

Betty walked out from behind the desk and came to stand next to you and jughead. “You have our word. as journalists.”

Dilton leaned towards the three of you and dropped his voice so if anybody had been listening there was no way they would hear it. “I saw something at Sweetwater river. Something nobody else saw–Ms. Grundy’s car, by the rivers edge. She was there.”

“Well. shit.” You said quietly.

Dilton Doiley had just opened pandora’s box

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


The Silent Treatment: Tom Holland x Reader

Tom and Reader had a fight and now she’s giving him the silent treatment and he can’t stand it.

After getting frustrated over the argument you stormed off into the bed and screamed. You calmed down and decided that you were just going to ignore him and give him the silent treatment.

He noticed and smiled, “The silent treatment huh? Good so I don’t have to hear you talk me to death.” He joked. “UGhhh! Just for that rude comment I’m not talking to you for the rest of the day!”

He shrugged and smiled, “That’s fine with me.”He smiled.

After awhile he missed the sound of your voice. “Can you pass my the remote?”

You chucked it at him and went back to reading your book. He turned on one of your favorite shows, The Office. You two had decided to give it a try on Netflix and it was your favorite show. He was trying to get you to laugh but you got up and went to the bedroom and continued reading your book.

You were almost done when he came in the door, “Hey babe, I was going to order dinner. What can I get you?”

You shrugged and flipped your page. “Sushi? Tacos? Pasta? Wings?” He threw out some suggestions. You shrugged again and finished reading the last page. “Baby, I’m sorry! Can you please talk to me?” He begged, walking over to you.

“Y/N?” He got in your face and touched his nose to yours. Please?”

You got up and went to the bathroom with him hot on your trail, “Please! I need to hear that beautiful voice of yours! Can I at least get a hug or a kiss? A hi-five? A smile? A blink?”

You shut the door in his face and did your business and came out of the bathroom. “Did you wash your hands?” He joked. He tried to get a response out of you but it didn’t work. “I love Y/N!”

You clenched your jaw, “You know the rules. When one of us says ‘I love you’ the other has to say it back. No matter how upset we are at each other.” He said.

You pulled out your phone and texted it to him, he sighed, “That’s not fair. Babe come on.”

You rolled your eyes and walked to the kitchen,”I just want to hear you talk. Say something. Call me a dickhead, a twat, I don’t care.”

You pulled out your phone again: You are a dickhead and a twat😒

He sighed, “Fine. I’ll leave you alone.” He threw his hands up. You texted him again: I want bbq wings and pasta. Mineral water no ice.

“You got it.” He put a thumbs up and ordered the food. During dinner you kept it up and ate in silence.

“Y/N?” He asked. You almost said ‘what’ but caught yourself. “AH man, I thought I had it.” He snapped his fingers and continued to eat.

You weren’t as mad with him as you were when the day started. You two settled into bed. “You look beautiful.” He smiled. You looked at him and did a half smile, “You smiled.”

You nodded and reached for the light, “Hold on.” He grabbed your hand. “I am so sorry for being a dick today. You don’t talk too much and not hearing your voice all day made me want to scream.”

“I love you darling, good night.” He kissed you on the cheek and turned of his light. “I love you too.”

“YES!” He clapped his hands and pulled you into cuddle. “Say something else. I need to get my quick fix.” You laughed and kissed him. “You’re crazy.”

“I just really love you, you know that right?” He asked. “Yeah, even sometimes you have a funny way of showing it.”

“How?” He asked. You two got into a heated discussion, “Okay let’s not do this. I just want to go to sleep.” You said. “Okay, my bad.” He kissed you on the forehead and you both fell asleep.


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UGHHH I wish you could watch at normal time I hate waiting for your thoughts lol. This episode was AMAZING

I did today, kind of! It finished airing around 2 and a half hours ago and I’m already done watching it! I took the day off. Didn’t go into uni. Not because of PLL haha but my psych class got cancelled and I couldn’t be bothered going in for just 1 class which was still on.

I know right, it was one of the best of the series in my opinion. I don’t think I’m being dramatic, I just think it moved at such a good pace and we finally got answers too so I just can’t see how any PLL fan would call that bad? No one has to say it was one of the best of the series like I am but I hope no-one is calling it bad!

The Picture

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Suga(Yoongi)/Reader

Word Count: 853

Summary: How do you help your boyfriend when he is having a little trouble and you are on your cycle?

“Ughhh!” Suga plopped down on the couch next to me. 

“Bad day at work?” I asked him continuing to read my book. 

“Yeah I guess you could say so.” He was rubbing his temples. 

“What happened?”

“Remember that um…” He paused. I looked at him notices he was fidgeting with his phone. “You know that um photo of…” He pointed to my chest.

“What are you talking about?” I closed my book.

“You know that night when we were well, you know messing are…”

“Having sex?" 

"Shhhhh!” Suga covered my mouth. I don’t know what it is with this boy but he is the childish boy I’ve ever seen.

“Come on Suga.” I swatted his hand away. “What’s wrong?”

“Well while you were asleep that night I may have took a picture of…”

“Picture of what Suga!” I knew where he was going with this and I was getting infuriated. 

“You know your…” He points to my chest.

“My BOOBS!" 

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mmgosh I kinda want to sleep for the rest of the day

During my library shift this morning, someone came up to me and asked about buying more printing credits, but they asked for a specific url to get there, whereas people usually just ask how to do it and I direct them to one of the library computers and have them search for the program we use for printing on there, which brings them right to it. 

Because I don’t know the url off the top of my head, and they seem to want it specifically, I don’t do that usual bit and instead I start looking it up on my computer, looking through the school’s website. I find a page talking about the program itself, and I start to say that if they just look it up on the university’s website they’ll be able to find it, but then they repeat that they’d prefer to have the url and they WALK AROUND MY DESK TO WATCH OVER MY SHOULDER AS I’M LOOKING FOR IT so of course my brain freezes up. I scroll up and down the page a few times, switch back and forth between tabs, trying to think.

Turns out the link they need is not on this page (which they helpfully informed me by saying ‘that’s not right’ when they could see it wasn’t) so I went back to my usual spiel - “If I can have you log into one of these computers and search for the program, it’s on those computers so it should pop right up” and they say that they’ve been told they don’t have to use the school computers in order to do this, but thankfully don’t put up a fight and go to look up the program.

They call me over a little later, the wrong webpage pulled up, and say “I did what you told me to do and this is what came up.” now I know they didn’t because that’s not what happens if you do what I told them to do, so I walk over and type the name of the program into the computer and pull it up for them. They thank me and I go back to my desk. I bail right after this, two minutes earlier than I’m technically supposed to, but I have class at 9 and nobody cares if I leave my shift at 8:48 instead of 8:50.

but yeah nearly had a meltdown in the first hour of my day. Shaping up to be a great week

i am so unfocused ughhh

2 weeks until my five day weekend!!! I’m gonna take off that Thursday to prep for our excursion since we have MDF doom night that night and are leaving for the trail head Friday morning. Then our 3 day backpacking hike and camp to Harper’s Ferry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND the following weekend is WEEN! and the weekend after THAT is our anniversary weekend featuring a luxurious stay in the same room we spent our wedding night <3 We have a one weekend break until my best friend’s wedding and then it will be JULY. So I just gotta be patient!!! But it’s really hard to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I have a couple things planned that month but not a whole lot except a bluegrass show in the woods and then a trip to the beach and PRIMUS

I still need to find a dress for their wedding! The one I ordered came and it’s cute but waayyyyyy too short, so it’s back to the sale rack

300 follower smut continuation (KBTBB) Revenge - 1. Shuichi.

[My fingers are pretty much flying. I’m loving this whole idea & I can’t get my ideas down fast enough.. I’m not sure if I captured Shuichi properly but this is what I came up with. Again, Thank you to @teresa-yukibito. She is my partner in smut crime. ENJOY!]

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life is going so good but I’m falling apart from the inside, just feeling like I’m not up to any of these challenges I asked the world to throw at me. so many good clients I want to impress but I can’t seem to come up with any good ideas and I’m so behind and also so embarrassed but I still can’t submit anything because nothing is good enough. I know it’s all in my head but ughhh can’t seem to just shake it off. also my skin is so terrible which is not at all of any connection to my skills but it sure as heck makes me feel inadequate. is that a girl thing? idk. i’m also really scared at night which is making me have a hard time sleeping which is making my skin break out which is making me anxious in the day. Anxious about dumb things like my face and big things like maybe I’ve just thrown away the best thing in my life to chase A Mystery and I’ll have to watch him find his best thing in his life but what if the only mystery is me 🙄🙄🙄🙄 I feel so much like this emoji only more annoying I’m annoyed at myself

Title: Just A Simple Night In

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Bobby x Reader

Word Count: 899

Summary: You come home from a long day at work wanting to rest and Jiwon is just the man to do it with.

A/N: So this is my very first fluff, or writing piece in general. A friend asked me to make this for her so I did and she ended up liking it so I decided to post it. I hope you guys enjoy it.

 “Ughhh, good lord am I tired” You walk into your house throwing your shoes to the side and taking your jacket off. You just want to go to take a hot shower and rest after your long day at work. As soon as you walk into your room you see your boyfriend Jiwon there laying down on his phone.

“Oh, hey Y/N. Back from work?” He says as he sees you lazily walk over to the bed and flop down right beside him.

“Yes. Absolutely the WORST day ever. I just wanna take a hot shower and sleep.” Right away an idea pops into Jiwon’s head.

“Why don’t you get ready to take a shower, I’ll be right back” He left out the door in such a great speed. As you were taking your clothes off in your room you started to hear a clanking noise from the bathroom, you ignore it and continue with getting ready.

As you walk to the bathroom with a towel wrapped around you, you open the door to the bathroom and there you see, your boyfriend standing with a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair a bit damp with a couple of water drops falling down his face, off his chin onto his bare chest moving its way down across his chiseled abs.

You stand there with a blank expression on your face, which at this point is probably quite red. Jiwon then just takes you hand and leads you to the bath tub which is filled and lighted with candles around the rim of the tub and you can smell the wonderful sent of lavender flowing from the water in the tub.

“You wanted a nice hot bath right Y/N? Well how about a nice massage with it as well?” He said as he stepped into the tub while still holding you hand to lead you into the tub with him. He then takes off his towel to expose his great big member. He then removes your towel exposing your body as well and leads you into the tub.

He then sits down and you sit down with him while leaning your back against his strong chest and sinking into the nice hot water. He then grabs the shampoo and squeezes some into his hand, he starts to rub the shampoo in your hair and starts to massage you head in a nice and gentle circular motion. You start to hum in response to his massage and he starts to sing a small tune in your ear to sooth you.

He then washes the shampoo off with water, and then he grabbed the liquid soap and put some on the palm of his hand. He then started with your shoulders and massaged all the knots outs and then went on to spreading the soap suds from your shoulders to your back then to your waist and up to your breast and then back down to your thighs rubbing little circles to ease the tension in your muscles.

“How are you feeling jagi?” He said as you laid your head on his chest while he’s still massaging the spots he missed.

“Mmm, I’m feeling so good right now, this was a great idea.”

Just as you guys finished your bath, you both just sat there in the still warm water until Jiwon suggested that it’s time to get out and dry off to go to sleep.

You both started to climb out of the tub. Jiwon took your towel and dried off your shoulders and then wrapped you in your towel and gave you a kiss on your forehead. He then grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist. You both walked out the bathroom and walked into the bed room to get changed

“Why don’t we watch a movie in bed?” Jiwon said. You agreed and took one of his big shirts out of the closet and just threw it on. Jiwon just put on some boxes and as he turned around he saw you in his big shirt where the end of his shirt hit midway to your knees. He stands there just staring at you with a bright smile on his face, wanting to laugh at how cute you looked in his shirt.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” You said when you saw him staring at you.

“No, I just thought of how cute you look in my shirt.”

You both laugh and then climb into bed. He stretches out his arm and you lay your head on his chest and get close to him as he turns on the tv to watch a movie.

He just turns on the tv to any first comedy movie he’d find. About 20 minutes into the movie Jiwon is laughing and he turns to you to see if you were laughing as well but as he turns to look at you he sees that you’ve fallen asleep already. He takes the blankets and pulls them up to cover both of you. He then turns off the tv and wraps his other arm around so your against his chest sleeping. He looks at you and kisses you on the forehead and says “I’m so glad I have someone like you in my life. I hope to stay with you for a long time. Goodnight Y/N, I love you.”

300 followers smut series - Day 6: Epilogue

[I thought this would just be a little bit of fun. There is implied smut but no actual smut. Honestly I was more excited writing this part than the actual smut. SURPRISE TWIST FOR MY BEAUTIFUL SMUTTERS. Again, please excuse my mistakes…Enjoy.]

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Winchester Brothers- Here to help

Title: Here to help

Pairings: Winchester brother x sister reader

Word count:1092

Request: Hi! Would you be willing to maybe write a oneshot where the reader is dating one of the boys and she had a stutter years ago that she overcame but now it’s come back and the boys help her practice difficult words or phrases and keep trying even when she gets mad at herself about it. Please and thank you! As someone who stutters a lot, it would make me very happy..but it’s okay if you don’t want to do it.

A/N: I thought I’d switch it up to sister cause then both of the brothers could help and it could be all fluffyyy cause you guys know how much I love fluff! I hope that’s okay with the requester. 

Warnings: The only one is that I know some people are uncomfortable and cringe at pet names (baby, baby girl, sweetie) so don’t read if don’t like that. 

You had always had a problem with your speech, your father wasn’t exactly one for understanding. You had suffered with stutters, your brothers had never heard it or even know that you had a stutter. It had came around the time that Sam had gone to collage and Dean was away on his own hunt for around a week. As soon as your father heard the slightest bit of your stutter, he yelled at you telling you that you wouldn’t be very scary with a stutter and would only be an easy target. He had taught you how to control it and it had gone,at least you thought it did. 

Your dad was gone now, and you were in the motel with your two older brothers. You turned to Dean wanting to ask him a question when nothing came out of your mouth. Luckily neither noticed until you could finally speak up. 

“D-Dean, C-ca-” You cut yourself off as Sam looked up, looking at you questioningly. His brows knitted together in confusion as you felt your cheeks light up crimson. You coughed, clearing you throat as you tried to start your sentence again. Sam was still watching you wearily as dean had thought you just stumbled over your sentence. 

“I-I W-Wa-was T-th” You sighed in frustration as you felt your cheeks light up even more. Dean finally catching on, looked up at you with the same confused expression. 

“(Y/n) do you have a stutter?” Sam asked his voice kind and soft. 

“N-no” You lied trying to cover it up but failed immediately. Sam’s eyes softened as he stood up and walked over to you. He knelt down as he took your smaller hands in his large ones. 

“Hey’s it okay, (y/n). We’re your brothers, you don’t have to be ashamed” Sam coo’d. You looked down still embarrassed. 

“Yeah (n/n), we’ll help you okay?” Dean reassured smiling just as softly as Sam did. 

“Why didn’t you tell us anyway?’‘Dean asked. You didn’t say anything as you felt your eye’s well up. You had disappointed your dad again. You were weak. 

’'Hey, hey, it’s okay baby” Sam whispered immediately pulling you into his long arms and into his chest. Your head fell on his broad shoulder as he rubbed your back, being able to span your back one handed since you were so small and he was so tall.

“(y/n), hey sweetie, why are you crying?” Dean asked confused but gently. You pulled away from Sam slightly as you sniffled looking down. 

“ D-dad T-told m-me that I-I w-wasn’t all-l-owed t-to S-st-stutt-er” You sniffled as Sam’s face twisted into a fuming expression. 

“That’s stupid (y/n), no one can help a stutter” He stated as he brushed your hair out of your face. You nodded.

“W-will y-you he-elp m-me” You asked looking at your older brothers. 

“Yeah, of course we will, but (n/n) if you stutter that’s not a problem” Dean smiled. 



’’S-sam-my. Ughhh!” You cried out gripping your hair as you heard a soft sigh. Dean’s hands removed your’s from your locks as he petted your head lightly. 

“It’s okay, we’ll keep trying okay?” He added. You nodded as he tried again.



’'Getting better, well done” Dean grinned high fiving you. Deciding to call it a days work, Dean headed off to the pub making sure you were safely nessled into bed before he headed out and telling Sam to keep an eye on you. You knew Dean wouldn’t be back tonight since he was most likely to pick up a girl. The room was dimly lit, the only light coming from Sam’s laptop as brightness flooded from the screen and lightly across the room. Sam knew you couldn’t sleep with the light on so he turned it off for you. Tossing and turning as the sheets tangled around your small frame, you climbed slowly out of bed you made your way over to you older brother sam and climbed into his lap. He didn’t look away from the screen as he wrapped his muscular arm around your small body, pulling you into his chest. 

“Why aren’t you in bed?” He asked as he glanced between you and the screen. 

“I-it’s T-to Ha-hard S-sammy” You sighed nessling your head into the crook of his neck. He pulled you back a bit as he put his full attention on you. 

“Hey, it’s okay. You can do this baby, I know you can. It’s going to take time and a lot of practice, but your already doing so well, and I’ve seen what you can do Baby girl, Dean has too, and we know- if you don’t give up, you can do this” He encouraged as you nodded. He picked you up walking over to the beds as he layed you down gently before pulling the covers up to your chin. Leaning down, he pecked your forehead before whispering a good night. You knew some people would be creeped out or find it strange by the pet names and affection you got from your brothers, but with what your lives were based around, you were as close as ever and tried to spend as much time with each other before anything happened. And with the dim light from Sam’s laptop screen and the feeling of safety that you brother was only a call away, you fell into a peaceful slumber.


Both of your brothers and sometimes Castiel whenever he came around, would help you with your speech. You were doing the dishes when you saw something shiny out of the corner of your eye. Deciding you shouldn’t touch it you decided to get one of your brothers. 

“Dean?!” You called quietly, your eye’s widening when you realized you said his name perfectly. You rushed out jumping on the first person you saw, which happened to be Castiel. He let out an 'Umph’ as he gripped your under arms and held you high in the air with a confused face to see what was going on. “I can speak again Cas!” you cried out happily as he nodded smiling, now understanding. Two figures came in the room, you run up to your over grown brother. You literally leaped into his arms as he stumbled slightly before holding you up. “Sammy I did it!’' 

’'Awh, well done baby, I knew you would” Sam chuckled as you jumped down and bounced over to dean. Dean started to mimic you as he jumped up and down. 

“See, nothing to worry about”

melodicsins  asked:

First off your blog has saved my life from boredom in class so many times!! I seriously love your blog! Second do you know of any true mate fics (preferably longer) with Steter or Sterek, but mostly I'm in a Steter mood because I found out about it on your blog a few days ago and ughhh so good. Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks!

Originally posted by scatteredmuse

Mating Rituals of Modern Werewolves by bitchinachinashop

(1/1 I  1,106 I Teen I Steter I Fluff)

Stiles finds out about werewolf courting rituals during his Emissary training and decides to court Peter, much to Peter’s surprise and delight.

of flesh and blood and fire by Sang_argente

(1/1 I  2,272 I Teen I Steter I Dragon!Stiles)

Teen wolf between stiles and Peter where stiles is a dragon (age from like a few hundred years/ centuries old whatever’s cool). Stiles always wanted a mate but never found his but one day he felt rly strong emotions of his mate (when he’s stuck in basement on day of fire) and so he flies over there and saves all the hales(and possibly kills Kate idk). Then stiles drags Peter out and totally goes overprotective mother hen on him till he’s sure he’s ok and then stiles curls up around Peter kind of like surrounds him in a ball(idk I just like cuddling) and and this point talia and the rest of the pack has no Idea what they just witnessed and is slightly worried for Peter

i’ll burn it all just to light your eyes by nezstorm

(1/1 I  2,585 I Mature I Steter I Magic!Stiles)

“Stiles. Stiles you have to stop!”

Derek ducked as another chair crashed into the wall, a whirlwind of splinters joining the rumble circling the air around Stiles, his magic furious and out of control.

“Stiles, stop!”

“Where the fuck is he?!” Stiles practically roared swinging his hand to the side and destroying the cabinet. The living-room was practically gone now, turned into a heap of rubble. A small price to pay though, if it meant Stiles kept to inanimate objects as his power soared with his emotions. Peter would find it amusing, for certain, but Peter wasn’t there.

stone/sponge by 1001cranes

(1/1 I  2,778 I Mature I Steter I Arranged Marriage)

Peter has a taste for the all-consuming; he doesn’t find it at all strange to be in the minor percentage of werewolves who have mates.

Cauldron of Love by noparachute

(1/1 I 5,487 I Mature I Steter I Magic!Stiles)

“So, have you decided what you will present for the High Quartet?” asked Lydia. At her words, everyone straightened up in their chairs and looked at Stiles.

“Something that will blow their tiny, grimoire-repressed minds.”

Not So Much A Science (As An Educated Guess) by WindyRein

(1/1 I 8,026 I Mature I Steter I Time Travel AU)

His whole life is torn to pieces in front of his eyes and he refuses to accept it.

The Gentleman Beast and His Mage by Sang_argente

(7/? I 18,280 I Mature I Steter I Magic!Stiles)

Stiles is so fucking sick of werewolves and kanimas and hunters. He’s just sick of everything. He wants to just leave all the supernatural bullshit behind, but there’s a recently resurrected psycho that wants him to stay. Why is it so important that he does?

Finding My Mate by SterekCuties4ever

(16/16 I  16,532 I Mature I Steter I Magic!Stiles)

Derek has left and Peter disappears, thinking that he’s protecting Stiles by staying away even know they are mates.

Derek and Cora come back and realize how bad things are with Stiles and things go from there.

Stiles’ Nightmare by lunias1

(17/? I 19,074 I Teen I Steter I Hurt!Stiles)

Stiles gets kidnapped,and Peter lets it out the Stiles is his mate.

Grey, Almost Black by ReadingFan

(6/? I  30,599 I Explicit I Steter I Pack Bonding)

The death of Peter and the role Stiles played in it leaves him feeling confused , but he tries to push it from his mind and carry on with his life. However his growing distance with Scott leaves him feeling adrift and he finds himself making unlikely allies with Derek’s new and growing Pack. Just as Stiles is settling down as a human member of the Hale pack however , Peter comes back , spinning Stiles’s emotions and the packs dynamics out of control again.

A Match Made in a Room Adjacent to Heaven by RebaK1tten

(16/16 I  31,595 I Explicit I Steter I Fake/Pretend Relationship)

Talia tells Peter that if he doesn’t find a mate himself, she has candidates for a match.

“You’re such a drama queen, Peter. You’re my favorite brother and ideally, I’d like you to find true love, to find your true mate and raise a family and be happy forever. But at this point, you need to find someone you can tolerate to be mated with, who tolerates you and benefits the pack.”

Forfeit by Goldenpetal13

(29/29 I  42,764 I Explicit I Steter I Knotting)

Set after Season 2, Peter’s joined Derek’s pack and Stiles just wants some peace and quiet to enjoy his life and not keep getting nearly killed. It doesn’t go to plan and Peter cashes in on it, but is it a game or something more permanent?

Of old beasts and new gods by ToyBoxOfSuz

(14/14 I  84,912 I Explicit I Steter I Fantasy AU)

Peter Hale is a warlord who rebelled and conquered the Stilinski Kingdom. He demands to be wed to the crownprince: Stiles Stilinski and become the king. After five years of war… Stiles accepts.

in media res (Tadashi/GoGo)

Title: in media res
Summary: In the time it takes the flash to go off, Tadashi Hamada falls a little bit in love with GoGo Tomago. / Tadashi&GoGo, artist/photographer AU.
A/N: SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG ughhh I ended up having to cut out a scene where Honey Lemon was a glassblower ‘cause it didn’t work with the rest of it. >.<  I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT ANYWAYS <3 Happy Valentine’s Day! :)
A/N2: thanks for all the lovely requests I got, guys!  You’ve certainly fueled my inspiration for more tomadashi one-shots and ficlets, so just because I didn’t pick your suggestion for my v-day special doesn’t mean I won’t write it. :)

This is his magnum opus. This is his masterpiece. This is—

“—a little off,” says Hiro.

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sims!d*s/sims!ladybug dump

i recently started getting invites from the lb gang to hang out, so figured i’d throw a few of those here.

first off, i sent my d*s fam to the [still empty] lot i have the LB sims living on… 

Adrien and Kou immediately started talking about family stuff [they have the same aspiration tho so that’s not surprising xD] and joking around together [kou looks mad here but he just has resting bitch face lol….]

while Rylie and Marinette instantly seemed to hate each other???? 

Anyway, I had all the characters introduce themselves to one another after the initial autonomy played out, and then Anna and Adrien really seemed to hit it off. Lysander was uhhh…

….he was this

[more under the cut]

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