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ZAK STORM - Ep.03 [Extrait]

Here’s the little clip from 1994’s Icelandic comedy television show (Áramótaskaup) featuring the one and only Stefán Karl back when he was 19. I will post the full YouTube link below if you’d like to appreciate Icelandic comedy I personally think it’s brilliant ♥


Side note,
He’s so fucking gorgeous ughhh, just look how fabulous he is like GOODNESS. Stefáni Karli Stefánssyni is a jack of all trades hands down. I love him ♥

I’ve been working on this picture of Richard since April and as a fellow artist the best piece of advice I can give is DO THE WORST FIRST. Getting the face right is the most important, but don’t do the face first like I always do because you lose motivation to complete the rest of the drawing when the face looks the way it should 

This picture has sat in my folder for months and I’ve slowly been picking away at finishing his upper body. I just want it to be done now 

I was thinking about the quote Sansa says at the end…this is just speculation. So , Kit joked about how Jon could die like everyone else this season? like what if Arya, Sansa , and Bran think Jon is dead? Like they get word there was no way he could have survived (which bullishit, he Jon Snow). And Sansa says that to Arya & Bran. That you know they all are grieving and even if Jon is dead , they are still a pack and they will survive.

You know I had more pessimistic guess about this but I could see it happening this way. It’s possible? I mean Jon is basically going on this suicide mission to get a wight. I think Benjen will end up saving him and it be maybe the Starks think Jon is the lone wolf that dies but really it’s Benjen who is the lone wolf who dies so Jon can live?