ughhh i'm supposed to be working not doing this

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i'm seriously having a panic attack over ALLLLL the bans on same sex marriage being struck down in the US. I helped fight for those bans. I helped lobby. I protested. I worked hard as fuck to make sure that every marriage in the US was traditional and now I feel like the country I love is just throwing it back at my face. what am i supposed to do? what WAS i supposed to do? aren't I, a US citizen, supposed to have a voice? where in the constitution does it say marriage is a free for all? UGHHH

Then move to a state that still upholds ‘traditional marriage’. Though I imagine soon the whole US will allow same sex marriage. Its only a matter of time. ;)

Tough luck anon, you’ll have to find some cave somewhere to crawl into where you don’t feel threatened by the gays.

They are not marrying you. I don’t see the big deal. They just want to spend their time with those that they love. In the same way as any regular marriage.

It is oppressive and unconstitutional to suggest otherwise, and this is why a lot of previous bans are being repealed.

If you’re expecting sympathy you won’t get it from me.