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Comparison of Simon and Baz on their roommate being alive.

Why are they so adorable omg


Why?? The fuck?? Is literally?? No one?? Acknowledging?? Kei’s character development?? Like?? TF?? 

 Literally he started as the biggest douche ever, hating everyone, thinking he’s better than everyone, thinking that volleyball is pointless or whatever and now he’s so much less of a douche I mean seriously 

 He high fives his teammates now, he congratulates Tadashi, he acknowledges his brother’s struggles, and he’s genuinely proud of his child hood friend He’s not the best at showing affection, yeah, but he’s such a sweetheart inside who loves dinosaurs and strawberries 

 Ughhh Why don’t you guys understand how much Kei has transformed??? His teammates are such a good influence on him, especially Tadashi UGHHH

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Great Expectations

Based on Anon Prompt:  “Hey! Omg your blog is liiiiife! Owen is 😍😍😍 Okay, so I have an idea for an imagine if you don’t mind? He asks you out on a first date after working and flirting with each other for months, so you go over to his place and he cooks for you and you get drunk and watch the sunset and watch the stars and he makes you wish on a shooting star and ughhh just fluff! Please and thank youuuuu!”

A/n: I haven’t written much this week so I thought you guys could go for some fluff! Love you guys and thanks for sticking around through everything!

Working beside Owen the past two months had been extremely fun. Every time you two are together, you end up in laughing fits and you just mesh really well.  You’re rarely ever seen apart during work and, while you often go to lunch together, it’s never just the two of you. So needless to say you were a bit shocked when he asked you to come over dinner; your first instinct was to ask who else was coming.

“Just me and you.” He grins at you and it takes a moment for you to catch on.

“Wait,” You start, “You mean like on a date?”

You’re crazy about Owen, and you know you would make a good couple, but it worries you. If something goes wrong it could ruin the amazing friendship you have going. You contemplate it for a moment when he continues.

“Yeah. Exactly like that” He smiles smugly and you squint your eyes at him. You know you’re not going to be able to say no, but you don’t want it to be so easy for him.

“I don’t know Owen,” You say, faking disinterest, “I mean we’re great together, yeah,  but dating? I can’t really see you settling down with one girl.” You raise your eyebrow at him waiting for him to say something.

“Well, if the girl was you, I don’t think I’d mind.” He winks and this causes you to laugh, nodding. You’re used to the flirting, but now it’s not harmless, it’s actually going somewhere.

“Okay, Owen. Sounds good. Are we ordering out? Because Barry said the last time you cooked something in the house you caught the stove on fire.” You laugh, thinking about the animated way Barry told the story and he starts laughing too.

“Yeah, we can pick something up.” He smiles at you and you wonder if it will all work out.


When you get back to the house with pasta from Jimmy Buffets, you take your usual place on the couch, pulling the coffee table closer so the two of you can eat. Owen walks in the room with a few beers in his hand and puts one in front of you as you pour the food out onto plates and he takes the seat beside you. You feel comfortable with him and make small talk like always. It’s somehow not awkward like you thought it would be. It’s almost as if you’ve been practicing for it since you met.

After you both finish, you look through the back window and see the sun setting over the lake.

“Hey, wanna make this really cliché and go watch the sun set?” You joke with him, and get a nod and a smile in return. He grabs your hand and takes you outside with him to the edge of the water and you take a seat, pulling your knees close to your chest.

“It’s so beautiful out here.” You sigh softly and feel his arm go around your shoulders. You look up to see Owen staring down at you, eyes intense.

“Yeah, it really is.”

You wonder for a split second if this is one of his moves, but then you realize you don’t care. The way he is looking at you right now gives you butterflies you haven’t felt in years. Looking back towards the setting sun, you sigh and lean into him. You don’t talk for a while, rather just remain quiet as you’re memorizing his scent, which is very rugged. He reaches for your free hand and opens up your palm, drawing circles on it with his fingertip. This gentle, sweet Owen is very new to you, but you could totally get used to it.

When the sun finally sets, and you can see stars begins to brighten in the sky, you both lay back.

“You can’t see them back in Miami.” You say, sadly. “There are so many lights. But seeing them out here, like this, well it’s just beautiful.” You can’t help the wonder that fills your voice. You’ve always loved looking at the stars when you could see them.

You roll to your side, placing a hand on his chest while looking up at him, “This view isn’t too bad either.” He smiles widely back at you.

“Yeah, I could say the same thing.” His eyes are boring into your and you can feel the heat between the two of you. After months of flirting, Owen finally pulls you to him for a kiss and it’s better than you could have ever expected. He really knows what he’s doing and that’s nice.  He tastes like beer and tomatoes and while you were only slightly buzzed from drinking tonight, you definitely feel sufficiently drunk when he pulls back. It takes you a moment to remember anything that doesn’t involve his lips.

He laughs, looking past you into the sky. “Look, a shooting star.” You turn your head just in time to see the bright light steaking across the dark sky and you turn your face back to his, smiling.

“Make a wish?” You ask, smirking at him, but he just smiles up and pulls you in for another kiss.

He ends this one quicker than before and says, “Nah, I think I’ve got everything I want right here.”


When you wake up the next morning, you’re a little shocked. You would have never pegged Owen Grady as a cuddler, but here you are: his arm around you, his body pressed flush up against your back, his face in your hair. You smile to yourself and stretch a little, subtly trying to wake him up. His body gets the hint and nudges your hair and places a kiss on your bare shoulder.

“MMMmmm,” Is all he says, and you roll over to face him, still wrapped in his arms.

“Well,” You say, tapping his nose with your finger, “My wish sure came true.”

You smile at him when he opens his eyes and he sleepily asks, “And what was that?”

You kiss him softly, laughing at his inability to function properly yet and say, “That you would be great in bed.”

You smirk at him and he pulls you impossibly closer, and says, trying to sound seductive, “Well, I had a great partner. “He places a kiss on your neck and his hands begin to wander again; you can feel yourself getting excited. However, your stomach growls loudly, interrupting the fun and you both laugh softly.

“How about I go make us some breakfast” You smile, “That way we don’t chance you burning he house down.” You wink at him as you roll off the bed, ignoring his protests. Instead of getting properly dressed, you throw on one of his t-shirts and walk out of the bedroom, feeling his hungry eyes on your ass.

You smile when you’re finally alone in the kitchen and take a deep breath. This is really happening, you think, as you run your fingers through your knotted hair. Owen Grady and Me. It’s not what you expected to happen when you first met him but, honestly, you couldn’t be more excited.

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okay so first off im so proud of the boys i cant even talk to my family  right now cause i keep crying and im shaking help me ,And just the fact that my 2 favorite boys made a book together and not both by them self’s makes my heart melt like i cant even explain ,some of you guys might think im going to crazy but i don’t know when i saw that video my heart stopped when i saw the book i just got tears in my eyes and i just they mean so much to me i hope one day i get to meet them cause that’s my dream one day is to tell them how much they mean to me and what they have done for me without even knowing

xoxoxox Jessi <3  

(p.s it was hard to write this i gtg bye love you  who ever is reading this )