ughhh i love her so much


Miranda Barlow Memorial Week  Day 2: Favorite Episode/Season
XIII (season 2, episode 05)

I understand why you need that fort. I understand why you need that gold. I understand why you need this island. I understand it all because I was there the day our lives ended and all of this began. But I have been devoted to you since that day. I have been loyal and protective and fucking committed to you since that day, and I am asking you to come with me so that I can save your life.


Sometimes Nozomi catches herself just staring at Eli because she’s so pretty but nozomi isn’t brave enough to seriously tell her that in words, so she hides behind her jokes and her smiles. one time, eli actually catches nozomi staring, but eli is so gay that as soon as nozomi flashes that smile she forgets and apologizes like she’s the one who was actually staring—

See what happens when I forget to sleep… :/
I guess it’s princess Winter Hayle, little ray of sunshine and queen of my heart !

(Idk how to draw and color (is color a real verb ?) so… sorry ?)
(Her eyes, her arms ughhh…)
(It’s so sloppy :/ why am i like this)


i wish i saw her on tour i regret a lot of things in life,,,,

this makes me want to work on my animation so much more now like???? i didnt know i was so attached to that song until i heard her preform it and i want to thROW MYSELF INTO THE SUN im so in love uHHHH

Ughhh it's tooo cuuuute, I can't take it!!

I’m on episode 57. Syaoran just keeps getting embarrassed and running away more and more often in just about every episode. And somehow, instead of getting tired of seeing him act this way over and over, I smile bigger every time! This is sooo cute! He loves Sakura sooo much! And he’s so incredibly shy and adorable about his feelings for Sakura! I just watched the part where he replayed the message that Sakura left on his answering machine, just so he could listen to her longer! UGH SO CUTE. I NEED TO LET OUT MY FEELINGS, EVEN THOUGH NONE OF MY FRIENDS WATCH THIS SHOW! Forgive me for ranting! THIS SHOW IS SO CUTE!

Kara could legit care about Lena so much that she like flys her home from the office when it’s late and brings her food bc she knows Lena forgets to eat and gives her hand written little notes when she delivers Lena lunch as a surprise and they could exchange ‘I love you’s and the show would just be like….


2x14 The Fair Folk

Warning: This review contains spoilers


Omg! That’s my boy! I’m so, so proud of him! He really fits in the role of The Head of the Institute! It was made for him! Like Jace said an episode earlier Alec is a leader (and I will cut Lindsey and Duncan for dobuting him). Also he’s a great politic. He convinced Luke, talked with the representative of Downwolders with respect and he’s listening to them… Oh God! Clave look at him and take notes!

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Oh nooo! My baby boy! He needs t be protected by all costs! I hate to see him sad and heartbroken… geez, I KNEW it was coming but… it still hurts! Give me Sizzy already… Besides as @larlarinlalaland pointed out it could be a really great arch that Simon could start to doubt his trust in Shadowhunters… Like The Seelie Queen said, they can’t be trusted…

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OMG I fell in love with his piano skills! God, Dom is SO good! *.* Besides this… Jace is really good diplomat, I’m shocked! I can’t believe that all of this went almost so smoothly! And yet now he is heartbroken and confused… He doesn’t deserve it as well as Simon… Geez how I hate love triangle tropes but well… At least it slowly ends…

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Geez girl…Okay, I know it’s not really her fault but… Ughhh… How mad I am… Seriously, get a grip girl! But I must admit I felt bad for her at the end… It touched her too, so maybe I reconsider to forgive her…

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O.M.G.!! I’m so, so happy to see Alec, Izzy and Maryse bonding! ! Oh God Maryse’s talk with Izzy made me cry so, so much! And she fianlly, FINALLY accepted Alec! How I’m glad that she’d grown so much! And her talk with Alec was also super cute! *.* I’m really starting to like her, I haven’t thought that she could have changed so much… Started from the bottom now we’re here…

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7. Luke

I’m so happy that they’re keep adressing him as a leader of the pack! His talks with Alec and on the Downwolders / Clave meeting were on point! That’s what I want for him! And yeah, I know, that he acted wrong attacking Valentine but… hey… If I were him I would do the same… At least he knows that he did a wrong thing and was willing to accept the consequences…

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8. Sebastian

Yesss! He’s showing a part of his “dark side”! I wanted to see it so, so badly! I hope that his charachter trope won’t be so screwed up like in the books, please… Besides… WTF, stop shipping people XD I swear Sebastian is an ultimate fangirl shipping Clace and Sizzy… By the way.. Will can plays on piano so, so good *.*

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9. Magnus

My beautiful poor man! Ugh, you can see that he’s still recovering… And I hate to see him struggle like that. I just want him to be happy… But I must say, it was really brave of him to tell the others what happend… Though… Ugh… *buries face in hands* (Also that look at Raphael XD It screamed “can you not” XD)

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10. Malec

Well hello Mr. Bane ans Mr. Lightwood I’m Mrs. Laughing Her Ass Off XD I just couldn’t keep sraight face during this XD And neither could they! Lol that was only a goddamn hand shake! XD And even though there wasn’t really much malec there i’m satisfied… Alec’s concerned look when Luke snapped at Magnus… My poor heart… And that phone call.. Magnus, sweetie, you did nothing wrong don’t even think like that! :( (And Alec called him his boyfriend

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11. Izzy

Was I the only one that when she had her scene with Sebastian I was like YESSS BEAT HIS ASS UP, GIRL!? I’m happy that she really starts to look and act okay. Her talk with Maryse was so, so important… Geeez… Really the Lightwoods in this episode goals… But I have one but… What kind of love figure (beceuase I just don’t kno what kind of figure we have there XD) is happening around her? XD

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12. Raphael

Ok, I don’t like Rizzy BUT… Those scenes between him, Izzy and Sebastian… Ouch… Damnit I feel bad for him (then again who I wouldn’t pity in this episode? XD)… He let Seabstian convince him… And it really looks like Izzy cares for him! Maybe Rizzy as BROtp wouldn’t be so bad? But boy… Don’t mess with your dad XD

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12. The Seelie Queen

Okay let’s get this straight. I LOVE her outfit! And i don’t mind that she looks like…. 7 or so. I love those tropes with powerful women’s looking like little girls (PJ fandom: Artemis anyone? XD). And I want to see MORE of her! She seems to be a really interesting charachter and it would be a shame to just left her like this… :/

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13. Meliorn

I can’t lie… he’s a sass king XD “Every Shadowhunter look the same for me” XD “Exept for Izzy”. This killed me XH

14. Ollie

Okay, girl, what is your problem? Why are you stalking Luke? You’re a cop, don’t you know that stalking is consider as a crime?


I really liked this episode. It wrecked me in so many ways but also made me laugh so much XD It had a really nice flow, had some book tropes, that fixed some of things that CC screwed… After all I’m gonna give this episode 4,5/6, because it wasn’t perfect but nice and I enjoyed watching this… So bye, I’m gonna cry in a two weeks XD <3

P.S. Yes, I know that I haven’t include Clace but… Ugh… i don’t know how am I supposed to feel about them so…

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Number 9 for reggie, where him and the reader have been broken up for a little while now and he calls her in the middle of the night from the nightmare he has about her and then she starts getting really emotional so Reggie drives over to her house and sneaks in through her window and they just cuddle and he kisses her face and whispers things like "I'm sorry baby.. I still love you." And ughhh just lots of fluff bc ur emotional Reggie fics are so good I love them so much honestly.❤❤❤

9. “I had a nightmare about you and I wanted to make sure that you’re okay.” (w/ Reggie)

(Y/N) (L/N) and Reggie Mantle had broken up. The news had shocked everyone but no one could really say that they didn’t see it coming. Sure, you guys had made an amazing couple, but people never really change do they?

At least, Reggie Mantle did not.

You lasted longer than everyone thought you would. But eventually, Reggie’s flirting became too much.

Especially when it wasn’t directed at you.

You were done. Reggie could flirt with whomever he wanted. You had broken up on a Friday after school. You remember walking to his home, telling him it was over, and leaving as quickly as possible, not even saying goodbye to Mrs. Mantle.

Reggie was hurt. He would soon deny the fact that he cared about you but the one thing he could not hide were his split knuckles, which he got after punching his wall shortly after you left (an idea he thought was amazing at the moment but turned out badly).

He spent the next week in silent agony as he watched you get along just fine.

You were heartbroken too, but you weren’t going to let that stop you from living your life. So you hung around Betty, the literal ball of sunshine, a lot.


A week after you broke up, Reggie woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. He quickly tugged on some sweats and some shoes and sprinted to your house.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

You groaned and rolled out of bed, glancing at the clock on your wall.

3:00 am.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

You walked over to your window and opened it, rubbing your eyes to wake yourself up. You stumbled back in surprise when Reggie swung into your room, like some kind of wannabe Spider-Man.

“Reggie?” you mumbled. “What are you doing-”

You were cut off by Reggie wrapping you in his arms.

I had a nightmare about you and I wanted to make sure you were okay ,” he whispered.

You could hardly keep your eyes from drooping closed as Reggie laid you both down on your bed, whispering apologies and sweet nothings as he kissed the top of your head.

He was happy to hold you in his arms, knowing that you were okay.


Reggie woke up to an empty bed. He glanced at your clock. 7:10 am. You were long gone

He quickly rushed home and got all his things, making his way to school.

All day long he tried to find you, but you were avoiding him. You didn’t want to give him the wrong idea because of what had happened the night before.

Reggie knew he had messed up. This time, not even all his apologies could fix his mistakes.

But as he saw you standing at your locker, laughing with Archie Andrews, he vowed to himself that he wouldn’t stop trying to win you back.


(was this even good??? i changed it so much pls forgive me anon ;-; )

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Boys reaction to their girlfriend breaking up with them? Like why would she need a reason too and their reaction to it and stuff please

NOTE: WE DID NOT PLAY NICE WITH THIS. POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNINGS. We take a lot of these things really seriously and don’t want anyone getting hurt. Read at your own discretion. 

(Raia: I LOVE ANGST SO MUCH UGHHH. I don’t wanna hurt Shu, but I’ll do it for you guys…ugh my heart…)

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The 100 4x09 DNR

I most definitely did not cry, nope. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Okay, fine, I cried. Harper and monty, raven and Murphy man……made me cry so bad….and that goodbye with Harper jasper and Bellamy………fuck

First, let me start with the Harper and Monty scene. Him staying behind for Harper, I just. Ughhh, I may be a hopeless romantic, but when she saw monty standing there, I died. They’re so cute together, and for him to make that decision because of how much he loves her……..I’m just concerned that all my favorite characters are going to start dying. This show is fucking me up.

Next, the Goodbye between Harper, Jasper, and Bellamy. First of all, let me note that this is one of the first times we really saw them forgive Bellamy. Sure there was 4x08, but it was “forgiveness” as much as an “were all dying so I don’t give a shit”. I love how Bellamy still sticks up for the 100. How he understands what they want. He said it was their choice, and they they pretty much deserved to decide their fate, and I’m glad he got Jaha to see that. And that “whatever the hell you want”, man that messed me up. Bringing it back. Jasper might not be my favorite character, but I actually kind of enjoyed him today.

Now the Raven and Murphy scene. That was the one that made me cry the most. The others were my eyes tearing up, but this was full out crying. When he apologized for shooting her, and she immediately told him it wasn’t his fault, I got so emotional. And Raven saying she could deal with losing a leg but not her mind. WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO ME??? I can’t even describe it because this scene made me so sad, it really pulled at my feels. Murphy seemed like he was gonna cry when he talked to Raven, and Raven did cry and seeing two characters I love so vulnerable it just made me cry.


anyway, next week apparently(HOPEFULLY) Bellamy steps up in a big way for Octavia, according to Marie Avgeropoulos. What do you think that is, honestly?

1. Some think it’s that he’s going to get hurt trying to save Octavia, now that he realizes she’s back, and she wants to be there. I thought that too, but now I’m not so sure.

2. The more I think of it, “stepping up” doesn’t have to be him protecting Octavia. It could simply be him telling Octavia that she doesn’t need his protection anymore, and that he wants her to do what she wants, not what he wants for her.

3. It could also potentially mean if Octavia gets into trouble with Azgeda or anyone in Polis, since she had killed people, that he sticks up for her and gets her out of trouble. It completely contradicts what I just said above, but it’s another possibility.

(And that cute platonic bellarke moment there…….I was hoping for a more dramatic reunion but this’ll do)

I’m still waiting for a murphamy reunion btw

[SPOILERS] Fairy Tail Chapter 544 Reactions

Welp, two chapters left! I’ve been busy, so I couldn’t keep up with the rest :( but here you go!

So when Fairy Sphere was failing, ngl, I panicked. Even though I knew Mashima would somehow think of something, I panicked! But Meredy, the ever so lovely Meredy, came :) 

I missed her face somehow huhuh and look at that! I admit that’s a brilliant plan. I love it. I’m going to stop the disappointment now since Fairy Tail has 2 chapters left. Might as well enjoy what it has left!

Seeing so many faces makes me tear up! I love Flare so much (I secretly ship her with Lucy shhh) and I just love that face ughhh I don’t know. She really is adorable.

Lucy is fabulous ;__; I don’t know about you, but something about that mark on her collarbone screams I AM STRONG AND FABULOUS. dontcha think? *Winks*

I love that Lucy is the one casting Fairy Sphere and not Erza or anyone else. Idk, it just seems perfect that she who began this journey is the one with the task to seal Acnologia. And I am just going to ignore the fact that she and Natsu are tasked with the same job and bla bla bla hahaha.

*whispers* not a nalu fan

So then came the scene with the human Acnologia. You know, I actually feel bad for him. Because somehow he’s been so consumed by hate and… I actually wanted Natsu to just end him. It seemed fitting anyway and we all know it was going to happen anyway.

He looks pretty damn good in this pic with that gentle smile. SMILE LIKE THAT MORE OFTEN AND YOU WILL GRAB ANNA’S ATTENTION!!!

Next comes the scene of victory. My heart warmed so much at the sight of this. Of Lyon. Of Minerva and Kagura. Of all the exhausted mages finally smiling and laughing.

I guess this is the aftermath of war for them, despite what has happened. Although let’s face it, in real life, after war there will only be sighing and praying and crying, because it’s over and lives were gambled and wasted. Somehow, this made me sad. Because let’s face it, in real life, no one will magically return from the dead by some plot armor. We only get one shot at life.

Let us all treasure it, ne?

LOL I am not joking when I say that I actually cursed out loud when I saw this. I thought the world was ending despite their victory! But hey, I remembered that the dragon slayers have to go back hahaha

Aaaand I’m putting this scene in because I don’t like it ;___;


I am happy that they didn’t, but congrats to all NaLu fans who are squealing now because of this.


This. This is what made me tear up. That they were all reunited again. That Levy was hugging Gajeel. That Sting and Rogue were with the others again. That Laxus was being hugged by his team.

I love this scene so much. It’s not Team Natsu that made me tear up, it’s the others. The not so important ones (although they are, but let’s face it, they aren’t the main characters)

I will remember Fairy Tail always, despite of the disappointments and the plot armor and so many more things that people will hate. I grew up with Fairy Tail and I will miss it.

Let’s all tune in to the last chapters!

Dating Cora Hale Would Include...

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  • Literally being a Hale
  • Having to be around Derek almost every day
  • Not liking Derek very much as you watched him abuse his betas
  • Being in the same grade at the rest of the McCall pack
  • Cora being older than you
  • Watching her train
  • Staring at her ass while she does pull-ups
  • Her pirking her ass out so, you’ll pay more attention
  • “I know you’re looking at my ass,” and you being embarrassed, “I like it. Continue.”
  • Training with her
  • Her always beating you
  • “I’m a human! This is not fair at all!”
  • Cora having sex with you a lot
  • Inviting you over for sex
  • Fucking you hard so, you can barely move the next day
  • Both of you loving each other’s boobs
  • Just staring at her butt when she gets up
  • Her waking up before you
  • But, waking you up to make breakfast
  • “Ughhh let mE SLEEP!”
  • Her being dominant in the bedroom
  • Cora barely ever being romantic
  • Her never sharing her feelings
  • You literally being an open book to her
  • You fight about her never talking to you
  • “Is it too much to ask for you to just tell me anything?”
  • “You never show me any emotion. Just open up. Please, Cor.”
  • “I’m a Hale, Y/N. I don’t talk about my feelings like a sensitive little baby.”
  • Getting angry at her
  • Giving her the silent treatment but, she doesn’t show that she cares
  • But, when you don’t respond to her texts or calls, she finds you
  • Her defending you all the time
  • Her not letting you fight
  • Being rivals during Derek vs. Scott moments
  • Thinking it’s hot when you’re on opposing sides
  • “It’s forbidden for me to see you. Which makes it even hotter.”
  • Making out
  • Derek walking in on you
  • Literally sex every day
  • Like every single day
  • Really mind-blowing sex
  • Riding each other’s faces
  • Toys in bed
  • Her surprising you after you get home from school
  • Blowing Stiles off from studying to be with her
  • Your parents not fully supporting your relationship
  • The pack not supporting you both because you’re underage
  • “Y/N. We know you’re mature and everything and that there’s not a big age gap but, you’re not even 18, yet.”
  • You getting fed up and staying with her
  • After time, they get used to it
  • “Who cares, anymore? As long as you’re happy, we don’t really care.”
  • Really loving when she says “I love you”
  • Her drastically trying to be more sweet and romantic for you 
  • Her planning dates
  • Fucking loving her for that
  • Cute little gifts once in a while
  • Her never showing PDA
  • “Y/N, not now. Your friends are right here…”
  • Her constantly rolling her eyes at you
  • Her saying “I love you”
  • “Y/N, I know I don’t say this very often but… I love you…”

people are so wonderful. it is very easy to get annoyed with anyone for any number of reasons, but it is also easy to see their little details and quirks and things that make you smile inside and be like “UGHHH i love that and holy butts how are they so wonderful???”. and when you know their stories, it is much easier to understand why they are the way they are. everyone has a story and reasons why they act the way they do.

I think about the people I absolutely love and what is so wonderful about them. for my friend Maggie, its her questions. she knows her friends and asks about their lives and cares about their answers. for my friend Ariel, its her thoughtfulness and wisdom. she sends letters and remembers details that I forgot I’d even told her. my husband Zach is steady and sure and discerning, and is very good at reading people. Heather has the most caring and generous heart, and always finds the good in people. Titus inspires adventure in the hearts of anyone he meets and is such a quirky caring human. Julie is so honest and kind and understanding of people’s different situations. Jeremiah is wise and has a clear mind and sees the bigger picture. Dallas is such a hard worker, and thinks before she speaks. she says things that carry truth and weight. I want to be more like my friends in these little ways. I also want to be better at caring for people in the way they need to be cared for, and that can look differently for many different people. but everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to be wanted. everyone wants to be understood and wants someone to want to know them. 

so be that person. be interested in details, ask questions that matter, do little things to show you care. ask someone to hangout even if you think it might be awkward. bring someone coffee when you know they’re having a tough time. if you like someone’s hair, say it. give compliments out like candy. learn details of your friends’ stories. find the worst parts about them and love them anyway. find the best parts about them and let them know what that goodness means to you. care. its just a simple thing but it can mean so so much. people remember when you care.


What I love about this part is that everyone behind them is doing the royal ball dance thing, but they are not. He brings her closer, takes her hand, he wants to dance with her and forget about everything. It’s like if they were the only people in the place. They are looking at each other and nothing else matters but them in that moment.

Reply to Anti Naruhina

I would like to thank the sane naruhina fans for replying to my blog in a proper manner..
The points you guys made were fair, and I would just like to reply to those points in another anti nh blog, because every time I try to reply back in my original “anti naruhina blog” It would only allow me a certain amount of reply space. 

The top replies I got

((A))Naruto knows who Hinata is

((B))Naruto cheering for Hinata against Neji

(©)Naruto saying “I like you” to Hinata

((D))Hinata did watch Naruto from afar in the manga

((A)) I would like to start off by saying, I could of typed out my blog more thoroughly with better details. Yes Naruto did know who Hinata was.. It wasn’t like he walked passed her thinking “Who’s that girl?” ((that was Shino))..
In my blog, what I meant by “Trying to get Naruto’s attention” was attraction wise, and getting Naruto to understand her more.
Naruto just knew Hinata as the ((Quote)) Weirdo, shy and dark girl…Naruto didn’t know much about Hinata, he only knew her from academy and afterwards….  

((B)) Naruto cheering for Hinata..
I dont count this as a moment. I am sorry naruhina fans..
The reason why I do not count this as a moment is because you might as well say Naruto had the hots for almost everyone there..
Kakashi even told him to “shut up” because he was cheering too loud.
Yes you can reply back with “But he got the most angry with the neji and hinata match, and defended her!”
I would like to point out two facts with this one..

1… If you say that with Hinata, you might as well say that about lee. Remember how devastated naruto was when gaara beat the shit out lee…. Was it because of love? Well no… ((naruto doesnt have a thing for lee)) It was because naruto thought that Neji/Gaara were jerks, and went too far..

2.. Of course he would of defended hinata in that match… Naruto is the main protagonist ..
And when you have another character who is acting like a bully, and bullying other characters who cannot stand up for themselves, what do you think the main character would do?  
Naruto is a character that believes in never giving up, Neji was just bullying Hinata and telling her to give up, Naruto would of felt like it was a personal attack on him as well..

So really the whole Hinata vs Neji, you could of replaced with any other characters, make them act the way neji and hinata did in that scenario, and Naruto would of done the same thing ((Proof: the Lee and Gaara match))

(©) Before Naruto left to train with Jiraiya, he ran into Hinata and said, “Your still weird, but I like you”
Yeah, I guess that’s sort of a moment ((And I like to remind you guys that I was a fan of naruhina at that stage)) but also it wasn’t Naruto confessing his loving feelings. It was just a kid being like “Hey, your weird. But that’s ok, I like you.” 
And if that’s not enough to convince you… Didn’t Kankuro go up to Naruto and say “Hey, your funny. I like you” ???
Well oh my god, Kankuro must have romantic feelings for Naruto as well… 

((D)) Yes, in like one or two parts of the manga, Hinata did watch him from a far ((Again should of word it better)) but I am angry with this because alot of naruhina fans state ((she was always there for him)) 
No she wasn’t!!!
The fillers make it out to be like she was always there for him, but it wouldn’t even make fucking sense if she was there!
Naruto had an upsetting childhood because he was so lonely and Isolated, he had no one ((until iruka)) IF HINATA WAS ALWAYS THERE! HE WOULDNT FEEL THE NEED TO BE SO SAD, BECAUSE HE WOULD HAVE ATLEAST ONE FRIEND!!! 
((calm down))
And if she was such a good childhood friend, and was always there for Naruto, why would Naruto call her a weirdo as the intro to Hinata? Wouldnt it be something like “This is my best friend. She is like the only girl who hangs out with me”….
And again my main point.. Why would it take a whole manga series, and half a movie for Naruto to realise Hinata’s love, if again ((sorry to quote this so much)) but…IF SHE WAS ALWAYS THERE!!?! 

. *sighs* This couple frustrates me… Ugh next I am going to be doing the worse…Sasusaku..ughhh..  


Hullo friends, I’m your Vitameatavegamin girl! Are you tired, run down, listless? Do you poop out of parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems are in this little bottle. Vitameatavegamin. Yes, Vitameatavegamin contains vitamins, meat, vegetables, and minerals. Yes, with Vitameatavegamin, you can spoon your way to health. 

Lucy Does a TV Commercial 5/5/52

for Anna <3