ughhh i don't like it at all omg

How the signs react when their mom tells them to play outside
  • Aries: YAYYYY *runs and hit the glass door and hurt themselves*
  • Taurus: Let me sleeeeepp..
  • Gemini: Can I finish my Skype session first ? Like I can't let *random friend name* alone,you know !
  • Cancer: I'm already playing ! -the mom: With the cat..
  • Yes ! -Ughhh,alright
  • Leo: Play? Are you kidding me? I'll go shopping.
  • Virgo: No. I haven't done my History essay yet
  • Libra: Well,okayy but you will cook *favorite meal* for me tomorrow
  • Scorpio: NO WAY. I HATE SUN OMG.
  • Sagittarius: I was going anyway
  • Capricorn: Don't you see that I'm busy ??
  • Aquarius: Wait!! Don't try to control me!
  • Pisces: I haven't finished watching Netflix mom
  • - Emma