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#i can’t help but notice the strong connection between these two scenes #in episode two we see isak and even staring at each other #craving something more than just a glance #but not being able to satisfy their desire #because they’ve just met #they’ve just become friends #and they still don’t know how the other feels about them #i mean there have been hints #but they still aren’t certain #so they don’t want to screw up what they have #and then in episode eight we see them finally in a relationship with each other #finally touching each other #finally having fulfilled their desire


Try to remember that.

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So watching The hunchback of notre dame and all I can think of during the Hellfire song is the Priest Gabe!au falling in love with the reader and willing to do whatever it takes for the reader to be his, god be damned.


Gabriel Reyes was a cherished member of the community, someone parents trusted and children adored. His sermons during morning mass were enough to actually wake people up and make them happy to be at church at the crack of dawn. Being a priest, he believed in being dedicated to the community and would regularly serve food to those who were less fortunate. There’d been numerous occasions where he would open the doors to his home for anyone who didn’t have somewhere to go when the weather got colder. When he wasn’t working at the church he was helping children with their homework at the aftercare program at the nearby youth center. 

He was a very good man but something felt off about him sometimes. 

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Chuck Noblet in Every Episode of SWC || 1.02 “A Burden’s Burden”

Can we discuss the fact that the trainer praised Ha Sung Woon saying that team Never will 100% succeed with Sung Woon but then moved him to team Show Time???