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Slow Burn - Part 1

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,995

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Ding dong!

Ding dong!

“Y/N! Open up!”

Shit. You were hoping he forgot.

You lazily walk over to the door and pull it open. “Yes, sir? What can I do for you?” You say dryly.

Your friend Justin looks you up and down and shakes his head.

“Why aren’t you ready?” He asks annoyed.

“Ready for what?” You say trying to sound as innocent as possible.

Justin just gives you a bitch face and then invites himself in.

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UGH HHhh i’m so salty. how dare they. samuel was finally the center and yET.


Nina: “The Romance Festival? Oh, hell no! I went shopping with you two today.. Isn’t that enough torture for me?”
Hazel: “Don’t be such a party pooper! It’s going to be great. Maybe you’ll find the love of your life there, eh? EH?”
Nina: “NO!”
June: “C’mon.. Let’s check it out at least. You haven’t even been there, so how can you say you don’t like it?”
Nina: “I don’t need to go to the Romance Festival to know that I’ll hate it. It’s just some commercial bullshit to earn money.”
Hazel: “Fine, you stay here by yourself if you don’t wanna go. June and I both want to go, so we’re going. We’ll see you on Monday then..”
Nina: “Ughhh! FINE.. I’ll come with you.”
Hazel: “YAY!”

June: *Why am I babysitting these two…*

si nos amas, salva nos
Amazing - Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 3,430

Summary: Jensen and the reader do not get along. After months of driving each other crazy, what happens when Jensen has finally had enough?

Part 1

“What’s up, shorty!” You hear when you pick up your phone.

“Shut up, Jared. I’m not that short!”

“Ok. We can call you vertically challenged if that makes you feel better.” He says chuckling.

“I hate you.” You say laughing.

“Soooo. Watcha gonna be?” He says playfully.

“I need more information.” You say sighing.

“For my party, Y/N! Don’t play dumb.”

“Ohhh. Yeah, I’m not dressing up.”

“What?! There’s no way you’ll be allowed in if you don’t have a costume.”

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Math Test

John Laurens x Reader

“So what did you get?” you asked your friend/rival John Laurens as you both walked out of class with your newly graded math tests.

“A 95,” he said smugly.

“HA! I got a 96,” you replied, showing him your paper. He groaned.

John was your best friend, but also your rival. You could say frenamies.

It had always been like this. You would try and out do each other every chance you got. No matter what it was.

“Ughhh fine. But I’ll get you next time,” he told you, walking out the front doors of the school.

“Well that was our last test of the year dimwit. It’s summer break today, we don’t have to do anything else. Now we’re sophomores!” you told him.

He laughed.

“Yeah I guess you’re right. But I’ll still get you.”

“I expect nothing less. I’ll see you later John.”

“You too. Have a good summer!”
“We’re what!” you screamed. Your parents flinched.

“I’m sorry sweetie. But we have to, you know how it is with your father’s work,” your mom told you.

They had just dropped the bombshell that you were moving. In two weeks.

“This cannot be happening,” you cried, putting your head in your hands. Your dad tried to rub your back but you flinched away, not in the mood for any contact.

“I’m so sorry darling.”

“Yeah. I know.”
“Dude I am so pumped for senior year!” Alexander shouted, punching John on the shoulder as they entered the school for their first day of their last year of high school.

John laughed and followed his best friend through the hallways to get their new class schedules.

All of the sudden he saw someone sitting in a wheelchair, talking to the guidance counselor.

The voice reminded him of his old friend from freshman year. He never saw them again after that last day of school, they ended up moving.

“Y/N?” he asked.

The person turned around in their seat, looking him in the eye.

“Hey John. It’s been a while.”

He stood there, staring at his old best friend who sat in their wheelchair, looking tired and stressed.

“It has,” he replied, gulping in shock. “How are you doing?”

Y/N gave a small laugh, rolling over to him.
“Pretty good, how about you?”

“I’m doing pretty good, I just can’t believe that you’re here!” he exclaimed. He sat down on the bench next to you. “Can- can I ask what happened to you? Were you in a wreck?”

You sighed.

“No. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called POTS. It stands for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.”

John gave you a small look of pity. You shook your head.

“So what exactly does it do?” he asked.

“My body is fighting itself which makes me really weak, so I need a wheelchair. I was diagnosed with it about a year and a half ago.”

“I’m so sorry Y/N,” he told you, giving you a small side hug.

“It’s alright John. I’ve come to terms with it by now. But thank you for your support. It really means alot coming from an old friend.”

“Of course! I’ll always be here. I promise,” he told you, giving you another test. “Besides, you still owe me a rematch math test. And I intend to win.”

“In your dreams Laurens.”

Fanboy (Simon Request)

“As I said we’re gonna be doing a version of say it or scoff it” Simon mentions to the camera, “I’m here with JJ and we have some rank stuff in front of us so yeah”
“I’ll go first” JJ laughs, choosing one of the played filled with dog food to put in front of Simon.
You were watching the video intently. Wondering why you had been linked this in the first place. You had never seen these guys but the one you now figured was JJ had linked it to you earlier.
Being a singer, you were used to getting a lot of tweets from your fans. However, with the amount of replies this one got, you couldn’t help but check it out.
“Alright Simon, have you ever got with another YouTuber?” His friend questions, a grin spreading onto his face.
“Well obviously I can answer that” Simon laughs, “Yes”
“And who was that?” JJ raises his brows.
Simon stutters before becoming more sure of himself, “That’s not part of the question. Nah”
“Ughhh fine” JJ grumbles and watches as Simon pushes the chilli in front of his friend.
“Alright if you had to, which one of the sidemen would you fuck?” Simon grins and you couldn’t help but think he was kind of cute. Kind of.
“Oh for fucks sake” JJ groans, “Fuck it I’m gonna say Harry”
Simon laughs hysterically at this, clapping his hands together. You had no idea who Harry was but both of them seemed to find this hilarious.
“Okay then” JJ turns around, pushing the chilli towards Simon instead, “Who’s your celebrity crush?”
Simon frowns for a second, “I don’t think I even know”
“Oh piss off there’s gotta be someone” JJ scoffs.
“Alright I’ll be genuine about this” Simon shrugs, “(y/n) (y/l/n)”
“Oooh shit he’s called it” JJ nods, “But are you serious?”
“Dude have you seen her?!” The blonde turns to JJ, “I’m getting you a photo”
He types on his phone and soon turns it to show his friend.
“Yeah she is literally your perfect girl” JJ laughs.
“And her voice is fucking mental” Simon mumbles.
“Watch it fanboy” The louder of the two comments.
“Next question” Simon clears his throat.
You pause the video and smile to yourself. You wouldn’t have thought much of it except the fact that everyone seemed to be going mental about it at the moment. And the fact that as soon as you liked JJ’s tweet, he sent you a direct message.
‘So you watched the video ay?’
‘Yes I did😂Thanks for sending it’
'Would it be possible for you to do me a little favour?’
'Depends on what that is’
'As you know, Simon is a bit of a fan. Would you be alright to come to our place some time soon? Its his birthday tomorrow and we wanted to give him a little surprise😉’
'Well I’m free tomorrow if you want?’
'You fucking legend! See you then!!!!’
After a few more details exchanged, you two have planned everything necessary for you to meet Simon tomorrow. And apparently he was going to be very excited
~~~The Next Day~~~
“Hey (y/n)” JJ grins, giving you a hug as soon as you walk up to the door.
“Hi” You smile politely, glancing around at the house.
“Oh my days” Another guy, with a beard, comments as he walks towards the door.
“Bro I’ve definitely won for best friend this year!” JJ laughs, “He’s gonna love this birthday present”
“For fucks sake Jide” The guy laughs, “Its nice to meet you by the way, I’m Josh”
“Yeah you too” You chuckle.
JJ leads you to the kitchen and runs through the plan. Simon was out at the moment so you would be meeting at Nandos instead.
Soon enough, JJ takes you to the restaurant and you are taken to a table. He sits with you and rings Simon who tells him he is just parking.
His friend hurries to the door to greet him and you suddenly feel a bit nervous.
You watch as JJ greets his friend who already looks unsure.
“What have you done Jide?” He questions, glancing around the restaurant but not spotting you.
“Come on man” JJ leads him over.
“Ohhh fuck off” He laughs when he sees you, “You fucking didn’t”
“Simon, this is (y/n)” JJ grins, “Thank me later”
“You watched the video I’m guessing?” He asks, dragging a hand through his hair.
“Yeah, and I have to say I’m honoured” You chuckle, “Its lovely to meet you”
“I feel like I’m underdressed” He comments.
“Don’t be ridiculous, if you’re not comfy what’s the point right?” You smile.
“This is mad” He mutters.
“I’ll leave you with your new babygirl Simon. Bye guys” JJ grins, heading out of the restaurant.
“So, can I get you a drink?” Simon asks you, sitting across from you in the booth.
For once, he was the fanboy. And the pair of you didn’t stop laughing all night.
(Sorry if this seems a bit shitty, I tried)


A fanfiction for Sam Sweetmilk, one of the greatest indie cartoons out there! Go check it out if you can, the creators are super talented and passionate and it really shows, even if the animation (for now!) is a bit rough.

Notes: Very mildy NSFW, because it wouldn’t be Sam Sweetmilk without phallic innuendo. As a warning, I got the concept of the “Automatic Empire” from an AMA like two years ago so it might not be valid/canon anymore. It’s not really a big part of the story so you know, whatevs.

In the mind-bogglingly vast expanse of space and time, in the midst of worlds of stars and galaxies spilling their brilliant lights into the all-encompassing void, in the wash of chaos and empires that stand on the whims of tiny numbers and calculations and chance, there existed a planet.

This planet was largely unremarkable except for what was about to happen, and afterward would again be unremarkable probably forever.

On this planet was a city, and around that city was a Wall (very authoritatively capitalized in the hopes of intimidating enemies), and on the Wall was a boring guard who was somehow bored himself. He was currently thinking about his wife and two point five children, and mostly about, as he had for the past five years, bills, reading his children a goodnight story, and a new magazine subscription that had so far failed to show up for about five years now but that he kept paying in hope.

This guard had found himself in this position entirely by choice, a rare path for guards of the Wall. This was a man who sought comfort above all else, and found most of his comfort in routine. There was plenty of that as a guard on the Wall, a position largely made irrelevant by the startling invention of anything-past-the-rifle. He shall remain nameless, as is the custom of his people.

Suffice it to say that he was rather startled when the Automatic Empire invaded.

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I’m in Big Trouble

A/N: Day 4 of 25 Days of DC Christmas. (So I was going to post a different one today but I had a really bad case of writers block so I tried a different one instead! Sorry if you were expecting another one today! I will get it posted I promise!) 

Request: Reader has been making up a boyfriend for the past few months and has to take Barry (her friend) to be her stand in bf for Christmas eve and Christmas. Fluff please! Thanks :)

Word Count: 1,953

Barry was stretched out on my couch, exhausted from a day of super speed heroics when I opened the door to my apartment. Ever since I gave him my spare key he would often make himself at home, which I hadn’t really minded. Coming home to Barry was natural, we had been friends forever, and I knew him even better than Iris did. “Hey, Barr,” I smiled as I locked the door behind me, “What are you watching?”

“I may or may not have finished game of thrones without you,” he admitted sheepishly as he stretched out further, his long limbs hanging off the sides of my small couch.

“Barry Allen,” I scolded shaking my head completely aware that I would receive an earful of spoilers.

“Oh and your mom called,” he quickly changed the subject, “Your voicemail got it.”

“Okay,” I sighed before strutting into the kitchen.

“You’re the only person I know who still has a landline,” his voice followed me, “Talk about behind the times.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a landline, now all my junk calls go to my landline and I don’t have to deal with telemarketers calling my cell,” I argued thinking my plan was pure genius.

“And your mother’s a junk call?” he asked laughing loudly.

“But, of course,” I smiled. We both knew that my mother called on an overwhelmingly consistent basis and if I ever answered her calls it would lead to at least a fifteen minute conversation, and that’s low-balling it. I stared out the window at the falling snow as I played my mother’s message, “Hey, sweetie, it’s me. I was just wondering what time you and the boyfriend will be coming this weekend on Christmas eve. Your brother will be back in town so there will be plenty of catching up to do. Emily won’t stop talking about how excited she it. I can’t wait to meet the young man. You’ve hardly told us anything about him. I made your father promise to be nice. Just give me a call back and let me know what time we can expect you. Dinner will start at seven. Love you, sweetheart.” Click. The message ended and my heart dropped.

“Shit, shit shit!” I yelled at the phone as I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration. I don’t have a boyfriend. Why did I even make him up? This was such a stupid idea. I knew this would bite me in the ass one day. And I can’t tell my family he just broke up with me. No one would believe me. Then they’d know I was so pathetic I made up a love life. But how could I not with them constantly nagging me about it.

Suddenly a hand rested on my shoulder nearly scaring me half to death, “Holy shit, Barry!” I smacked him playfully, “You scared me.”

“What’s wrong? You were yelling at inanimate objects,” he laughed slightly before a look of concern washed over his face.

“It’s nothing it’s just Christmas with my family. And I kind of said something stupid a few months ago and now I don’t think I can fix it. And… ugh…” I rested my head on Barry’s chest, “I am an idiot.”

“Why? What did you say?” he was curious, the way he usually got about science and metahumans.

“I told them I had a boyfriend, which you and I both know is far from the truth,” then a terrible, horrible, really bad idea popped into my head. He stayed silent, as if reading my mind, “Barry…”

“Oh, no…” he knew exactly what was happening and he started to back away slowly holding his hands out as to stop me from asking the inevitable question.

“Will you be my fake boyfriend for the weekend?” I pleaded closing the space between us, with a mischievous grin on my face.

“No, y/n, don’t go roping me into your lies. I’m supposed to be a hero remember?” he stood tall in his best superhero pose that only made me giggle.

“Yes I remember. And I need saving,” I stuck my bottom lip out in a pout, “Please, Barry. Pretty please with a cherry on top.”

He rolled his eyes and hung his head back, “Ughhh… fine.” He gave in so easily and laughed at his lack of willpower.

“Yay!” I smiled and laughed, hugging him tightly, “I will totally make this up to you. Seriously, anything you want, just name it!”

“Oh, now I have to think about that…” he smiled and held his hand up to his chin, thinking intently.

I pulled up to my parents house in my little blue honda, with Barry in the passenger’s seat sleeping. It had been a long car ride and since Barry couldn’t just speed us to my parents house we had to get there the old fashioned way. As I parked in the driveway I lightly tapped Barry on the shoulder, “Hey, Barr. Wake up.” He stirred but didn’t wake. I tried to wake him up gently but he just wasn’t having it. I was done, “Barry, come on wake up! We’re here!” The raise in my voice caused him to jump slightly.

“What I’m up!? I’m up,” he stirred and looked at me, “You didn’t have to yell.”

“I kind of did. I’ve been trying to wake you up for the past five minutes,” I started to laugh at his hair all pushed to the side in a disheveled mess. I reached into my purse and pulled out a brush, “You might want to fix your hair.”

He looked in the mirror and his eyes grew wide. He gladly took the brush and frantically tried to smooth his hair down, “Better?”

“Much,” I smiled as I tucked the brush back in my purse, “You ready?”

“Born ready,” he smiled and sped out of the car opening the door for me.

As we approached the door it swung open wildly and my younger sister ran out nearly tackling me to the ground, “Oh my god, y/n!” 

“Hey, Emily,” I smiled as she squeezed me tighter.

“I’ve missed you so much! I can’t believe you moved so far away. I have so much to tell you. Senior year has been so crazy. Did I tell you I got accepted to all of my top five schools. And I went on a date, dad nearly killed the boy. He’s not my type anyway. Oh and Tyson is back from Europe. He brought a girl! And-” she rambled at a mile a minute only hesitating when she noticed Barry standing behind me, “And you brought a boy,” she whispered and giggled, “This is going to be interesting.”

“Emily, this is Barry, Barry this is my kid sister Emily,” I introduced him and Barry stood there slightly awkward not knowing how to approach this introduction.

He stuck his hand out, “Nice to meet you.” Emily shoved past his hand and wrapped him in a small hug.

“I’m a hugger,” she warned before grabbing my hand and dragging me into the house, Barry only steps behind, “Mom, Dad, y/n is here and she brought her boyfriend.”

Emily was right about one thing this was certainly going to be an interesting weekend.

The first several hours went smoothly. We looked through pictures from Tyson’s trip to Europe, Emily told us all about her big decision to choose between Starling City, Chicago, Central City, Kansas State, or Penn State. My mother wanted her to go to the local college but with Emily’s brains she could have gone to Harvard. Evangeline, Ty’s new girlfriend told us about life in Italy. I told my parents all about my job as CCTV media consultant. Then my mother wanted to know more about Barry. I told them how we met at Jitters when I was working with Iris on the weekends. When Emily asked about our first date Barry took the reigns. 

“Well, I was really nervous asking her out, she was so beautiful I could barely put a sentence together. When she said yes I planned the whole evening out. We were going to start at this little Italian restaurant on the west side of town and then go to a movie that my friend Cisco recommended,” he paused and looked at me in a way I’d never seen before, “But as we walked to dinner my phone rang and I got called into work. You see- I’m a CSI for the CCPD and a case had come up. So we never got to finish our first date,” as I thought about what he was saying I realized that I remembered that night. Wait… when he asked me if I wanted to hang out… did he mean go out on a date? But he couldn’t… could he? We’ve been friends for over three years now. Surely he would have told me if he had feelings for me…

“But you got to finish that date right?” Emily asked expectantly, she was such a sucker for a sappy story.

This is where Barry embellished, “Oh yeah. We ended up doing all those things later.” We hadn’t. The next time I had seen him was back at Jitters. Cisco and Caitlin invited me to go out for drinks with them and the rest was history. But I had a feeling I wasn’t getting the whole story.

After hours of talking, eating, and for those of us who were legal, drinking; we slowly started for bed. I led Barry into my childhood bedroom, still painted a soft blue with band and movie posters plastering the walls. I grabbed some blankets out of the closet and started to lay them out on the floor while Barry got dressed in the bathroom. I grabbed one of the pillows off the bed and set it on the ground while I laid down on the carpet under the blankets. A minute or so later Barry opened the door, “What are you doing on the floor?” he whispered tilting his head to the side.

“You can have the bed,” I offered with a smile, “It’s the least I can do for dragging you here.”

“No,” he stated firmly staring at me with those soft green eyes.

“Well where else do you expect me to sleep? I can’t very well sleep on the couch. My parents might think something is up,” I reasoned but a mischievous grin rose on Barry’s lips and in a flash of lighting I wound up on the bed, tucked under the blankets next to Barry.

“If you’re parents walk in and see you sleeping on the floor they’ll think we’re fighting. Plus I believe the deal was that I be your ‘boyfriend’ for the weekend. Boyfriends do not allow their girlfriends to sleep on the floor,” I opened my mouth the argue but the words refused to escape my lips. All I could think about was the warm feeling that filled my core when he called me his girlfriend. No, I can’t. Do I? What the hell? Snap out of it! There’s no way I have feelings for Barry, we’re friends and this would just fuck everything up. But look at him, he’s adorable and he wants me to sleep with him. Plus what he said about the date… but no he would have said something. Right?

“Earth to y/n,” he waved his hand in front of my face trying to get my attention.

“What? Yeah. Did you say something?” I snapped back from the rambling train of thought running through my thoroughly confused mind.

“It’s midnight. Merry Christmas,” he smiled at me and my heart melted. I’m in big trouble.  

So I was writing this and have now decided that this definitely needs a part two… when it will be posted is TBD so just keep a look out.

Luna: I don’t want my skin to get burned.

Roy: *looks up at her sister* … he wants to chat more about toy trains. Give us five minutes.

Luna: Ughhh, fine, five more minutes. But no more than that!

Roy: you have my word, big sister.

Donuts with Dean

So I had this idea in like the middle of the night so I quickly jotted the idea down and in the morning started to work on it so here it is.

Pairings: DeanxReader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  732




You wake up startled so when you see a dark figure above you your hunter instincts kick in so you punch blindly at the figure. You got it good in the jaw. “Ow, what the hell y/n?”


“Yeah, who else would it be?”

“I don’t know! I can’t fucking see the lights are off moron!” you say as you turn the lamp on your nightstand on.

“Ouch, you hurt my feelings,” he faked pouted “now you have to get donuts with me.”

“Dean what are you talking about?”

“Well,” he started to explain “I got this giant craving for donuts and I know you would kill me if I got donuts without you so I was going to ask you to come with me before you attacked me.” You check the clock 

“Dean, it’s midnight. MIDNIGHT!! We are not getting donuts.” you say as you try to bury yourself under the covers.

“y/n!” Dean whined. Nothing.

“Pllleeaassee!” Zip.

“Y/N!” Zero.

“I’ll be your best friend” Nada.

“Even though you did punch me in the face.” You finally lift your head from the covers.

“You aren’t going to stop are you?” you ask.

“Nope.” he said with a shit eating grin.

“Ughhh! Fine you stubborn bastard!”

“SUCCESS!” he practically yelled.

Originally posted by hayallerincokotesinde

You guys got in Baby and drove to the nearest donut shop. You walked with Dean and did he look excited. You walked up to the counter and looked into the glass for donuts and they were all gone.

“Look’s like there’s no donuts oh no let’s go home.” you were about to leave when Dean grabbed your arm. “No just wait, please” he pleaded.

“Fine.” You waited a little bit and an old man came out from the kitchen with a huge platter of donuts and when he saw Dean he smiled immensely. “Dean!’ the man exclaimed. “The usual?”

“Yeah but can I get an extra? I got a plus one today.” Dean gestured to you.

“Of course, of course!” the man said happily “The more the merrier!”

“Thanks Carl.”

He handed Dean the donuts and Dean happily put the money on the table and gave them a pretty good tip in the tip jar.

“I’d never thought I’d see the day.” you said chuckling.

“What?” Dean asked with a raised eyebrow.

“You knowing a server’s name that wasn’t trying to hook up with you.”

“T-that’s not true!” he said trying to defend himself.

“Dean I’ve been with you and Sammy for over two year and in those two years I have never seen you learn any server’s name that you didn’t end up sleeping with.”

“Well, Carl and I have had our flirty nights.” he said jokingly. At that you snorted, like actually fucking snorted.

“So” you said.

“‘So’?” he repeated confused.

“Why did we come at midnight? I mean couldn’t we have come in the morning?”

“I mean we could have but then they wouldn’t taste like this” he said shoving his donut in his mouth. 

Originally posted by bilosan

You took a bite of your donut and all but moaned. Jesus it tasted like heaven. It didn’t take you long to devour the rest of your donut. “Oh my god that was so good!”

“I know right? If we waited til morning they wouldn’t be all warm and fluffy, Carl makes his donuts at midnight so that they are still fresh by morning, all done?” he asked about your donut.

“Yeah, thank you Dean for taking me to come get donuts and uh…sorry f-for punching you in the face.”

“It’s okay if you didn’t punch me I couldn’t have guilt tripped you into coming with me so it’s a win-win,” he laughed “well if you’re done then we should get going.” Both of you got back in Baby and drove back to the bunker. He walked you to your room “So are you going back to bed?”

“Yeah some of us need our beauty sleep.” you joked.

“Well then goodnight” he leaned down and kissed your cheek then quickly left. You stood there in shock. You lifted your hand to your cheek where he kissed you and a smile ghosted your lip as you walked into your room to sleep. You didn’t get any sleep though. Little did you know you weren’t the only one.

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Cat & Mouse (SMUT)

Anon Request: Eiki Yachigusa (MPD) x MC

“Can you write a fic about how Eiki and MC spend their at-home date when they have a day off? Like a romantic smut?”

[I would just like to say this wasn’t like normal romantic standards, but this is how I imagine Eiki & MC to consider romantic. I hope you enjoy!]

After several weeks of strenuous work at the office, both field & paperwork, you & Eiki finally have a day off together. After very little deliberation on how you should spend your date. You both quickly decide on a movie day.

“Okay! The DVD is ready, lets get the film party started!” Despite the small shadows under Eiki’s eyes he still beamed his usual charming boyish smile that made your heart flutter every time. 

“Oh! We forgot the popcorn, I’ll just go put some in the microwave” Scuttling off into the kitchen. Humming your own tune while you waited for the popcorn to pop its last kernall you felt a pair of warm arms wrap around your waist & a chin rest softly on your shoulder. 

“Do all capybara’s hum while they make popcorn?” Eiki’s amused voice caressing your earlobe sending a comforting warmth through your body. You look over your shoulder, pout & pinch both of his hands that rest gently on your stomach. 


“Serves you right.” You scoff, trying to contain your giggles as his slightly girlish shriek still echoed in your ears. 

“I didn’t know capybara’s were so cruel.” Before you could pinch him again he removed his hold on you & scampered out of the kitchen. You gave chase. Your childish banter always ending in some sort of cat & mouse game. However the mouse seemed faster than the cat today. On the prowl you lurked round every corner of the living room searching puzzled that he wasn’t where you’d expected. 

“Hehehehe” His cheeky giggle sounded through your apartment, alerting you to his whereabouts. You headed straight for your bedroom expecting him to jump out from behind the door. Only to be met with your dressing gown resting exactly where you left it that morning. After opening your wardrobe, closet & even checking your bathroom you couldn’t find your boyfriend. You walk over to your bed & collapse on it. 

“I give up!” You sighed, expecting him to come out straight away. After several minutes you fear maybe he fell asleep waiting for your to find him.

“Eiiiikkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” You say his name in a singsong voice loud enough for it to echo around your small apartment as you close your eyes. 


You open your eyes to find your boyfriend sat with his legs crossed beaming a proud smile down at you. 

“I win.” He giggles, leaning down he kisses your forehead. A surge of childish annoyance coursing through your body you move fast like a feline, pushing him on his back & straddling him. 

“Think again, I caught you.” His eyes narrow, a small smile tugging up one corner of his mouth, turning into that crooked smile that made your heart weak. A wave of affection coursing through you. You narrow your eyes too. Looking down on the man you adored more than anyone else in the world. His hand reaches up into your hair tucking it behind your ear before pulling you down mere inches away from his face.

“I’m so glad you did” with that sentence uttered his lips find yours. Moving softly in a kiss that told you how much he adored you too. Your hand cups his cheek brushing a thumb over his cheekbone as your kiss grew hotter with each second, sending a longing for your bodies to be one invading your thoughts & your blood stream. 

The warmth radiating from both your bodies hot enough to melt ice. Hands touching wherever they could reach, tracing patterns of your love into each others bodies. A kiss so intoxicating it should be illegal. Your brain consumed with nothing but Eiki, the popcorn & movies long forgotten about, your game of cat & mouse turned into the foreplay that lead you to your passionate embrace. 

Clothes were shed quickly, both of you seemingly grateful for settling for sweats & baggy t-shirts instead of your casual attire, today. Hands resumed their ministrations but even hotter against each others bare skin. It always amazed you that just being touched by him, his hands, the ones you plan to hold for the rest of your life, danced on your skin & made you feel like a poem that the poet was desperate to write. Your moans trickled onto Eiki’s tongue as he took control of your mouth. Still straddled in his lap, bare flesh against bare flesh, you realise how powerful the feelings he gave you were. From just a kiss you melted, literally dripping from your intimate area. Pulling back to catch your breath, his hands wrap into your hair as you rest your forehead against his while adjusting your wet slit onto his length pinning it between yourself & his stomach. 

“_____…you…you have no idea how I want…you.” His eyes a dark shade of caramel, the hunger he had for you but with twists of honey throughout his iris’ told you that this wasn’t just sex & empty promises. This was making love. Eyes you had seen many times before ones you knew that would show you a happiness you were once sceptical existed.

“I’ve..I’ve got a…pretty good idea…” You panted against his lips, a sly grin playing on your mouth as you slid your core along his cock. Making his lips part & that moan, that deep husky moan, that made your heart pump into overdrive, left his mouth fanning your face as you lean in to kiss him again. 

Growling Eiki wrapped his arms around you & rolled you onto your back. His lips leaving yours to attack your neck in a loving assault. Throwing your head back as he finds that one spot on the nape of your neck that made violent shivers course through all the nerve endings in your body. 

“Oh god..Eiki..Eiki I need you…so bad.” Resting his cock against your slit, he gently rubs himself against you, his tip stroking against your clit making you scream wantonly. It was his turn to tease.

“Mm…I know” That crooked smile appearing on his face as he teased your entrance open with his cock. Your eyes clamp shut, your lips parted, heavy breaths escape as he teasingly eases one inch at a time into you. Desperate for him you wrap your legs under his ass drawing him into you completely. Resting his hands either side of your head he dips his head closer to yours so his panting breaths mingle with yours. Resting his forehead against yours he smiles so adoringly at you causing your heart to beat five times faster than it already was.

“I…love…you” & with that you’re done for. Your lips crash into his, tongue threading into his mouth as your hips grind against his. Swallowing his lusty breaths & deep moans Eiki moves his hips with yours. Dancing to the sound of your passion. Your hot, wet walls clamping around his cock as it hit your g-spot causing your both to let out strained moans onto each others tongues. Your hand reaching round to his lower back digging nails & fingertips into his fiery skin to encourage his pace. He willingly obliged setting a pace fast enough for the coil in your belly to begin unravelling. 

His lips never leaving yours, making love with Eiki, he always made sure he kissed you, made sure you felt the power you had over him, the love, the need, the want. Even when it was primal sex, possessive, his lips would lock onto yours. All the while his hips set paces & angles that should be physically impossible. But those lips, even when his urges & instincts of the barbarian man kicked in, his lips always reminded you this was love. That this barbarian man had evolved into one that knew what he wanted & how to show what he wanted, through those beautiful lips that framed that beautiful smile that made everything seem like rainbows & stars. 

“Oh…Eikii..E-Eikiiiii…I love you…I love…you” Your moans escape your mouth tickling his as his lips still brush against yours, his cock plunges deeper into you. His pelvic bone grazing your swollen clit when he buries himself deep into you. Eyes squeezing shut, your body writhes under him. Screaming as each wave of pleasure made its way round your body, making sure every nerve felt the delicious pleasure as your orgasm ripped through you. Eiki’s name being etched into air as your moans of his name repeatedly leave your lips. 

“_____ ______…fuck ________” Lost in the fogginess of your orgasm you faintly hear your lovers call of your name as you felt him shudder before thrusting into you with sporadic movements signally you to his own release. As your dreamily open your eyes small whimpered breath dancing with his desperate moans you wrap your finger around the back of his head pressing down so his lips caress yours. As if that action was the prompt he needed, Eiki groaned into your mouth making you whimper once again as his cock coated your walls with his love. Breaking the kiss by a centimetre to allow yourselves to breath Eyes staring straight into each others like you were both watching your favourite movies. 

Pulling out from you Eiki rolled onto his back, pulling you against his toned chest. Smiling, like a Cheshire cat who just caught the tastiest of mice you giggle at how completely content you were in this moment with a man who made you feel young, alive & loved. 

“I don’t think I ever want to move, this is what I want to do all day, everyday!” Eiki said through a smile mimicking your own. 

“I was thinking the exact same thing!” you chuckle against his chest your fingers stroking the muscles on his abdomen & his traced circles down your back. 

“I really want that popcorn though…& a drink….” He said peering into your eyes trying to get you to go & get it. 

“Ughhh…fine! But only because I want some too.” Heading straight to the fridge, you notice a bottle Eiki bought you as a joke & your childish banter rises again. Pouring the Aojiru soy latte into a mug, then grabbing the now cold popcorn you practically skip all the way back to where you left Eiki.

“Here you go!” You smile at him, showing him your very own angelic smile. He eyes you suspiciously before taking a gulp of his drink. His eyes widen & he clamps his hand over his mouth. You laugh & flee the room barely managing to grab your bathrobe on the way out. 

“YOU ARE ASKING FOR IT, YOU NAUGHTY LITTLE CAPYBARA” & with that it was now Eiki’s turn to play the cat & you to play the mouse.