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Yeah, even now the words of Ecclesiasticus are ringing in my ears. They’re saying, ‘Vengeance, as a lion, shall lie in wait for them.’

rest in peace, Davina Claire.

i was talking w @faemichael about daddy!michael and somehow this was born (no pun intended lmao). it’s kinda odd, but it deals w the ups and downs of pregnancy, so yeah!! enjoy x

You sat on the leather sofa, picking at your cuticles idly. Your left hand was flexed in front of your face as you studied your nails, your right resting gently on the large protrusion of your stomach. Michael was messing around with his band, the four men negotiating song lyrics and playing haphazard tunes on their instruments.

“Those lyrics are shit,” your husband scoffed, running his fingers through his messy, bleached hair. 

Calum pouted dramatically, crossing his arms over his chest, “I’d like to see you do any better.”

You smiled at their antics. Ever since you had confessed to Michael that you were pregnant, he had been extremely protective. He brought you everywhere with him, convinced that only he truly knew how to care for you. His hands were always either resting against the small of your back or on your belly, gasping happily whenever the baby decided to give an enthusiastic kick.

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