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Morning Baby

Characters- Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre- Fluffy/Smut

Info- Honestly I wrote this after thinking about how pretty my hands are and it just sort of took off and my fluffy Yoongi feels came out.

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He had always had a fondness for how small your hands were, the way they fit so easily into his own. They were soft and delicate, just like the way you touched. It was as if you were afraid to hurt someone, especially him. Whenever the two of you hugged your hands would very softly cradle the muscles of his back. However, there was a firmness about your hold, you wanted him to notice you there. You weren’t a wisp, you were a living, breathing, human woman who was holding him so delicately and lovingly. He was your world and you were his regardless of how little the two of you spoke of that love out loud.

It was never in words and very rarely through touch except in those private moments when he would hold your hand and kiss it over and over, his eyes never leaving yours. The moments where you would embrace one another for several minutes, just to feel close. His eyes are what expressed him though, those deep dark eyes that were always so soft and warm when he gazed upon you, brushing all of your fears away. The dark expanse of his soul was visible in the small spark that seemed to ignite whenever he looked upon you. Especially now in the early morning of the day, but you were still sleeping with your small lovely hands curled up in front of your face. He reached out and pulled the delicate knuckles to his lips, allowing them to ghost over the soft flesh of your hands. You moved a little, never one to sleep so lightly, but the touch wasn’t quiet enough to wake you.

“You know, I love your hands,” He murmured in a raspy morning voice to your still sleeping form. Even in your sleep though you smiled a little, his voice reaching into your dreams. He grinned at that and scooted closer to you. Lightly nudging his way so his face was just in front of yours, lips barely brushing. You mumbled something, but stayed asleep, though you did snuggle closer to the body pressing up against you. He smirked that devil’s grin of his when your lips pushed to his unintentionally and took the initiative to press his lips firmly to yours eliciting a sleepy whimper from you.

“Come on jagi, wake up,” He whispered before pressing his lips back to yours, his arms winding their way around your waist to pull you to him, though tangled sheets still blocked your body’s. This woke you up, your eyes flashing open in surprise and a gasp escaping your lips. He grinned and quickly deepened the kiss, tongue slipping past your lips to swipe at your own. At this you quickly submerged into his arms and the kiss, tangling yourself with him. Your soft limbs looped around his neck while hands delved into his silky, colorful hair, pushing him to you. He hummed into the embrace, quickly pushing the sheets that were between the two of you away in order to pull you flush against him. No matter how many times you had had one another, it felt like the first time every time. The kisses were soft and urgent, hands pulling, grasping, wandering desperately against one another.

“Good morning,” His voice drifted to you as he detached his lips from your own, peppering his way down to your throat with light kisses. You giggled when he blew against your throat earning a happy humming from him before he delved back in. Pressing hotter kisses to your throat, nipping the flesh and sucking soft purple hearts along the column of your neck. You moaned out at the feeling, pulling him even closer to you wanting more.

“Good morning Yoongi-ah,” You said back in a breathy voice. He could always steal it from you with every drag of his lips against your skin. Yoongi mumbled against your skin tugging at your earlobe playfully wanting nothing more than anything to hear your soft sounds, validation that he was making you feel amazing. You were never loud and he liked that, it was always a tender moan or little gasp for air that gave away how you felt in these moments.

“Jagi,” He growled, grinding you against his growing arousal. It was all he needed to say to show you how much he needed you. How much he wanted you, to be against you, to be in you. Moaning delicately, you pulled him back into a long drugging kisses. Hands retreating from his hair to instead delve under his night shirt. You ran your small hands over his chest, the skin always felt so soft. Feeling playful you decided to scrap your nails along the flesh eliciting a deep groan from Yoongi. The sound vibrating down your throat.

“I can’t believe you woke me up,” You said to him with a giggle, dragging your hands even lower to his waistband, dipping the tips of your fingers just under the band. Yoongi’s deep chuckle vibrated against you as he pulled away.

“I can’t help myself, you’re just so cute,” He pushed his hips to your hands when he spoke, knowing it wouldn’t do anything but suggest what he wanted. He didn’t really want your hands though, he just wanted to pleasure you. He quickly slid his hands down your back and cupped your bottom, pulling your hips roughly against his, grinding his arousal firmly to your own. Moaning out you aided in the grinding eliciting a groan from him as well.

“Since when was being cute sexy?” You asked between little knees and giggles. Earning a bright smile from Yoongi between his own panting.

“Since i met you Jagi,” He replied quickly, not giving you time to reply before he was pushing you harder to him and humming at the way your head fell into his chest and a shuddering breath left your lips. He dipped his hands lower and quickly ripped the shirt from your body, leaving you in nothing. but your underwear. Blushing you urged his shirt up his stomach, but he was already moving to take it off as well. Once the clothing was gone and thrown in a random direction from the bed he dipped down to litter your chest in kisses. Hands having gone back to squeezing and kneading the flesh of your upper thighs and backside. You moaned out and hooked one leg around his hip to pull him ever closer to you.

“You must be soaked Jagi,” Yoongi chuckled, he was right though, your underwear was soaking through with arousal and causing you to whimper against him. He pushed a hand between the two of you and lightly ran a finger over your covered folds gaining a breathy moan from you. He smiled at how right he was quickly deciding not to tease you so early in the morning and pushing his way past the underwear to delve two fingers deeply into your slick entrance and curled them to give you the pleasure he knew you deserved. You moaned out louder than usual at the feeling, clenching onto him desperately. Your fingers left little red imprints on his pale starlight skin that disappeared just as quickly as they had bloomed.

“You must really love me,” Yoongi groaned at the feeling, moving his hand in and out at a slow pace. The feeling was amazing and he felt himself growing harder at the thought of how you would feel around him. No matter how many times he had had you, the feeling was always unbelievably blissful every time. Yoongi’s fingers retreated after a few breathless moments and he quickly yanked the soaked underwear from your hips, tossing them across the room before flipping you onto your back and hovering over you. His lips stretched into a silly grin at the sight of you under him washed in the morning sunlight, you were his angel and devil wrapped into one gorgeous soul.

“Do you plan on teasing me today?” You wondered as he bent down to brush his lips delicately to your own, before trailing them down, down, down. Hooking his forearms around your thighs, Yoongi pulled you so your core was just hovering before his lips. His grin read mischife, but his eyes were showering you in love. The deep expanses of them could evoke more love from you than anything else, but they also left you breathless and blushing.

“No, it’s too early…I can’t promise any mercy though,” Yoongi grinned wickedly while kissing your thighs as he answered, sucking small bruising heart there before quickly attacking your clit. Sucking and nipping at it lightly, occasionally sprinkling a kiss here and there in order to cause you to become a quivering mess before him. His firm hold on your legs prevented you from moving too much under his ministrations. He brought his tongue down to delve into your core and lap into you roughly, groaning at the taste and the way your fingers raked through his hair to pull him desperately deeper into you. Yoongi’s nose brushed your clit as he continued his attack and you barely registered him moving his arms until one was pinning your bucking hips to the bed and the fingers of his other where pushing back into you and curling at a delicious pace. The breathless airy moans ripping through you spurred him on to pump his fingers faster and curl them every time they reached your deepest point. His tongue flicking quickly over your clit trying to make you reach your fast approaching high.

“Come on Jagi, cum for me,” His words vibrated against you making you gasp and moan louder than before. You had never been one to scream and instead let out breathy whimpers when you finally reached your high followed by low moans. Fireworks exploding in your chest and behind your tightly closed eyes, realising onto Yoongi’s fingers and mouth. He removed them and you cracked your eyes to see him sucking the liquid off before softly lapping up anything remaining on your sensitive lips. While watching him you noticed he had taken his boxers off at some point and had his hand around his own shaft pumping slowly. His dark lust filled eyes roamed your  body in appreciation as he sat back. He smirked as you watched him touching himself at the sight of you, he was always amazed at how lovely you were. Your soft flushed skin and big eyes watching him intently and even though you had just finished, he knew you would take him happily as you always did.

“You’re beautiful,” His words brought your eyes to his own and a shy smile graced your lips followed by a little giggle. Yoongi leaned over you and kissed them deeply distracting you as he pushed his throbbing member past your entrance and bottomed out in you with a breathy groan. You were moaning as well, too sensitive and needy, in a state of contradiction as pleasure and overstimulation fought. The pleasure would win out though as it always did when he rested his elbows on either side of your head, propping himself above you while he rocked out slowly and then back in with a hard thrust that caused a high toned moan to erupt from your lips. He continued the slow pace, accompanying your whimpers and moans with his deep groans and grunts. Occasionally whispering words into your ear and sucking the lobe into his mouth.

“You sound so pretty Jagi,” He hummed lowly, once again thrusting himself roughly into you before slowly dragging back out till the tip was just pressing into the entrance. “Do you want me to go faster?” He let out a breathy moan this time when he entered you, his breathing more labored than it had been minutes before. Even though he didn’t want to tease you his nature to be playful always came out a little.

“Please, Yoongi-ah,” You were pulling at his back hoping to push him further into you, to gain some kind of speed that he always held out on. Yoongi always enjoyed the languid and slow sex, the kind that dragged out, but he enjoyed making you explode in pleasure even more. He didn’t answer you and instead just groaned at your words and picked up his pace. Thrusting with fast strokes that had you on the edge of chanting his name, but instead all that came out were gasps and whines for more. He reached deeply into you with every strong pump and he felt his high fast approaching. Without warning Yoongi flipped the two of you effortlessly, earning a surprised squeak from you accompanied by a deep moan as his shaft buried itself even deeper with the new position.

“Move jagi,” Yoongi groaned, bucking himself up into you, hands moving to position yours comfortably on his chest as you bounced and ground down onto him. The friction on your clit was what got you off the most and this was your favorite position for that reason. He groaned again and cupped your breasts, pinching your nipples harshly and desperately bucking up into you as you came down.

“Come on Jagi,” Yoongi growled, taking the lead and grabbing your hips to slam them down onto his own. You let him control the movement as he brought the two of you even closer to the peaks you had been chasing. With a few more powerful thrusts you were whimpering and writhing on top of him as you came hard for the second time that morning. His fingers on one hand moved from your waist to rub into your clit so he could help you ride out your orgasm. Then he was flipping you back over and pumped even quicker to reach his own high, the way you looked still moaning and gripping the sheets under him is what got him off. He finished deep within you with a loud groan and stuttering hips, head coming down to rest into the crook of your neck.

“Yoongi-ah,” You wanted to scold him for waking you up, but sex with him was too amazing and a great way to start the day. Yoongi grinned that gummy smile of his, lips spreading widely as he pulled back to look down at you while pulling himself out. Kissing your nose and cheeks and lips in sweet pecks, his soft and sweet side coming out as it always did when the two of you were intimate.

“God you’re beautiful,” He mused, pulling you up to straddle his hips in order to hold you close to him. Sitting back on his haunches and stroking his fingers through your hair in a loving gesture.

“You’re all sweaty,” You pouted when he dragged you further against him and buried his face in your neck once more. He only chuckled and carefully maneuvered off the bed, with you still wrapped around him. Holding you with strong lovely hands that cradled your bodies close to one another.

“Let’s shower and then go back to sleep in our dirty bed,” He said while carrying you to the bathroom, you only laughed because of course he wanted to sleep more. Your laugh was a soft bell like sound to him and caused him smile softly while caressing your body against his, so happy he had you in his hectic life.

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You and I… We are not so different. We’re both a little guarded, a little screwed up. Maybe a lot screwed up. And we both have killed people. It leaves you feeling like you have to make up for it somehow. You have to solve every case, maybe throw yourself in front of a few cars to make sure a bad guy doesn’t get away. But it doesn’t work. None of it. 

*Mary dies*


*John blames Sherlock for Mary’s death*



Okay, i don’t like where this is going..! I don’t want something fucked up to happen, like Mel being somehow unable to give Lynn her lifesaving surgery, or the heart being miraculously not compatible with Lynn’s body, or Lynn saying that she wants to have a normal life for however much time she has left and then dying in Mel’s arms, or Mel seeing Lynn die on the operation table and start rethinking her life choices…. I don’t need this, okay!!! Just.. Give me a happy ending! Happy tears and hugs, and picnics and late night dates, and stargazing and domestic fluff and kisses and..please don’t kill her off…

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Lilith tends to teleport to Goth’s world in order to cuddle her “little brother”. She even goes there when he’s asleep in order to get some cuddles.

But, tonight, her parents were doing the dirty and she needed sleep so, she went to Goth.

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Liltih belongs to me