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Sounds Messy II

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Sehun

Rating: R

Word Count: 4,051

Summary:  You’re on vacation in Hawaii when you run into Sehun. What starts off as just a casual flirtation ends up becoming much more.

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Prank Buddies

Characters - Gabriel x Reader, a little bit of Cas

Words - 1956

Warnings - Fluff, jealous!cas? is that a warning?

A/N - Hey all you lovely dumplings, here’s another personalized fic and this one’s for @spn-fob-fandoms-perfection! The fact that this one was kinda hard for me to write is strange since i’m such a Gabe girl, but i enjoyed writing it nonetheless and i hope you like it love ❤ 


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You were on your way to the bar with your brothers Sam and Dean when felt your phone buzzing in your pocket. “Who could be messaging me right now?” You mumbled as you dug deep into your jeans to retrieve it. “Just ignore it Gwen, ‘specially if it’s a job or somethin’.” Dean turned his head around to the back seat of the impala to flash you a grin and raised eyebrows. Cas was in the back with you, as usual, and you noticed him leaning over your shoulder to see what you were typing. The message had been from Gabriel.

 ‘Gonna go get plastered without lil ol’ me huh sweetness?’

 It was a great annoyance whenever he did something like this, like he was watching you all the time or something. However you did like him a lot and thought he was hilarious (and maybe had some not so well hidden feelings for the archangel), but you didn’t want your brothers or Cas getting upset with you for talking to him after all they weren’t the best of friends. “Hey stop bein’ so nosey alright?” You nudged Castiel’s arm with your elbow, a small playful smile on your lips even though you weren’t really kidding. He stayed quiet, a grumble falling from his chapped lips as he stared out the window and you hoped he’d hadn’t seen Gabriel’s name at the top of the screen. “Lighten up Cas, she’s always mean.” You rolled your eyes at Sam’s comment and scoffed, sending your message. 

‘Blow it out your ass angelcake.’ 

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 I was captain of my cheerleading squad in my high school, and I was president of my class and homecoming queen, but I was also into the dark stuff. I went through a weird stage just like Peyton is going through. I was totally into Boy George and David Bowie was my man. I loved androgyny. For a time, I would only wear men’s trousers.


dakota & jamie

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blurb for lukes reaction to him making you cry

this blurb will shatter hearts starting with mINE

ughh so say that you and luke were arguing over something stupid and it just got really heated really fast and you both started saying things you didn’t mean. at one point luke would say, “i’m not even sure if i love you anymore” or something really mean like that. the second after he said it he would know that he really messed up. he would quickly say, “wait, Y/N, i didn’t mean that-” but it would be too late. you would take a few steps away and feel the tears start to come out of your eyes and fall down your face. ughh he would feel like shit for saying something that stupid. you would say softly, “maybe if you don’t love me anymore i’ll just get my stuff and go.” and he would be devastated. he would be thinking “oh no i just messed up so bad. she probably hates me now. i can’t believe i said that. i need to go stop her…” and ahhhhhhh he would chase you up the stairs and grab onto your arm and even though you tried to pull away, he wouldn’t let you. he would then say, “listen Y/N i know i just messed up really bad. like, really bad. and i understand if you’re pissed at me. and want to break up, but i hope you don’t want too. please don’t go Y/N, i’ll do anything to make you stay. please? i didn’t mean anything i just said, you know that! i love you a lot. please don’t go.” and you wouldn’t reply for a few seconds but then finally you would say, “fine, i’ll stay. i know you didn’t mean it.” and he would smile and hug you really tightly and kiss the top of your head, and then start to lead both of you to the bedroom to go to bed. after you realized what he was doing you would stop him and say, “what do you think you’re doing, luke? you’re not off the hook that easy. you are still sleeping on the couch tonight.” ah

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