ughh this is when i think i cried

My Top 10 Voltage Men

So I was tagged by @aznbubbii and I’m actually waited for someone tag my name. HAHAHHA

Here is the list:

10. Issei Sezaki (KOR)

I cried when I read his route. I still can’t forget his face expression when MC tried to kill him with knife. His face is so painfully handsome. Ughh. He’s like a guy who really needs a hug. And he is a doctor. A hawt doctor. 

9. Yakov Chernenkov (BMP) 

A guy who has a long platinum blonde hair with prince title. Normally, my taste is a dark or brown hair guy but he is the first blonde guy I ever purchased in Voltage game. The reason is he looks more beautiful than MC. Haha.

8. Keith Alford (BMP & BMPP)

He is a tsundere prince who is rude and arrogant. I really like him seriously. My heart melts when he is blushing. (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤ He likes to tease MC and they bicker a lot of the time. And I played his grandson’s route. Ughh he’s hawt. XD

7. Takao Maruyama (MFW & MFWP)

He is a lawyer and surprisingly talented at household chores. The first character I played since I started playing Voltage game. God. He is the perfect husband I could ever ask. His smile could makes you feel warm inside your heart. (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤ And his love rival is Saeki which is one of my favourite too. My weakness with this triangle love. Ughh

6. Takamasa Saeki (MFW & MFWP)

“Honey…” Oh God. My heart can’t take it when he called me Honey. HAHA. He is a famous scriptwriter. He’s flirty and treats you like a princess. Whenever he’s in Takao’s route, he keeps on saying that he has feeling for you. I can’t even.. Why.. Plz no. I’m in Takao’s route.. ಥ_ಥ  And this literally broke my heart into million pieces. You should play his route. Btw, he looks sexy in white shirt. :3

5. Eisuke Ichinomiya (KBTBB)

CEO. This guy is stupidly wealthy. I like rich guys. He’s quite cold and never honest with his true feelings. And yeah. He can play piano. The great Eisuke can play piano, guys. Once he loves you, he will never let you go. His sexy smirks.. And the kabedon thing. Dammit. Ughh. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

4. Ichthys (SCM)

The best boyfriend ever. He’s a god who likes taiyaki. 😂 His pranks would never stop and always make me laugh. HAHA. His route bringing a truck load of feels into my kokoro. Yeah. I cried.  ಥ_ಥ

3. Nagito Aoshima (SITS)

Member of idol group called REVANCE. He’s pretty outgoing person. He likes to tell you dirty jokes. HAHA. Actually, he is an orphan until the Aoshima family adopted him. Suffered from unrequited love before he found you. He once said this. “You’re a human, you can cry when things are hard.” and yeah I cried. ಥ_ಥ Personally, I think he has the most beautiful singing among the REVANCE group members. I swear. Plz don’t bash me. I even set his song as my phone ringtone. Haha.

2. Sanada Yukimura (SLBP & SAC)

Oh God. I really love him so much. My tumblr timeline full with his screenshots. HAHA. I think he has no experience with women and such a pure soul. 😂 He’s easily flustered when Saizo teased him with MC. He’s a precious cinnamon roll.  😂 I really like his red face.  😂 😂 😂

1. Taiga Kujo (LLFTX)

A hawt doctor. He’s miraculously skilled and has a dark past in his career.   ಥ_ಥ Actually, he has no experience at all when it comes to dating. HAHA. He can easily flustered when you’re staring at him. His smile.. Ahh. I can feel love. He doesn’t get joke and things like that. And I even dream about him.  😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Okay, I’m done. To list just 10 guys are not enough for me because I have  58945 baes other than these 10 in all Voltage games. HAHA.

So i will tag @vyex4syfg @treasurehan @yaoikov @noomsu @lord-rrriot @littlehaveabigheart @tearscrime Ichthys , rei-endellion & ai-shi-te (i can’t tag you guys) @lazycatzzzzz @our-momo-stuff @sassiestblog @sweet-n-smexy @princess-andrella @crystal1198 and everyone who want to do this. :DD

I’m sorry if this post tooooooooooo long.  😂 😂

smolest-beans  asked:

Hi. Uhm so I have a lot of stuff going on rn and last Thursday my cat died. I cried for hours and I cried in school the next day. I feel like I messed up some friendships today. Could I possibly have a meme to cheer me up?

(first of all i feel awful so talking to long to reply to this i’m so sorry)

ughh that just breaks my heart, i can’t even began to think how much pain you’re in right now. it’s always horrible when a pet dies. i’m truly sorry. and as for your friends, you seem like a wonderful person so it’s their loss.

oh and here’s your meme 

lovemeteorstrike  asked:

i saw your headcanon about laurent crying... ughh i think about that all the time! i have a related headcanon that laurent doesn't make much noise during sex because the regent hated hearing his voice becoming more manly... but damen just breaks through his defenses bit by bit and laurent gradually learns to let go; damen loves hearing laurent so much, and when he tells laurent how beautiful he is, laurent cries because he never realised just how much he needed to hear that.

HONESTLY…? I’M CRYING NOW… THANKS. (No really that’s such a beautifully heart-wrenching headcanon… a++)