ughh this is dumb

*The artist steps into a room full of the characters they draw fanarts of. *

“Let’s address the elephant in the room, i know you all hate me for making you all suffer but i do not care. ”

*points at Dark*
“You need to be at least a continent away from me at all times, thank you. Also fuck you. ”

*points at Anti*
“You’re like my son okay if Dark bullies you i’ll rip his arms off or smth.*

*points at Google*
"Discount Siri.”

*points at The Host*
“You’re cute and you like story telling so you’re the only one in this room i’ll have mercy on.”

*notices Bim Trimmer*
“Okay fine, two, i’ll have mercy on two of you.”

*the artist proceeds to be fucking murdered for disrespect*

Movie Reviewer: “The Cars Franchise is Pixar’s-”

Me: *exits out of video*

Seventeen in Dallas!

Short fan account of my experience with seventeen in Dallas!

I had the most fun at the show! A had an amazing view of the stage! I wish i would have gone down into the faux pit that was made probably would have more of an interaction with them but its all good.

Don’t wanna bore anyone with my dabbling about concert details so ill just give my highlights lol.

I had an interaction with woozi during a ment, like literally half the whole concert boy was like the 😑 emoji. So from where my seat was there is like a clear view of me like i was right there you can’t miss me lol I noticed through out the whole thing he was looking in my direction! We locked eyes and he looked away, so i was like okaaaaay. So I wanted to get a good video of my baby daddy coups ( WHICH I MAYSAY HE LOOK FREAKING DELICIOUS OMG) ahm Then I turned my head to see woozi staring at me again! So with my happy little self I decided to make a surprise finger heart at him, AND HE FREAKING LAUGHED AT ME AND SMILED OUT IF EMBARRASSMENT,AMUSEMENT? IDK BUT AHHHHHHHHHHH. My heart was doing little back flips like omg, I thought I caught the moment on my phone since i was filming but freaking nope I didn’t have my phone facing his direction when it happen fml. But the girl in front of me was videotaping to on her phone and caught the moment

at 2:30-2:36 its not my video and idk how to gif so if anyone wants to gif it I would be really grateful if you did!!! but im so glad she caught it!!

2nd highlight
Not a big one but I got Hansol (Vernon) to wave at me! Also he was having a full blown convo with a girl in the faux pit like shes so freaking lucky i wonder what they where talking about???

3rd highlight high-touch time
I actually have a video of it like i was a sneaky bitch and filmed it lol but its so crap you can hardly see there faces but got a really long I got a really long look at jun cause the girl I made friends with in front me gave him a gift and the security guy got mad lol coups was right there so i had good eye contact with him too! Woozi gave me a really shy smile lol! When i got to mingyu he like lend down and put his arm on the gate, grabbed my hand and with this silly sly grin and he did some shit with his eyebrows too lol My dumb phone wasn’t high enough to get ughh but he said thank you~ for coming and like dragged it lol

But thats my small experience i might upload my high-touch later.

Nick’s bad case of...

Nick is not always trusted alone because he sometimes has a bad case of pregnancy brain XD So Finnick decides to help Nick out by going to the store with him, while Judy is at work.

Nick: I’m glad that you came. It will help me not to forget stuff. *starts taking off his seat belt while the van is still moving and opens the door*

Finnick: I’m glad I can help out. I–  *notices Nick and grabs him by the arm* Whoa, whoa! - Whoa, whoa, whoa! Man, are you crazy!!!-

Nick: Why didn’t you stop first!!?


Finnick: *huffs* We’ve been standing in the frozen food aisle for half an hour.

Nick: I need something frozen.

Finnick: What?

Nick: I don’t know. I just wrote the word “frozen”

Finnick: Okay. Uh, let’s think. Peas. Ice cream. Pizza. Waffles.

Nick: Wait a minute. It says “dozen”. I need eggs! That’s right, eggs! Ughh I’m such a dumb fox.

EXO Teasing their Girlfriend for Being SHORT Reaction {Requested}

“Can you please do EXO teasing their gf on how short they are? (I’m requesting this cos I am really short ^.^) Btw, I just found you blog and I LOVE IT! Carry on writing as you just gained a new follower:) ( I have a lot more to say but word limit)xD”

Thank you! Here you go anon!:)

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Xiumin: “what do you mean you can’t reach the pot?” He asked you coming up from behind you and pulling it down. “Maybe if you would have put on those heels you love to wear all the time, then you’d be able to reach!” He teased causing you to snatch the pot and give him a swift elbow to the rib as you huffed away.

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Luhan: “I’m sorry baby but you know I can never take you seriously when I can see right over your head!” He laughed at you, effectively cutting you off in the middle of your sentence. You were trying to scold him for leaving his shoes in the doorway (repeatedly) and making you trip but you could tell he wasn’t listening at all.

“Aughhh!!” You yelled in frustration. Sometimes it sucked being fun-sized.

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Kris: “What did you say?” He asked you, grinning. You wanted to take a napkin and wipe the grin off of his mouth but you knew that would solve nothing. “Ugh, I said that I can’t see can you please….” You sighed deeply. “Give me a boost?”

“I’ll consider it.” He answered simply as he walked away leaving you fuming and wondering what in the world was going on at the neighbor’s house over their fence.

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Suho: “You realize your legs practically stop at my ankles right?” He asked you as you both stood in front of the full length mirror in the clothes department of your favorite store.

“I can’t hear you!” You said in a singsong voice as you left him to continue perusing the racks.

“Can you not hear because your ears are small too?” He asked laughing as you picked up a hanger and began chasing him around the store.

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“I didn’t know shoes came in sizes this small” He mused out loud in wonder as he held your winter boots in his hands. “Are you sure this isn’t a doll’s shoe?”

You reached up and took the boots out of his hand and placed them back in your closet. “I had to order them special okay? So treat them with care, or else I’ll try and return YOU and get a refund.”

He just laughed at your empty threats and grabbed you for a big bear hug.

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Baekhyun: “That’s the rules, I don’t make ‘em I just enforce ‘em!” He told you holding the last cookie up in his hand as you stood on your tippy toes trying to reach it.

“What do you mean you don’t make them? This dumb game was your idea! Ughh if I would have known that to get the last cookie you would just hold it in the air I would have never agreed! You pouted. You really wanted that cookie. It was double chocolate chip, your favorite.

“Tough luck shortie, next time put your heels on and maybe you can have a delicious cookie in your life.”

You watched in horror as he took a bite.

You would get him for this.

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Chen: “Why wouldn’t you just tell me that you needed a booster?” He cried out as he looked at the hand held mirror at his mangled locks. You had volunteered to help him cut his hair, but the problem was that you couldn’t quite see exactly what you were doing as you did it. The chair he had sat in had been a little too high so some parts you kind of just cut in faith and good intentions.

“Well thanks Y/N, I always wondered what I would look like if I got run over with a lawnmower and now I definitely know!”

“You’re welcome!” You replied as he began chasing you down with the scissors still in his hands.

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“You make me feel like a giant” He informed you and you stood in line for snow cones at the local ice cream shoppe.

“You are a giant, I should be the one complaining, you make me feel like a toddler!”

He reached over and pinched your cheeks. “You’re right you act like a baby, you look like a baby and you’re as tiny as a baby!” You smacked his hand but he kept laughing.

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D.O.:  “I didn’t see you at the concert? Were you there asked you?” As he greeted you and walked into your living room. “Of course I was there!” You told him “I was in the front row!” He scrunched up his face like he was in deep thought before his eyes lit up. “Oh you’re right! I did see you! You were just so short next to the sage all I saw was the top of your head bobbing around! Next time I’ll ask them to build a special mini stage just for you!” He laughed.

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Tao: “I’m starting to think you keep me around just so I grab things for you.” He grumbled out loud as he stood on the attic ladder handing down boxes to you. “Maybe you are.” You teased struggling with the heavy boxes and hoping that he didn’t notice.

He did.

He looked down at you and laughed as you struggled to place the box down without dropping it on your own toes.

“Be careful, that box is almost bigger than you!” He warned as he turned back to the attic.

“Hardy har, har” You fake laughed. “I hope you fall.” You added in a whisper.

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“Your hands are so little, they dwarf in mine!” He exclaimed as he held your hands in his. “How am I ever suppose to find a ring for your finger if you have elf fingers?”

“WOAH HOLD UP! Are you asking me to marry you?” You asked in excitement your heart racing.

“Um, no….it’s only been three weeks but I mean still you hands are freaking miniature!”

You groaned and threw the nearest pillow you could find at the side of his perfectly tousled head.

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“I don’t know why you complain so much about being little, I like the way you feel in my arms.” He told you as he came up and hugged you from behind. You smiled. Sehun might sometimes get a bad rep as being a scoundrel and self absorbed but it was moments like this you wished everyone could see the real him.

He continued.

“I mean you’re so tiny it’s kind of like you’re a bug and I’m the giant shoe that could squash you or let you live.” He burst out laughing as you wriggled out of his arms. Forget the mushy stuff. Sehun was still a big fat jerk.


Trudy Cooper, The Astronaut Wives Club

 “Who knows. If I play nice now, maybe one day it’ll be me going into space.”

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I want my boyfriend to treat me the way chanyeol treats baekhyun but I don't have a boyfriend LOL

Boyfriends AF (Cy)

Hello there darling~ <3 Oh well, who wouldn’t want to be treated like some friggin’ princess every passing moment? And who wouldn’t want to be pampered and cared for? Bc that’s exactly how Cy treats Bh tbh.

This has somehow turned from Cy taking care of Bh to just random domestic stuff BaekYeol has done. HAHAHA but anyways, you guys get the point. Cy is just so ideal boyfriend material towards Bh idek what to say anymore. My gosh, who treats their platonic hommie this well? TT___TT <3

I want someone who smiles bc he’s so in love when he sees me. Just like the way Cy does when he looks at Bh TT__TT

Getting Bh’s attention to show off his “Happy Birthday” hat only to get hit by a chicken leg. Ughh ;;A;;

Being dumb with Bh. ;;A;;

Ofc teasing ur boyfriend is a must haha.

And ofc, initiating skinship <3

gif credits!


Oh and don’t worry you’re not alone. I’m pretty much single as well darling, always have been since birth and I’m proud of it HAHAHA. Let us all hope we find significant others who are as caring and loving as Cy is towards Bh <3 

Thank you for dropping a message darling~ <3 I hope you have a good day! ^^

so i reached 400 followers yesterday and im too frickin pumped to wait until 500 to do this so……here i am with my follow forever!!!  im so thankful for all the people who follow me and all my amazing friends who ive met along the way……id like to thank u for putting up with my dramatiqué self and my mess of a blog ♡ 

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I Forgot

Fluff for ur Nalu loving modern prom au adoring butts

Based off that “I forgot to ask you” post


The gowns, the elegant banquet halls, the ‘standing in front of rose bushes by your nearest park to take pictures for family’.

Junior Prom.

Lucy hated it with a passion.

She never liked those dances due to all the banquets and events she had to attend as a child, so you bet your ass she wouldn’t go as an adult.

But her inner stereotypical 17 year old girl was sadly dying to go.

But for better reasons.

She wanted to look stunning with her best friends and party on the dance floor like there was no tomorrow, then head to an insane after party where she would wake up with a headache and worry about her horrible decisions.

She craved that teenage dream.

And as much as her independent women despised it, she also wanted to be swept off her feet by a charming boy and finally get a Highschool sweetheart because dammit she deserved one. However, with only two weeks left of her Junior year, she feared the inevitable.

Lucy let out a loud yawn and shut her text book closed, feeling she had successfully done her share of studying.

Looking over to her clock, in big red numbers, 1:00. The usual time she went to bed ever since the beginning of May.

She jumped as her phone began buzzing in her pocket, moving to click on her ringer that she shut off during school hours.

Who the hell is it at this hour? The only other teen who was dumb enough to stay up this late would be-

Idiot-dragon-face-boy is calling….

Lucy giggled as the song “Hot in Herre” began emitting from her phone.

Natsu was pretty upset with his contact info, but what was she supposed to do after he lit the cafeteria on fire in middle school?

Also, ever since freshmen year, Natsu had grown up into the type of handsome young man that really made you want to take off all your clothes.

She even would go as far as to saying that she developed a crush on him.

“Hello~ Heartfilia residence. May I ask whom is calling?” Lucy said as she picked up the call.

“Yes, it is I, sir Natsu of the Dragneel family. I wish to speak to the princess Heartfilia about the arrangements of the upcoming ball.” He answered without skipping a beat.

Lucy let out a light laugh as he chuckled through the phone.

“What’s up?” She said, eyes wandering over the collage of photos that spread across her wall.

Pictures of the girls, all dressed in the cringiest fashion trends of their middle school years and rocking insane hairdos. Pictures of the boys, all standing to look bad and tough with hair spiked to a lethal extent with Axe Gel.

Then, there were the many many pictures of her and Natsu. Whether they were at each-other’s houses, movies, school, or the lake, they were always together and they were always smiling.

Her favorite one was the picture that Levy had taken during their freshman year. Her and Natsu weren’t paying attention as they had their backs faced to the camera, with both of them resting their feet in the lake water while watching the sun set. Her head was rested against his shoulder, and she remembered them falling asleep after that and Gajeel pushing them into the water.

Natsu wanted a copy immediately.

She smiled as she thought of those fond memories.

“What’s the color of your dress?” He asked, breaking her train of thought.

“What? My dress?” Lucy asked, looking at his contact picture with confusion.

“Yeah, I need to know so I can find a tie to match.” He said, sounding as if he pulled out some pen and paper.

“Match? We’re gonna match?” Lucy asked, swinging her feet back and forth on her swivel chair.

“Yeah, isn’t that what couples do? I thought you of all people would know this Luce.” He snorted.

“We’re a couple? Since when did we decide on going to prom together?” She said.

The phone was dead silent on his end, and Lucy had to choke back laughter at his next words.

“Shit…I forgot to ask you…” He mumbled.

She couldn’t contain herself as she burst into a fit of giggles, surely waking up her father.

“Its not funny! I had everything prepared and I got you all these flowers and stuff and it was gonna be so cute! People would’ve recorded it and put on twitter and done something like #goals or dumb things like that! Ughh stupid stupid stupid…” He groaned in frustration.

Lucy’s laughter died down as she let out a happy sigh. “Honestly, this was a perfect way to ask me.”

“So that’s a yes?” Natsu said with nervous glee.

“Duh. Its a shame you had to waste all that money on those flowers.” Lucy said, drinking some water as she began swiveling in her chair once more.

“I’ll just save it for when I ask you to be my girlfriend.” He mumbled nonchalantly.

Lucy felt her water come back up as she choked in surprise, feeling her face heat up.

“NATSU?!” She heaved.


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tumblrs thing with making cutesy posts about panic attacks and anxiety like "friendly reminder u are loved and a special little angel punkin donut sugar pie baby and it's ok to skip school if u don't feel up to it and remember that you always come first"... just really annoys me because real life doesn't work like that. you can't hide from the world and its not all about you. dammit I have an anxiety disorder and calling me a precious flower does NOT make me feel better ughh it's so dumb.

People make those type of posts so they can get notes and get more followers. The more you fake how nice you are the more followers you get.