ughh they are so cute

(161210) super cute fan account from SEVENTEEN’s recent fansign

s.coups: how old are you?
fan: 15 years old
s.coups: heol 2nd year of middle school? you’re totally a baby… can this baby find her way home??
fan: eiii of course *laughs* i can find my way home
*fan got told to move on to jeonghan*
jeonghan: heol how old are you?
fan: 15 years old
s.coups: she’s a baby, a baby


He just couldn’t resist talking about his boyfriend who’s next to him:’)


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So yeah,, husband and i making kissy faces at each other while facetiming? lmao ok im being extra but look how cute we are! :’) 

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15 Thoughts While Watching Pentagon’s Gorilla MV
  1. HARAMBEEE!!! (Okay it’s out of my system now, let’s proceed)
  2. The beat drops and I’m hooked already, bring it boys!
  3. Ughh and now they’re smoldering pls stop i’m weak
  4. Hongseok looks so cute in his glasses!
  5. These vocalsssss
  6. Okay so are they in a cage because Cube kept them trapped for so long?
  7. Dancing with your shadow…I see you Peter Pan.
  8. Dab.
  9. They’re dancing is good too. So in sync!
  11. Okay Wooseok I volunteer as tribute. Destroy me!
  12. More smolders. Is anyone else getting hot?
  13. These vocals are doing justice to the Cube name. Beast is probs proud.
  14. Now they’re smoldering while sitting in an auditorium, I feel so attacked.
  15. Lol at the Gorilla Dance at the end. Getting war flashbacks to “Growl”.
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Look at these two oh my goodness just LOOK AT THEm