ughh so beautiful

I love this pic so much

Pieter is watching the Bella’s performance like ugh hell no they better noT while Kommissar is like oh look the tiny maus is actually pretty good huh

Anyways becommissar is real and that is a fact

I had awful nightmares about friends, based on very real events but i also had a dream where there was another video for Ingenue but with a different choreography and it was in b/w and absolutely beautiful and there was this one shot of Thom against the light on some beach that was especially gorgeous and I was in some danceclass where we recreated the dance (Jennylee from Warpaint was also there but i didnt interact with her?) and for some reason suddenly Thom was there and was dancing with me? And he was so gentle, there was one part where the partners had to curl their bodies around each other and it just felt so nice, he was so warm and our bodies fit around each others perfectly, like they were made for exactly that. And he laughed and seemed so happy just to dance with me and ah it was just so cute.

krashlynpride  asked:

Because I think you're cool. apple, kiwi, papaya, cranberry

Uhh um I think you’re cool!
Apple- i used to be so into twitter but lately it’s all about Tumblr
Kiwi- the ocean, so beautiful ughh
Papaya- this is so difficult because I love music. It’s gotta be something in the pop genre. Im gonna say Believe, such an anthem!
Cranberry- nights because I’m such a night owl

okay okay but guys head canon this -

and the beginning of his relationship with hinata he starts to notice how unconfident she is with herself so he promises to compliment her every single day on stuff to you look cute/beautiful today,you smell really nice,you’ve improved with you fighting etc. Even if he’s busy he’ll send a shadow clone to say it for him- but he’d try his best to tell her, from wherever 

Ronan was beautiful in the way that midnight is beautiful, seemingly dark and deceiving, yet always accompanied by the impending brightness hovering just beyond the horizon.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that thunderstorms are beautiful, all sound and flashes of light, reckless despite the glistening droplets falling from heaven, soaking every inch of earth with chill and warmth all at once.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that driving is beautiful, in sleek cars beneath star filled skies, the pulsing of electronic beats on roads that never seem to end.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that cabeswater is beautiful, mysterious and full of incomprehensible wonder, a darkness filled with rare patches of light.
Ronan was beautiful in the way that his love is beautiful, both in silence and in screaming color, every beat of his heart an echo of his desire to love and be loved in return.
—  “Ronan, you are beautiful in ways that even poetry cannot describe.”
(m.b, a Ronan Lynch poem)