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Modern TSOA Headcanons
  • After getting into a fight with his neighbor, Patroclus is sent to a boarding school.
  • This is where he first meets Achilles, the son of Headmaster Peleus
  • He doesn’t like Achilles at first. Patroclus thinks that he’s too in over his head.
  • He blames this on the fact that everybody constantly showers him in affection.
  • Everybody except this one teacher.
  • His name is Chiron, and he treats the students equally. That’s why Patroclus likes him.
  • Also he’s more of a hands-on teacher rather than a lecture one. Which is good, since Patroclus has a hard time paying attention to lectures.
  • His perspective on Achilles changes when he ditches History class one day
  • Achilles finds him lounging in the mess hall, munching on a fig
  • Much to Pat’s surprise, Achilles covers for him, and even shows him this neat trick which involves juggling figs.
  • From that point on, Achilles and Patroclus are officially bros™
  • Achilles requests his Dad to tweak Patroclus’ class schedule so that they share all their classes together
  • They totally go through a “bro™”stage
  • “Hey, Pat, do you think an undercut would suit me?”
  • “idk, bro, your hair is pretty cool when it’s long”
  • “hmmm alright, alright, thanks bro.”
  • “Anytime, bro.”
  • It takes some time for them to come to terms with their feelings and admit to themselves that they don’t want to be just bros.
  • Patroclus makes the first move.
  • They’re in Achilles’ room. It’s way past curfew and they’re watching Brokeback Mountain on Achilles’ laptop.
  • It’s in the heat of the moment, really. As Jack and Ennis kiss, Patroclus leans in and kisses Achilles too.
  • It takes about a five seconds for him to register what he just did and he quickly pulls away.
  • He expects Achilles to be disgusted, but he’s surprised when he realizes that Achilles is blushing.
  • Their relationship develops from there
  • It isn’t obvious at first, they still act normally.
  • Then as time goes by, they begin holding hands in public. Every now and then, Achilles throws his arm around Patroclus’ shoulders.
  • After a year, they disgust everybody with their constant displays of PDA
  • Peleus doesn’t really mind that Achilles is gay and in a relationship. As long as it doesn’t affect his grades, he’s chill with it
  • But Thetis
  • Oh boy, that’s another thing.
  • Thetis isn’t mad about the fact that Achilles is gay.
  • She hates the fact that he chose to go for Patroclus.
  • “He was sent here because of disciplinary issues! What if his rowdiness rubs off on you???”
  • “MOM his disciplinary record here is spotless ??”
  • They hang out a lot with the older kids
  • Even if some of them Agammemnon are douchebags
  • “Ughh if you two are gonna make out then go do it somewhere else! Some of us have a hard time eating lunch while watching you guys shove your tongues into each other’s throats!”
  • “Aw, come on, Agammemnon! Let the kids do what they want!
  • “Shut up, Odysseus! They’re almost as bad as you whenever you talk about Penelope!”
  • Achilles is in the track team and specializes in Javelin Throwing
  • Patroclus often helps out at the clinic
  • They have a rival school that’s just a couple of blocks away.
  • During one of the “friendly tournaments”, they meet a girl from that school called Briseis
  • She and Patroclus hit it off immediately
  • Achilles is highkey jealous
  • There’s this Student Athlete from that school that rivals Achilles’ track record
  • His name is Hector.
  • Achilles refuses to challenge him directly since he begrudgingly respects the guy and bc he knows that he could wipe the floor with hector’s ass anytime
  • But then, during another friendly tournament, Hector accidentally elbows Patroclus in the ribs because of the tightly-packed wave of students
  • “Oh my God, I am so sor-”
  • Inevitably, Achilles beats Hector.

Just, an AU where everybody is alive and happy and nobody has to die pls 

UPDATE: I made some modern Briseis headcanons as a companion piece to this! Check them out here !

anonymous asked:

Hello, I don't know if I am the first request but can I ask how the Holy Trio [ Deku / Katsuki / Shouto ] deals with a short girlfriend please ?

Yes, my first request! Thank you for sending it in, I hope it’s okay! ^u^ I also included the guys’ heights for a reference! 

Midoriya Izuku (166cm - 5′5″)

- He’s not short, but he’s not particularly tall, either

- so he understands your struggles!

- he’s actually happy you’re shorter than him, it makes him feel taller!

- i mean he’d love a tall girlfriend as well, but something about the fact that you’re shorter than him makes him really proud (to protect you! even if you don’t need it)

- he likes to wrap his arm around you and rest his chin on the top of your head when you’re cuddling 

- when you can’t reach something, he will always do his best to get it for you!

- but that doesn’t always work, if it’s up really high

- but he’s prepared for this kind of stuff, so Midoriya has a stepping stool thingy at home to use when he can’t reach things in the higher cupboards (that’s what I have ‘cause I’m short haha)

- his mom is also short so the entire house is more or less within your reach. yes feel free to stay over at Izuku’s!!

- if there is no stool, he will try a number of other things to help you: 1) jumping 2) climbing on something else or 3) asking a taller person for help

- usually the third option works best, but he likes helping you himself most of all

Bakugo Katsuki (172cm - 5′7″)

- he’s not super tall either but he’s taller than Izuku which he’s happy about

- is actually a bit insecure about his height - he wishes he were taller

- he doesn’t let those worries show, however! or rather, they sometimes manifest in rude remarks

- because of this, he loves teasing you about your height since you’re shorter

- calls you “pipsqueak” - it’s about as affectionate a nickname as he’s willing to call you (rather, it’s the only one he doesn’t get embarrassed with). But if you dislike it (and tell him) then he won’t use it.

- no one else is allowed to tease you about your height though. Only Bakugo. Even if you don’t mind, he does!

- “what the hell her height is perfectly fine are you trying to start a fight??”

- as long as you don’t mind, some of your classmates will tease you about your height just to rile Bakugo up

- he totally uses you as an arm rest 25/7! It’s not actually more comfortable for him, but he likes touching you, and this is a way for him to be affectionate without making it obvious what a tsundere

- when you ask him to get something for you that you can’t reach, he will be surprisingly compliant (although he may complain a bit)

- he actually really likes it when you ask him for help, and small things like these are easy to do

- if you ask someone else to help you reach something then Bakugo will get really jealous and he will change his mind

- “Kacchan please get this for me?” “Ughh can’t you do it yourself?” “Oh, then Iida can you help m–” “I’LL FUCKING DO IT” “Thank you~” “grumble grumbles”

Todoroki Shouto (176cm - 5′9.5″)

- probably isn’t even aware of the extent of the height difference between you two until you start dating

- he finds it really cute how you have to stand on your toes to kiss him, and how your head rests against his chest when you two hug

- he wonders if you can hear how fast his heart is beating when you do that, because he is definitely a little flustered

- loves hugging you from behind! Arms around your waist and chin on your shoulder or head

- Todoroki feels safe this way, and less embarrassed because you can’t see how red his face is

- he will hand you whatever you can’t reach without question

- if you’re too proud to accept help directly, he’s also okay with that - he will make you an ice stool on which you can step to reach what you need!

- he did that once in a mall for you when you couldn’t reach a hat, but the workers there were not pleased with having to mop up water later so now you guys don’t do it as much

- he doesn’t mention your height much, but if someone else were to make fun of you for that he will Fight them

- or rather, intimated them, because most people aren’t willing to fight Todoroki

- but he would totally fight for you, especially if you’re sensitive about your height

Thank you again for the request! Midoriya’s is a bit shorter than the others’, hope it’s okay! I love these guys, please send in some more requests! <3 - admin Soleil

Riverdale Imagine: Panic (Jughead x Reader)

Request by Anonymous: can you please do a jughead x reader where y/n has really bad anxiety & panic attacks (jug & everyone already knows this) & one day y/n has a panic attack out of the blue when she’s with jug, archie, betty, kevin, & veronica while they r all watching a movie together jug gets everyone to leave the room & tries & calms her & is actually the sweetest person in the universe & gives her kisses & its just UGHH so much fluff….

Summary: ^^

A/N: I don’t have anxiety and I have never had a panic attack. I have done some research for the purpose of this fic but if I have gotten something drastically wrong please message me, I only want to be my best for you guys!

Approx. 1730 words

Even before waking up that morning, you knew that you were having one of your bad days. Your sleep had been plagued with nightmares and, although you couldn’t remember any of them in the morning, they had left you visibly shaken. As you sat in front of your mirror, wrapped in a towel with your long wet hair dripping over your shoulders, you couldn’t help but pick fault with your appearance. You hated the bags under your eyes, the ghostly-pale completion that made you look permanently ill, and the way your stomach curved out too much. Today you just hated everything about yourself, you felt like throwing up at the thought of having to go to school, the thought of people looking at you. Why are you so fucking ugly? You screamed at yourself silently. You let out a deep breath as you reached for your medication, tipping a single shiny-white pill into your hand.

 After three attempts at doing your make-up with shaking hands, changing your outfit numerous times, and repeatedly checking your school-bag to make sure you had everything, there was a knock at the door. As you opened the front door, pulling your bag over your shoulder and grabbing the cereal bar that your mum had left on the side for you, you were greeted by the smiling-face of your best-friend and long-time crush Jughead Jones. You took another deep breath before smiling brightly back at him, attempting to hide how you really just wanted to slam the door and curl up in your bedroom alone.

 “Hey Y/N, you alright?” he asked casually. You felt a spark of panic, you didn’t want Jughead to know how you were feeling today, and you began to think how he had realised you weren’t okay until you remembered that he asked you that question every morning before you walked to school.

 “Hey Juggie, I’m good thank you.”

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Not my Crush

Requests: Can I request one with Damian and his for-the-last-time-Grayson-it-is-No-crush?

can I request a fic with jaybird or dami having a crush on a girl but too shy to admit it. So like when like his brothers/friend asked what’s his type he answers them by describing a person who has looks very opposite from the girl he has the crush on. (his brothers/friend can alrd know about his crush or have no idea it’s up to you) And the girl heard about it and become sad and distant maybe?

Dick’s laughter was probably the loudest sound that could be heard through the whole manor at the very moment.

“YOU’RE SO UNBELIEVABLE GRAYSON, I AM NEVER GOING YO TELL YOU ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!” Damian’s head was red, with eyes fuming of anger

Dick had to wipe away the tears that had gather in the corners of his eyes from the intense and hysterical laughing. He enjoyed teasing Damian about this way too much and he probably would never stop doing so, whether it irritated Damian or not.

“Oh come on, all I did was ask what is her hair color, there’s no need for you to take my head”

Damian fumed once again. “NO!” he yelled and hit the floor with his foot. “You don’t get to know her hair color you immature, unappreciative human being! I’m not like you!”

“Damian. All I did was ask about her hair geez, don’t get so worked up!”

Damian’s eyes glimmered with fuming rage. For all he knew he’d never want to be like Dick, picking his mate just because of a hair color. He had seen pass the appearance of that girl, pass of that shell she had around her. She’d always make him laugh and offer him small changes for deep conversations when teachers wouldn’t even pay attention to the class. Shed always tell him to be careful, that it didn’t matter that he was Bruce Wayne’s son, that she was planning her own path in life and he should too if he wanted to. She was the only person listening to what he was actually saying while the other girls in school would throw themselves all over him like he was the only lion among a thousand lionesses.

Wait a minute, did I just? Picking mates? No Damian, no no no.

“Master Damian?”

Alfred’s voice was probably what made Damian snap back into reality. He was not aware of how many moments he had just spent thinking about her, but he quickly shoved the thought in the back of his mind, slowly taking deep breaths ta calm down his hot nerves.

Now that he thought about it, she had taught him how to do that too…

For hell’s sake Damian…

“Yes Alfred” The ravenette said with gritted teeth.

“There’s is a girl upstairs, claiming she is here for something you asked her”

“Fuck fuck fuck”

“OH MY GOD, SHE’S ACTUALLY HERE” Dick exclaimed with a look of utter shock morning his otherwise soft features. “WAIT TILL BRUCE-”

“Alfred” Damian rudely cutting his brother off, turning his gaze fully on the loyal butler who gave an nod in response of hearing his name. “Lead the girl to my room amd make sure father doesn’t see her. I’m coming in a minute. I just need to get the costume off”

“Very well, sir”


“Grayson, stop it or I’ll kill you”

Forest green eyes were almost filled with tears of annoyance as they stared into baby blue ones. Dick had a huge smirk plastered in his face as he followed Damian to his room, holding out five different types of condoms.

“No Damian you have to understand” the older ravenette was barely holding back tears of laughter as he pointed everything to Damian. “You should always take protection because, one you’re too young, two you might get sick and three mistakes like you happen so I’d like to prevent any more Waynes coming out earlier than they should.”

“I’m not a mistake you asshole. And I won’t get sick she’s never even had sex for as far as I’m concerned.” Damian almost stubbed the floor with his feet as he hit them. He was now, right outside his bedroom door, unable to listen to Dick’s nonsense for one more freaking moment.


“Grayson I’m seventeen and I’m more mature than you are, get the fuck out of my sight”

Dick shook his head in refusal. “Uh oh. I ain’t going anywhere unless you pick one”

“UGHHHHH ENOUGH! I don’t like this girl okay? All I told you wad that she was coming over and you made sure to ruin my whole afternoon with your nonsense, she’s not even my type, dammit! The girl I like is tall, with the most splendid curves you’ve ever seen, and she’s (okay just insert the exact opposite hair color of yours here for obvious reasons). Nothing like the girl in my room, so what makes you think-”

“Geez you want to uhm… get to a lower tone maybe… she’s just behind that door and I wouldn’t really like it if I was hearing what she is right now…”

“Oh fuck off Grayson” with that Damian stormed inside his room, leaving Dick behind him with a saddened expression. He hadn’t meant for things to turn this way because he thought that Damian wouldn’t exactly say what he did, right outside his door. Nonetheless it was inedible for him to burst in the room and apologize, because he’d have his head off.


“Hey Damian” she said in a low voice, the moment he entered the room.

“Hey (Y/n)”

“I ughh… I brought your notebook back… thanks for letting me copy all semester’s homework.”

“Yeah, no problem, since is not your thing, and it’d be really bad if you were cut off because of your inability to do your homework” he remarked a little softer this time. It was only then he was realising what he had said, and what Dick had said. He could see the saddened look on her face; a signal that she was indeed hurt by his offensive speech.

There probably wasn’t any way to take it back at the very moment though, without having to confess to her. He couldn’t really confess about something he wasn’t so sure of, because it made him insecure. Nevertheless that didn’t mean he didn’t feel bad for making her feel insecure as well.

But one day he was sure, things would be just right.

And Dick would obviously have to be the one to give him advice, even if Damian despised it.

anonymous asked:

Hello there you beautiful creature! May I request a Bakugo x Reader fic in which reader and Kirishima are besties but reader is kinda shy around Bakugo because of her crush on him, and starts acting strange after realizing it? Like, she'll suddenly shut up (which is rare since Kirishima) or go red or just make up an excuse and leave. Bonus points if she's super cuddly with Kirishima and others but not him and creates a jealous Bakugo. Thanks! ✨

 There was something weird happening to [Reader]. Kirishima may not be the most observant guy in the world, but he could definitely tell when something was up with his best friend. Usually [Reader] was super hyped about life, she was full of energy, she was cracking jokes, she was laughing and always had her arm wrapped around someone. However, something changed recently. He isn’t sure when the subtle changes in her attitude began, but lately, they’ve escalated from a subtle decrease in volume when she spoke, to just immediately silencing herself regardless of the situation.

For example, yesterday in the classroom [Reader] was in the middle of telling a story to him and Kaminari. The class wasn’t set to start for another 10-15 minutes, everyone around them was having their own conversations, and suddenly at the climax of the story, she sees the door open and she abruptly shut her mouth [she stopped halfway through a word] and faced the board in silence. She sat there, silently, for fifteen minutes. She didn’t acknowledge that anyone else was even alive in the room, she was just focused on the board.  There have been several times where she;s done this, and they all had one thing in common. They all started when Bakugou entered the room.

Kirishima didn’t know what exactly was going on between [Reader] and Bakugou, but he was sure as hell gonna find out. When the final bell rang for the day, he immediately walked over to [Reader]’s desk with a smile, “Hey, let’s walk home together today. There’s somethin’ I wanna talk to you about.” 

She nodded and grabbed her stuff and they began their walk, “So, what’s on your mind Eiji?” She said in her usual upbeat voice. This was the way his best friend was supposed to act, not like that silent zombie he’s been seeing. 

“I wanna know what’s goin’ on with you and Bakugou. You always seem to get all weird when he comes around. Did he do something to you, has he been bugging you or something, because I’ll totally fig-”

[Reader]’s eyes widen at Kirishima’s accusations and she immediately intervenes, shaking her head and gesturing to further prove her point, “No, no! Eiji, relax it’s nothing like that! Bakugou hasn’t done anything… Or well, maybe I can’t say he hasn’t done anything, but like he hasn’t done anything bad to me personally. It’s just he, uh, well you see I realized some stuff about him and about myself and I have just a lot of feelings and I’m not really sure how to handle them because they’re so ‘Ah!’ and I’m so ughh-”

“[Reader]! You’re rambling. Take a deep breath and just tell me what’s going on with you.” Kirishima said, placing his hands on her shoulders and looking her in the eyes.

“I think I might have feelings for Bakugou… Like, romantic feelings. And I’m not really sure what I should do about it, so I get this like awkward feeling in my stomach and I just can’t even function.”

Kirishima took a moment to really comprehend the information he was given before offering up a solution, “Okay, well if you can’t deal with this whole crush thing, then maybe we need to force Bakugou to do something about it instead? I’ve got a plan.”

Bakugou was irritated. He was normally irritated, but he was extra irritated today. Lately [Reader] has been clinging to Kirishima a whole lot more than usual. He knows he probably shouldn’t care, that it’s not his business, but for a while there he was starting to think she might have been into him. She would always get a little red when he spoke to her, she’d occasionally glance over at him but when he looked at her she’d turn away, she basically gave him all the cliche ‘I like this guy but I’m shy about it’ signals and yet here she was; clinging all over Kirishima.

What the fuck was he supposed to do about all these goddamned mixed signals he was getting? Were you interested in him or that red haired idiot? Was he misinterpreting everything? Were you always this touchy with Eijirou, like even for friends sitting in his lap like that is a bit much. 

No, he wasn’t dealing with this shit. He doesn’t need to waste his fucking time wondering if you’re into him or Kirishima or whatever. It was making him lose focus and he couldn’t afford to do that if he was gonna be the number one hero. He needed a straightforward answer, and he needed it now.

Without wasting another moment he was out of his chair and stomping over to Kirishima and [Reader]. “You and I are gonna talk, right now.” He reached over and took her hand, pulling her from Kirishima’s lap, and lead her into the hallway.

“Alright, now you need to tell me right the fuck now what they hell you’re into. Do you like me or am I just wasting my fucking time here with some bullshit unrequited pining. ”

 “I’m sorry what? Unrequited pining? Bakugou, are you saying you like me?”

“Obviously. I know you aren’t fucking stupid, so quit acting like it. Now answer me, do you like me or are you dating that shithead Kirishima?”

“I’m not dating Kirishima, and yes, I like you.”

“Good. Meet me after class ends, we’re going on a date. Don’t make me wait too long.”

You watched as Bakugou walked himself back into the classroom and you ran a hand through your hair. 

“Jesus christ, I can’t believe the jealousy plan actually worked. I definitely owe Eiji for that one.”

Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Hey! I was wondering if you do one shots based off songs? If so, could you maybe do one for Peter Parker based off Wasted by MKTO? If not, that’s fine. I love your work!💗

A/N: love you too nonny || and yes, I do imagines/one-shots based off songs. and i’ve never heard this song (but i love mkto) but when you showed up in my ask box i listened to it, and i’m legit addicted to this song now. so thank you nonny lol, i found a new song that’s on repeat :) || Feel free to listen to this song and read :D

Warning: None

You saw as Peter was falling asleep, his back was faced towards you. You really felt like Peter was something different. He had an actual connection with you, he had lots of things in common with you. He was sweet, gentle, practically everything you were looking for, was what Peter was. But before you jumped to conclusions, you just shook it off and denied it. 

You’ve never really thought that you can be in a positive relationship with anybody. You constantly move on, guy to guy, you’ve got serious commitment issues. And it’s hard for you to know who you really want. You slipped out of the bed, trying not to wake Peter up. You started to silently pick up your clothes off of the ground, putting them back onto your body. 

After you finished getting fully clothed, you looked at Peter who looked fast asleep. You sighed and started heading towards the closed door. You open it up, making the door creak loudly. You closed your eyes, hoping you didn’t awaken Peter.

‘‘Where are you gong Y/N?’‘ you hear peter groan, making you turn around.

‘‘I’m just.. Getting some water, that’s all. I’m thirsty.’‘ you smile nervously.

‘‘You need me to show you where it is?’‘ peter asks.

‘‘Um, I’m good. I can find my way.’‘ you smile, turning back to the door.

You stepped one foot out the door before Peter said those three words that made you weak.

‘‘I love you Y/N.’‘ peter says.

You turn around and look at him, the innocence in his eyes were killing you. He smiled at you and you smiled back. Nobodies ever said I love you to you, it’s usually just you do what you do. And you leave, no words to be said. But the fact that Peter said those words, made your decision to leave, a lot harder.

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Summary: AU where Dan is blatantly homophobic, and is very vocal about it. That is, until his best friend and roommate Phil Lester can’t take it anymore and confesses to Dan.


“Ugh, I really don’t like these people.” Dan complains to Phil, leaning back in his work chair. 

His best friend looks up from his laptop, readjusting his black rimmed glasses. “Hm? Who is it?” Phil asks curiously, tilting his head from his position on the sofa. 

“These Youtubers.” Dan points at the at the video of Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley displayed on the screen.

“How can they do that? Gay people are so disgusting.” 

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Shoma, Nobu, and interviewer Yukari’s talk from FaOI 2015.

From 03:56 to 07:51 (S = Shoma, N = Nobu, Y = Yukari)

Y: What are we going to do with you?

N: Ughh, what are we going to do with you? What have you done??

Y: Oda-kun, Uno-kun hasn’t really been on TV or variety shows yet!!

N: Right!! I’m sorry! I didn’t know that. I thought he’s surrounded by TV programs from Kansai*.

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anonymous asked:

I really like your writing style and would like it if you did a hc or little prompt of the Shimada brothers having a pining crush on the reader at the same time? Wwould there be bickering? 😅 thank you!

Thank you for your request! I LOVE this request ughh, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge Shimada whore so obviously I was more than willing to take on the prompt/headcannon thing i do approach for this request (♡´艸`) Please enjoy! ~

  • Before joining Overwatch, you grew up practicing mixed martial arts; you were a fine fighter and were confident in your abilities, you had the tendency to show off every now and again when in the training hall
  • While training, you often spent most of your time sparing with a sand bag, you’d start with a punch here, kick there, until finally you went all out. Everyone gathered around to watch you preform, this only added fuel to the fire that burned inside of you
  • Hanzo was among the specters, was almost immediately captivated by your abilities and your confidence, it was later after he had talked to you that he’d realized he’d fallen for your humble and kind heart
  • He’d often offer to spar with you so that, and you quote “gain some useful experience” even though you he knew you really didn’t need it
  • After man training sessions you’d found comfort in using meditation as not only a cleanse, but as a way for you to relax; meeting Zenyatta was bound to happen at some point
  • When you first met Zenyatta, you were immediately introduced to his prodigy Genji, a cyborg with insight of inner peace; the two of you almost immediately got along and bonded
  • At first, Genji brushed you off as nothing more than a mutual that also seeked the same business as him; peace, however as time proceeded he’d found that because of your honest heart that you’d proven yourself to mean much more to him
  • Time would soon progress, each brother’s feelings for you would grow into a simmer heat inside of their chests, they’d genuinely liked your for different reasons, but each on the same wavelength
  • (this is very inaccurate, but for this little writing’s sake bare with me) the two brothers feeling able to confide in one another, revealed their pinning crush for you; this would be the beginning of the end, a love triangle
  • The both of them confessed their feelings to you at the same moment at the same time, Genji’s confession was subtle but his message got across while Hanzo’s was more straightforward and honest; you were stunned, confused even, you hadn’t even seen them in the way up until this point
  • In front of you, both are very well restrained and seemingly get along well, but both are very kind and subtle when fighting for your attention; they hardly ever made you feel that you’re stuck in the middle, they only want to gain your trust and if either are lucky enough your heart
  • When alone they’re constantly bickering with one another telling the other to just give up, but both hold the still-burning flame in their chest, hoping and praying that you’ll come along and at fire too it, keep their love for you going
  • When you eventually choose one of them, the other is very respectful and supports your relationship with the other even though they deep down wish it had been a different scenario; they continue to love you for a long time, until finally giving up
All Of Me Part 5

Taeyang x reader

Genre: Angst, romance

Au: High school!au

Words: 2345

Chapter: 5 / 10

Author/admin: Zoie

Beta: HO

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fatimaloveskpop said to kpop-reads:Heyyyyy! Can you write an SF9 Taeyang fic based on the song All of Me by John Legend? I’m so sorry my request is pretty lame​ but you’re one of my favorite writers on tumblr so it’d be great if you could write this.❤❤❤❤❤

Author’s note: I’m a mess for taeyang and All of me by john legend. It puts me in my feels so hard and i cant help but write angsty shit in my feels so SORRY IF YOU DIDN’T WANT ANGST BUT IT GONNA HAPPEN.

Beta’s note: I had a feeling that there would be more than five chapters…

“I hate you, but fucking love you at the same damn time. You’re making me go insane.”

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Remember…..  part 17

You can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, part 8 here , part 9 here, part 10 here, part 11 here, part 12 here, part 13 here, part 14 here, part 15 here & part 16 here

A/N.: I know it’s been too long since I uploaded a new part of the serie Remember and I’m sorry about that… Hope you guys like it…

“How are you feeling?”

“Better..” You say to him.

He sits next to you and takes the bag from your hand and puts it on the ground. He pulls you closer to him. “It will get better. You have a lot to learn but I will be here to help you.”

“Can I choose another teacher. You’re not the most humane vampire.” You said to him with a smile.

“I’m all you got.” He says. He puts a hand on your cheek. Rubbing it with his thumb. “I missed you.” He gets closer to you. His face just inches from yours. Your lips touch and before you know you were pinned up to the wall. His lips on yours.

“Ugh..” Both of you hear coming from the door. You look towards and you see Elijah and Rebekah standing there. Looking towards you and Klaus.

“Are we disturbing something?” Rebekah says.

“I think we are,” Elijah says with a smile on his face.

Klaus takes a step back from you. He looks towards his brother with a clenched jaw.  

Rebekah smiles at you and walks towards you. She pulls you into a hug. “So happy to have you around again. I have so much to tell you..”

“I have a few things to tell you too.” You said with a smile.

“I want to hear everything about the two guys you are traveling with. Are they cute?” She says with a smile on her face.

“Well they’re..” Before you could finish your sentence Klaus interrupted you.

“She has to take it easy she’s changing.” Klaus’ voice was irritated.

“And what you two were doing was taking it easy?” Rebekah said with her arms crossed.

Elijah chuckled and walked towards the three of you. “I’m happy to have you around again.” He says with a smile. He looks towards Klaus “Klaus, can I talk to you for a second.”

Klaus nods towards him and both walk away from you and Rebekah.

“So tell me, what have you been up to,” Rebekah said. You looked towards her and just smiled.

“Not much, just traveling around with two guys hunting.” You said to her with a smile. Her face changed from happy to worried.

“What do you mean hunting?” She asks you.

“Yes, you know hunting the supernatural.”

She looks at you surprised. “Like vampires?” The words came out of her mouth horrified.

You just realized. You have also been hunting vampires. You have also been hunting them, well not them but people like them.

“Rebekah… I didn’t have any memory of you guys.” You looked at her.

She looked at you seriously and then just smiled. “I Know you, You had to have reasons to do it.” You took a deep breath and just smiled at her.

“So the guys?” Rebekah said. “Are they cute?”

You just laughed towards her. “Yes they are and Sam would really be something for you.”

“Sam?” She said slowly. “Tell me more.”

“UGHH UGHM.” You heard next to you. You looked at your side and you saw Klaus look at you. “Y/N I need you to stay here for a few days?”

“What? why?”

“I need you to be safe,” Klaus says, he looks towards Rebekah. “You’re going to stay here with her.” He looks at you and again. He gives you a kiss and speeds out of the door.

You looked towards Rebekah. “He’s he always like this?”


Both of you walked towards the sofa and settled down.

“So tell me more about Sam,”. Rebekah says smiling towards you.

“Well, Sam is Sam… Uhm smart, tall, long brown eyes and well a good friend, always there to help you.”

“I like him already and the other one?”

“Dean,”You said with a smile on your face.

“Ohh there’s something there,” Rebekah said. “Tell me”

You looked at her and just smiled. “He is brave, a womanizer with a little heart.”

“Y/N is there something more you want to tell me.”

“Rebekah, I don’t know. It’s pretty complicated now.”

“Are they here?”


“We could go pay them a visit?”

“Rebekah, you kidding right?”

Rebekah looks towards you with a smile. “I would like to meet Sam.”

You smiled towards her.

Rebekah and you walked the streets of New Orleans towards the hotel Dean and Sam was staying. Both of you walked quite. But anything was quite. You could hear everything. The heart beats of people passing you. The sound of radios and televisions playing in the houses that you passed. You had to take a few deep breaths just to quiet it down.

After a few minutes, the two of you reached the hotel. You looked up at the building in front of you before entering it.

You searched for the room window of the brothers.

“Sam, I can’t believe we just let Y/N with that monster?”

“Dean what would like me to do. She’s turning, he’s the best person to help her now.”

“Y/N” You heard Rebekah say. You turned towards her. Losing the conversation. “Come on.”

You walked behind her into the hotel.

“So which room are they in?” Rebekah asks

“I don’t know.”

“Let’s see then what our little friend over there can tell us.” She says looking at the man behind the reception. Rebekah walked towards him.

“Hi..”She looks down at the pin of his jacket. “Adrian. I will hope you could tell me where my friends are staying.”

The man looks towards her. “Miss I can’t give you that information, that is private.”

She looks at you and smiles, she looks back at the man. Now looking him in the eyes. “Look at your computer and tell me where..” She looks back at you.

“Dean and Sam Winchester.” You said quickly.

She looks at him. “Where there are staying.”

The man looks down at the computer and starts typing. You looked at the man typing. The sound of the keys being hit traveling to your head. Being the only sound you could hear.

The sound stopped.

“They’re staying in room 125, miss”

“Thank you.” Rebekah looks at you with a smile.

Both of you made your way towards the elevator.

A/N.: So tell me, what did you think? 

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(requested by anon / anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 237
warning : possible triggers
summary : Reader has lost her brother and tries to take her life / Kai comforts her.
* gif by christophwood

Y/N laid on the couch in her small apartment , curled up into a ball. Her life hadn’t been easy - she had lost her parents a few years ago and now her only relative left was gone too. Somehow she had lost all important people in her life and as much as her friends tried to be there for her it didn’t feel the same. It felt more like they are being there for her because that’s what they are supposed to do , not because they love her. No matter how much she tried to shake the feeling that there was no one left who cares and love her , it was still there eating away at her.
A tear rolled down her cheek , seeing a picture of her and her brother only from a few months ago. They had been so happy back then , taking a short vacay from Mystic Falls and all the insanity there. Smiling widely at the camera , none of them expecting that a few short months later they’ll lose each other. What had happened to him had been an accident - a car had shown up out of nowhere just as they were crossing the street heading for the park. Her brother had pushed her out of the way , saving her life and losing his shortly after , barely a few minutes before Stefan had shown up to help. It had been a few days and she felt more alone and unloved than ever. What was the point in living if there was no one who loves you ? What do you do when you have lost it all and have nothing left ?
A beep came from her phone and she glanced at the screen NEW TEXT MESSAGE from KAI.

                         "Hey. Are you okay? Please , call me back.“

Y/N reached for her phone on the coffee table , wiping the screen with her thumb starting to type a reply. It had been two days and she kept avoiding his calls and texts. Perhaps it was time to answer him , even if its just with an emoji but what would she say to him ? ‘I’m okay’ would be a lie and there was no emoji that described the way she was feeling , not even a combination of two or more. Her eyes closed for a moment and then her last moments with her brother came back into her mind followed by another wave of tears. The girl left the phone on the coffee table without replying and curled up in an even tighter ball than before.
    “Should’ve been me..” she whispered.


Two whole days Kai texted Y/N , called her and tried to find her with no luck. There was only one thing left for him to do and that was to ask her friends. Perhaps she was with them or maybe they can tell him where to find her or at least how she is. That is all he needed to know - that she is okay.
    “Hey guys…” said Kai , walking in the Salvatore house making everyone turn towards him.
All of Y/N’s friends had gathered there , talking and drinking but there was someone missing. He looked around the living room trying to find her , he even tried listening with his vampire hearing , realising that she really wasn’t there. Kai knew a couple of days ago she had lost her brother but had expected her friends to be with her and not having a get together of sorts. He couldn’t stop thinking what she must be feeling after losing her only family and wanted to find a way to be there for her , but she wouldn’t let him.
    “Ughh look at what the cat dragged in.” said Damon , taking a sip from his drink. “What is it that you want creeper?”
    “Do you know where Y/N is ? She um – she’s not answering her phone. Is she okay ?”
    “Y/N lost her brother , of course she is not okay.”
Kai sighed , putting his hands in his pockets. “That’s exactly why I want to see her and I know you don’t like me but -”
    “No , we don’t. So why don’t you get out of here and -”
    “ - I want to be there for her. I – I get all these weird feelings , I don’t even know how to explain them. It’s driving me nuts and I need to see her. Y/N is my friend , my only friend and I – I care about her. ”
Everyone stared at him as if he had just punched a hole through someone’s chest and dropped the person’s heart on the table in front of them or something.
    “You care about her ?” said Elena quietly , unable to hide the surprise in her voice. “That’s new. Maybe you really are changing.”
Bonnie glared at Elena. “Don’t tell me you buy any of this?!”
    “Are you going to argue or are you going to tell me where Y/N is ?” wondered Kai , starting to get a little impatient. It was more than clear where the conversation was going and he didn’t plan on sticking around to listen to them voice their opinions about him again. He knew very well how everyone felt about him. Everyone but Y/N. Somehow they’ve found a connection and the longer she was away from him and kept shutting him out ,  the more he felt as if the connection was breaking. Kai didn’t want to lose her , not now not ever.
    “Give her time Kai. Everyone deals with grief differently. He was her only family and she probably needs time to process everything.” said Elena. “I am sure when she is ready she will call you back.”
Kai wasn’t so sure about it. Emotions were hard to understand for him but he knew she was hurting. He couldn’t stand the thought of her being in pain , even more knowing there is nothing he can do. The young heretic was starting to get really worried about her and he hated that feeling. Y/N hadn’t been answering his calls and she’d always at least text him an emoji or something, even when they are in a fight. If her friends weren’t going to tell him where she was then he’d start with the first place that popped into his head.
    “Well , thanks for nothing.” he muttered and walked outside without saying a word.

Kai checked the cemetery and after not finding her there he drove to her apartment. He knocked a few times on the door, hearing movement inside but no one came to answer.
    “Y/N ? I know you are in there. Please I – I just want to see you. I need to know you are alright.”
Y/N sighed , glancing at the door and at the bottle with pills at the coffee table. Kai. Of course he’d come looking for her. Despite what people said about him , he was actually really nice , caring and sweet in his own way. Out of everyone she’d miss him the most wherever she ends up after what she plans to do. A part of her wanted to open the door , see him one last time before she drifts off into sleep , the other didn’t want to. What would even be the point ? It’s not like this will change her mind — or maybe she was afraid that’s exactly what would happen and thats why her hand kept hovering over the doorknob for a few seconds too long. All Y/N wanted was to be with the people who loved her and to find a way to shut out all the pain. It would be easy to ask one of her friends to compell it all away , that would do the trick but there would still be a hole in her heart , even if she doesn’t remember why it’s there.

‘I’m sorry’ , he heard her whisper.
Almost two minutes passed and he could hear sounds similar to the ones tick-tacks make when you shake the container. Kai wondered what those sounds were and a thought crept inside his mind but she wouldn’t go that far , would she ? No. No way — no way he’d let her do that to herself either. After she didn’t open the door , he unlocked it with magic and took a step inside seeing her sitting on the couch starring at a hand full of pills on her palm and a glass with water in the other.
Kai’s eyes widened so much , they almost fell out of their sockets. All of the sudden his entire world stopped and he could barely contain himself from running towards her. What if he does and she gulps all of them at once ? He wasn’t sure vampire blood could heal her from those , he had no idea how that stuff works. Kai wondered why he felt like as if Y/N dies , he’d die too. … And then it hit him like a school bus. All those emotions he had felt , the real reason why he had been trying so hard to find a way and talk to her these past few days. It all made sense to him in that moment but none of it would matter if he doesn’t find a way to stop her. How was he going to do that ? He had never had to do anything like it before. What was he supposed to say ?
    “No , no , no. Don’t — Y/N , don’t do it. Please.” he said taking a slow step towards her.
    “There is no one left.” she said quietly, a tear rolling down her cheek. “No one loves me or cares about me. I have no one. My brother is gone and it’s — it’s my fault. I wanted to go to the park that day. We were there because of me.”
    “It’s not your fault.” said Kai taking another step. “It was an accident. Please don’t do this. I – I know your brother wouldn’t want you to. You are not alone Y/N. You have me , you will always have me. Tell me what you need. I’ll do anything. Just put those down.”
Y/N shook her head. “There is no one who loves me or cares about me.  N-no one.”
    “Don’t –don’t say that.” he said softly taking another step , kneeling down on the couch next to her. “Your brother loved you , thats why he saved you and wherever he is right now , he wont want you to end your life. He will want you to live it. There are so many people who care about you and love you. People who will miss you – what about your friends ? W-what about me?”
Y/N shook her head slightly , another tear rolling down her cheek and he wiped it away with his thumb , making her look up at him. The glow her eyes usually had was missing and they were filled with so much sadness and pain — he was terrified he might not be able to stop her. Her eyes closed and she pressed her lips together trying to push away the tears. Kai used the moment and gripped her wrists , taking the pills out of her hand.
    “I care about you Y/N. I’ll die without you next to me.” he said lifting up her chin , wiping away another tear. “I can’t lose you. You are the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.”
    “That’s — thats sweet but-”
    “I am in love with you Y/N.” said Kai , gazing lovingly into her eyes. “I love you. I never even knew there were that many emotions to be had and didn’t realise what all of them meant until I saw you ready to swallow all of those. You are the only person who cared enough to give me a chance , who stood by me and defended me through it all -”
    “Kai don’t -”
    “You are my light in the darkness and without you I’ll be so lost. You are what’s good about me. I love you , Y/N…” said Kai , cupping her face. “I will always love you and be by your side. I will never leave.”
Y/N’s eyes had started to water and tears started streaming down her cheeks again. Why was she crying ? Her emotions were on complete overdrive, even more so after hearing what Kai had said to her. Her friend was looking at her with heart eyes and there was a hint of sadness in them but the love part dominated in them. Kai sounded so sincere she couldn’t help but believe every word he had said. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth - she wasn’t alone , he’ll be there with her. He loved her. Everything was too much for her to process and words kept escaping her.
Y/N leaned in towards him , wrapping her arms around his shoulders, hearing him sigh in relief seconds before his hands wrapped around her. Kai held onto her tightly and helped her lay down on the couch covering her with a blanket , her heart was beating faster than ever. He tucked in a strand of hair behind her ear , brushing his palm against her cheek right after. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment , feeling another tear roll down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away before looking at him with a hint of a smile on her face.
Kai was at a loss for words ,which was new to him seeing how he never stopped talking. He kept trying to think of something to say or something to do that will make her smile even for a second and forget everything but nothing popped in his mind. Why did emotions have to be so hard and how where there so many of them ? He could hard catch up with all of them. The young heretic couldn’t imagine how big Y/N’s grief could be for her to want to end it all. Part of him somehow knew that it will take her a while before she responds to his confession and he was willing to wait , however long it takes.
    “You don’t have - I know you must - I just – ” he sighed.
Y/N hadn’t taken her eyes off him the past few minutes, her hand reached for his and she gave it a light squeeze. Kai looked at their hands intertwined together and his heart stopped for a second. Maybe there was hope for the two of them being something more than friends.
    “You know what. I’m not - I’m not going to talk.” he sighed. “Is - is there something you need?”
    “Just be here with me.” she said quietly.
    “Oh-kay .. come here.” he said , sitting on the couch next to her pulling her into his embrace. He pulled the blanket up so it covered her back , wrapping his arms around her , rubbing soft circles on her back hearing her breathing calm down and the sobs melt away.  He didn’t know what to do , but his actions seemed to calm her down and he kept it up. Y/N rested her hands on his chest using him as a pillow while he stroked her hair. Kai kissed her forehead for a moment , noticing a change in her heart beat when he did that. He wondered what that meant and what he could to get her to smile even for a second.
They cuddled for a while sitting in silence and just enjoying each other’s presence. Somehow Y/N found a way to snuggle even closer to him.
    “This is nice.”
    “Yeah ?” he asked with a small smile , tightening his embrace.
    “Do - do you need anything else ?”
Y/N hummed a ‘nah-uh’. Kai was being so sweet and kind but there really wasn’t anything else he could do. He couldn’t bring back her brother but somehow having him there , she didn’t feel that alone anymore. She felt … happy and sad at the same time. Kai had been right - her brother wouldn’t want her to take her own life , he would want her to live and be happy. For a moment she could almost see him , sitting on the comfy chair smiling at her , telling her exactly this 'be happy’. That him being gone doesn’t mean there is no one left in her life. It kind of felt as if her brother had somehow sent Kai to her in the right moment to stop her from making the biggest mistake in her life , one she wouldn’t be able to fix afterwards.
    “Thank you.” she said pulling herself up until their eyes were on the same level. Y/N placed her hand on his chest and kissed him gently for a moment slowly moving her hand towards his cheek. “I um — I know I made you wait quite a while b-before saying something and I –”
    “No , no I - I get it.” he said with a small smile on his face , brushing his thumb against her cheek. “You need time. I can wait. I’ve been waiting for you my whole life , what’s a few more days or a week— It won’t be a month would it ?”
Y/N laughed under her breath. “How about 5 seconds ?”
Her lips pressed against his , kissing him deeply while he pulled her towards him , not wanting to let go off her. Kai could still hear her laugh , see her smile and her kissing him not once but twice made him so happy but what made him even happier is that there were no traces of tears in her eyes and the sad heartbroken girl he had seen when walking into her apartment about an hour ago.Somehow he had comforted her without even realising it.
    “You are smiling.” he said almost grinning at her. “I love that smile.”
    “How can I not ? You make me happy.” she smiled at him. “I love you too , Kai. T-thank you for saving my life.”
    “You die , I die.” he said. “At least thats how it felt and it still does. If I hadn’t been able to stop you , I would’ve ripped my heart out because there is no life for me without you.”
Y/N felt her cheeks flush. “I feel the same way. C-can we not tell — my friends about us ? At least for a w-while? They will flip out.” she said with a nervous smile , almost hearing their commentaries and the upcoming lectures in her head.
    “So, there is an us ?” grinned Kai. “I like that. No , wait — I love it ! I love you.” he said pressing his lips against hers. “I love you. I love you.”
Kai started tickling her just to hear her laugh and see her smile again. “Hey do you want some ice cream ?”
    “Um , yeah but .. I don’t - I don’t want you to let go off me.” she said wrapping her hands around his neck.
    “Crunchy almonds or Rocky road ?” he asked.
    “Both ?”
Kai smiled widely at her and something flashed in his eyes as he raised his hand. A moment later with a muffled thud on the coffee table landed just the two ice creams she had wanted , the sound of the freezer closing following a second later.
    “OH and spoons.” he glanced at the kitchen corner flicking his wrist , getting two of the spoons fly towards them landing right next to the ice cream. Their eyes met and he saw Y/N looking at him with complete awe on her face.
    “That is so cool.“ 
NOTE : (to the anons who requested it) I tried my best to get the both requests combined into one. I hope you like how it turned out.


anonymous asked:

Jesus hell I've just come to a realisation that Seungri is handsome as effff. And I think your posts have helped. I mean, do people really take the time to look at and study his face because if not, they really should, they are missing out on one of the great wonders of the world. And his bday just ughh and he knows hes hot and that makes him even hotterrrr. Someone please pour a gallon of water down my throat before I die 👅👅👅👅💦💦💦💦. I'm gonna regret sending this in later.

No. No regrets. Only ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Bless you.

(Ugh I don’t understand how people sleep on Seungri’s visuals it’s seriously the worst how he knows what he is and when he decides to lounge on a couch!!!! and his face is beautiful omfg when I got his version of the MADE album I had to slam the booklet closed every other page to take deep, cleansing breaths lest my yoni explode from excess life creation forces and whatnot and DON’T DRINK ALL THE WATER I NEED IT TOO!)

Hey how about some Seungri spam for your troubles? 


okay now let’s be serious, I’m so captivated by this manhwa. I never thought that a webcomic could mess up this bad with my mental state, like I HONESTLY GO NUTS READING EVERY SINGLE PAGE


But now I have the feeling that this theory about the ending being a double suicide between Bum and Sangwoo is really possible, like, ughh I don’t have words for this chapter. Sigh now I have to create a AU where Bum isn’t a savage cunt, #bringbackmyangel.

 Nah just kidding, I always new that Bum isn’t this innocent soul everyone always talk about, like did you forget how he get into this mess? hello he masturbated in sangwoo pillow hahaha People are more worried about this guy that kill girls and boys that looks like his mom but if this creppy stalker guy break into his crush house is 100% safe, boys who do this have 345% chances to steal your GF

park jimin as your boyfriend

here is my fourth bts as your boyfriend for our lovely park jimin! i really hope you guys like this one, i was a bit iffy about it. but please enjoy and feel free to request for the groups i write for! 

Yoongi / Taehyung / Hoseok / Jungkook

Seventeen / Got7


- honestly jimin is a huge cuddler like sometimes you’ll wake up as the big spoon or lying on top of him literally. you just never know when it comes to him

- surprisingly, you both get up around the same time everyday so whoever wakes up first usually just stays in bed and waits for the other because ya’ll are adorable like that

- like jimin hogs the bathroom because he takes way too long showers and literally uses all the hot water and you get so mad but he’ll just smile real big and squish your cheeks to make your anger practically dissolve. (or ya know, he always suggests you can shower with him, which you rarely agree to. other times you just whack him with a towel and tell him to quit being greasy)

- sometimes though he asks if he can do something random like try to paint your nails or braid your hair in the morning and you’re kinda just like ‘uh i guess?’ and tbh he doesnt do a terrible job like the nail polish stays on the nail and braid is even kinda nice, high five jimin

- you are always forcing chim to eat his breakfast because he tries to skip it all the time so you are nearly force feeding him a banana or toasts every morning and he acts like he’s annoyed by it but secretly when he’s in the middle of practice, he’s so thankful for the extra energy 

- and he does the same to you because you never even remember to eat breakfast for yourself so he’ll prepare something like a bagel and have you eat it on the way to work

- he always walks you to your job first like a proper gentleman and you always give him a kiss on  the cheek and a big hug before going to work and he blushes like a little boy, its super cute

- jimin will be so good to you omg like i really think he’ll do cute things like “anonymously” sending you chocolates to work or giving you piggy back rides when your feet hurt from wearing heels like ughh how cute

- dates with jimin are really different because he really likes doing the whole being fancy and dressing up deal (he even buys you new clothes to wear out like..) but other times he likes to order like three pizzas and sit on the couch in minimal clothing while watching cartoons and it’s really lazy but then there are times when he wants to be really active like 'omg lets go take a random salsa dance class!’ or he signs you up for couple’s yoga lol

- he also likes going to the trampoline park with you. he has the time of his life literally  flipping off the walls and when you say you wanna try doing one he is like 'no way, sorry babe’ and you pout and use your puppy eyes until he gives in and helps you do a front flip but i mean you’re on a trampoline so you could really do it by yourself if you actually tried but jimin is a protective little shit

- speaking of being a protective little sit, when he took you to get your ears pierced, he was a anxious mess because sometimes you couldnt handle pain like that well and omg you were doing it voluntarily!! so he literally held your hand so tight and kept rubbing your back when in reality all you did was wince and cringe up a bit when they actually pierced your ear lol 

- he’s just really protective in general though. like that dude was checking out your butt? oh hell no, sometimes has to be said. 

- okay but hear me out- his giggle

- you sometimes tease him by calling him chimchim and tickle him under the chin or something and he’ll do that beloved giggle and its so adorable. you even recorded it once and listen to it when you miss him

- CUDDLE BUG STRIKES AGAIN like anytime he can, he cuddles up with you. it could be anywhere- the couch, in bed, while making dinner, in the car. he loves holding you in his arms and knowing you’re safe and warm. (when you guys cuddle, you almost always fall asleep on each other and the other members have like 100 embarrassing pictures of you like drooling and jimin with his mouth wide open from snoring)

- you like to wear his boxers sometimes when you cant find pants and he gets SO embarrassed but he also thinks its super hot and bites his lip

- well since lips was mentioned- just imagine his lips against yours, so soft and slow, making you feel like really lucky because he’s so passionate and loving. plus he’s probably into neck kissing like he loves kissing your neck, sometimes leaving hickies, sometimes not. when he’s mad, he kisses you like he’s going to lose you. his kisses then are hard and frequent and slightly rushed but still holding that affect that makes you need to fan your face

- on another note, you get nightmares sometimes, which of course makes you wake up scared and shaking and it literally breaks jimin’s heart so he’ll draw you in and begin singing really softly in your ear and rub your back in hypnotic circles until you go to sleep completely calm and content

- when you cry is another time that jimin will sing to you. he absolutely hates seeing you cry so he’ll sing in a silly but still melodic voice and hold your hands and sometimes he’ll spin you around and slow dance with you or he’ll just hold you close and rock you back and forth

- honestly you can always hear his voice from somewhere. he likes to sing in the shower, in the kitchen, along to jingles on the commercials, and especially to the radio in the car. you two like to go on drives at night and just look at the night and sing to slow songs in the car

- another one of jimin’s talents is dancing. he likes to try and teach you to dance. even if you’re rubbish, he praises you and you cant tell if he genuinely thinks you’re doing okay or if he just doesnt want you to give up. but you always continue to learn the choreography to his songs and having really bad dance battles with him and the other members and honestly you’re on the level below even seokjin and namjoon but they all still cheer for you when you go against jimin or hoseok and its a lot of fun 

- jimin always takes the time to praise your talent too, even if its something silly like your ability to apply chapstick he’s like 'yasss, just look at you being fantastic’ and tbh its very uplifting

- you two are always uplifting each other actually. he’s quite insecure a lot of the time to you give him compliments all the time. you sometimes write him little post-it notes that say things like “how are you so handsome?” and slip them into his coat pockets for later or you leave him little videos on his phone reminding him to eat and smile. he personally likes to send you inspiring quotes that sometimes come with a picture of him blowing you a kiss or something silly. you both never let the other feel like they arent loved

- the first time you guys said i love you was because jimin couldnt find his shoes he had to wear that day for some promotion and he was searching everywhere for them and so were you and eventually you found them like under the couch and you gave them to him and he was like 'omg you found them, i love you!’ and you legit freeze and drop the shoes and he covers his mouth and his eyes are wide and his cheeks are a bright red and he’s scared but then you start tearing up because he finally said it and then you two hug and you whisper in his ear how much you love him and he hugs you tighter and keeps kissing the side of your head

- your relationship with jimin is overall playful and comfortable and neither of you would want to spend your life with anybody else

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all this time in kpop and all the ships i had i found them cute and like really friendly even in mx i literally ship everyone with everyone coz they are really close and everyone has this different relationship but theres something about kiho makes me ship them sexually Damn i dunno if im just a trash for kiho but the way they look at each other ughh even for kiho i foundthem cute at first but as time went by you can actually see the chemistry. wonho should stop looking at kihyuns lips everytime

“wonho should stop looking at kihyun’s lips everytime” i agree because its not good for my poor heart

Got7′s reaction to you wanting to play the too hot game with them

I’m gonna be honest with you at first I didn’t know what game this was so I looked it up…. when I read what it was I was like ohhhh okay (ツ) But anyways hope you enjoy the reaction lol


*He’d be so confident about playing this game with you. In his head he even had a strategy and everything and knew how to win. Unfortunately that did not happen…  20 minutes into this intense kiss he couldn’t control himself and picked you up and took you to the bed without breaking the kiss. You allow this until your both laying down and that’s when he notices what he did and stops kissing you and puts his forehead on yours.

BamBam: *sigh* “I lost…Ughh.” *gif*

Y/N: “Yup.. Now you have to make dinner.” 

*You laugh while he literally just lays his body on top of yours but then he tries to kiss you again which you immediately reject and push him off the bed.*


*Like BamBam, he would have a lot of confidence on winning the game. You start with a very gentle and sweet kiss which you later turn it to a strong and passionate kiss which then turns into a somewhat aggressive kiss. This was your strategy because you knew he couldn’t handle himself when it come to strong kisses and aggressive ones. And just like you expected, he wasn’t able to handle it so when you started that aggressive kiss he literally pinned you against the wall and grabbed your face. You then laugh in the middle  of the kiss and that’s when he notices what you did so he stops kissing you.*

Y/N: *laughs* “Have fun cleaning the house by yourself.” *walks away*

Yugyeom: *lowkey checks you out while you walk away* “Ughh what will I do with her? She always knows how to get me like this.” *gif*


*He’d be shy at first about playing the game but since you really wanted to play it, he eventually agreed.He starts the game with a gentle and sweet kiss that you thought would turn more passionate and aggressive as you too kept playing the game but it didn’t. His kiss stayed soft and gentle the whole time. His kiss was so sweet that you were slowly melting on the inside. You tried lasting longer without touching him but you just had embrace his sweetness so you gently grab his face and stop kissing him accepting defeat.*

Y/N: *still holding his face* “How are your kisses so sweet and gentle and so soft??”

Youngjae: “It’s a secret.” *gif*


*He wouldn’t be paying attention at first but then you mention the game he’d start laughing.*

JB: “You really think you can win against me?” *gif*  (Pretend that he doesn’t look mad and that he’s actually smirking XD)

*He quickly came up to you and started to kiss you aggressively without letting you answer his question. You were so in shock by his sudden aggressive kiss that your hands automatically grabbed his hair and neck without you even noticing. This made him kiss you even harder but then in the middle of it he laughs.*

JB: “You would never be able to handle my kissing Jagiya.” *smirks*

*And just like that he kisses you one last time and walks away leaving you in shock.* 


*Just like JB, he will tell you straight up that you were going to lose but you did it anyways thinking that you might be able to handle it this time. You lasted a good 30 minutes when you suddenly felt like it wasn’t a game anymore and you both wanted more. So while still kissing you put your hand on his chest and push him back where he is laying down. He allows this for a few seconds but then stops kissing you and looks away while he laughs.*

Junior: *sits you back up* “Told you I’d win.”


*He would be a bit nervous and shy about playing the game, which makes you think that you will win the game. But you were absolutely wrong… You guys are in it for at least 25 minutes and you can’t handle it anymore you just have the strong feeling of grabbing his neck and making the kiss more passionate and strong. So as soon as he feels your hand coming up to his neck he grabs them with his hand and stops kissing you.*

Mark: *smirks* “I win!”


*He’d smirk at you right after you mention that you want to play the game. You both first tell each other what the loser will do, which you both just agreed on the loser being the winner’s slave for a day so they had to do everything the winner told them to do. With confidence he starts to kiss you and the game starts. But not even 10 minutes into the game and he already grabbed your face to make the kiss more passionate and intense. You tried to pull away but since he knew he lost he didn’t let go of your face until you hit him on the head.*

Y/N: *smirks* “Well since you lost, go get me something from the convenience store.” *throws him the keys*

*He’d look at you with his puppy eyes to try and get out of the bet but they didn’t work.*

Jackson: *gif (while walking to the door)*

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