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IT’S FINALLY DONE! OMG THIS VIDEO GAVE ME SUCHHH HELL! I can’t even begin to explain the amount of shit I had to go through with this video. My Sony Vegas really, really doesn’t like it because it kept crashing on me, like, I don’t know, every 20 mins… It was so frustrating! And not only that but I had to render this 3 times and the last time I rendered it, it took 19 HOURS TO RENDER. Like, wtf? Damn you, Sony Vegas! *makes fist at the air* Hahaha but anyways, I don’t really like the final result. I’ve been working on this for so long now that it has become this massive blur whenever I watch it and I can’t tell if it’s good or bad. So I’ll have you guys decide! Also, I’m so sorry about the scene between Vader and Palpatine, when Palpatine says, “We have a new enemy” I don’t know why you can’t hear the word “enemy” because on SV you could hear it perfectly fine but on here you can’t. So I’m so sorry about that! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it anyways! Let me know what you think! :D - xoxo Cailey

Make sure to read these first before watching the video! Also, this video is the sequel to my In The Air Tonight Star Wars AU video, so if you haven’t seen that video, you should probably watch it first:

Padme, in such despair, doesn’t leave her husband side while he lays there dying. But, just in time, Palpatine comes to Anakin’s rescue and brings him (and Padme) to a planet, where medical droids put Anakin together in his legendary suit. Padme, anxiously waits for her new and improved husband to rise. Darth Vader.

Now that Anakin is reborn as Darth Vader. Padme and Vader rule the galaxy together as husband and wife, causing war and destruction in their wake. But Padme starts to have dreams of the moment Anakin turned her to the dark side. Feeling her darkness starting to fade, she finds out the true reason, it’s because she is pregnant. She surprises Vader with the news but he isn’t thrilled. She worries what Darth Sidious will do once he finds out the news. When she asks Vader what they are going to do, she calls him by his true name; Anakin, which Vader doesn’t take too kindly on being called that. While Padme’s darkness fades, the stronger Vader’s becomes. It breaks Padme’s heart to hear her beloved husband refuse to be called the name of the man she fell in love with all those years ago.
Palpatine feels, through the force, that Padme’s darkness is fading, he takes action by summoning Vader and Padme to his presence. Palpatine can feel the darkness and hatred within Vader growing and he takes much pleasure in this. He then taunts Padme about how unbearable it would be if he ever lost her, which Padme feels is a warning that Palpatine might plan on killing her.
Palpatine feels, through the force, that Padme is pregnant. He worries that this might ruin everything he has planned, so he summons Vader and confronts him about a disturbance in the force, which Vader confesses he feels it too, Palpatine tells Vader the only way to destroy this new threat to the Empire is by killing Padme and their children. Vader agrees. Padme over hears this conversation and is completely devastated but doesn’t want to give up on her husband just yet because she feels she can still turn him to the good side.
Vader confronts Padme, ready to kill her. Padme pleads and begs Vader to not do this and to come away with her. He decides he can’t kill her but instead offers her a deal to give herself over to the dark side, once and for all. She denies.
Palpatine, after finding out that Vader cannot kill Padme, decides to kill her himself. Padme fights back but is too weak to fight Palpatine fully. Vader sees Padme dying on the ground and remembers all of their good memories, and the fact that he’s going to be a father. Vader finally realizes that the most important thing in the galaxy is not the Empire, it’s not the power, it’s not the dark side. It’s Padme. Her and her love is the most important thing to him, and he can’t just stand by and watch her die. He takes action and kills Palpatine, saving Padme and their children. Vader finally becomes who he is suppose to be, his true self, Anakin Skywalker. Thanks to the love and faith Padme has for him.
9 months later:
Anakin stands next to Padme while she gives birth to their twins. They name their children Luke and Leia Skywalker. And together, all four them, live happily ever after, as a family. :’)

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