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“…and know that wherever you go, we will be with you.”

a small mix for everyone’s favorite commander

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Leaving Earth - Mass Effect 3 OST | Ordinary Human - OneRepublic | Little Pistol - Mother Mother | The Dirt Whispered - Rise Against | Retrograde - James Blake | Running Up That Hill - Placebo | This Is Not The End - Fieldwork | Exitlude - The Killers

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You should try out for a play! I'm sure you'd be the /mane/ character!

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Do you think we’ll ever live in a world free from hate?

Atom from Naoki Urasawa’s  PLUTO: Urasawa x Tezuka, a reimagining of the Astro Boy storyline “The Greatest Robot on Earth”

The other Robots: (Mont Blanc || North No. 2 || Epsilon || Herakles || Gesicht )

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Can you please do a fluffy injury Soukoku headcanon where Chuuya has gotten hurt and has to stay in bed and Dazai is assigned to take care of him? I might just draw some illustrations for it if you do <3333 Thank you so very much and thank you for all that you do!

I don’t know what to think of this. I really, really wanted to write a one-shot or a scenario instead, but as you asked for headcanons, I hope these will suffice. ;w; 

And thank you very much! Your words mean a lot.

Soukoku Headcanons: Injured Chuuya:

  • Being adamant that he can take care of himself, Chuuya would throw as many insults at Dazai as he physically can while attempting to ignore how severe his injuries really were. At one point, he’d have to stop speaking for a good two minutes just to keep himself from crying out, especially when his wounds begin to feel worse by the second.  

  • Dazai, giving his partner no room for complaint, would gently but firmly lay the man down and tend to as many of his injuries as possible in an uncomfortable silence. Even if Chuuya tries to goad him into an argument, he would simply shoot his partner a silencing look before continuing on with tending to the worst of his wounds.  

  • Once finished, Dazai would remain unusually quiet, his expression artfully vacant of emotion.  

  • At the sight of such a stoic Dazai, Chuuya would feel unnerved. He would be too preoccupied with trying to ignore his aching muscles and burning injuries to make a jibe at him, but the sight of his partner being so disconnected would make him feel nervous.

  • After a while, when it begins to get irritating, Chuuya would subtly enquire the taller man as to why he was acting so… different. Even when Dazai seems to snap out of his previous state, it doesn’t fool him at all

  • While he may be smiling and laughing like usual, Chuuya knows that Dazai is acting. He isn’t a stranger to recognising when Dazai is lying, but the more the other tried to pretend like nothing was wrong, it just made Chuuya feel even more puzzled. 

  • Whenever the two would make eye contact when conversing, Chuuya would absentmindedly take note of how… intense Dazai’s eyes were. It would serve to confuse the smaller man even further, but he would keep this acknowledgement to himself.

  • Eventually, when they run out of effort to keep up regular conversation, they would both become quiet. A part of Chuuya would be thankful for the sudden silence as his head was steadily becoming heavier by the second, but he would still be wary about sleeping with Dazai in the room.

  • Even so, the moment would be ruined when Dazai exclaims that he’s leaving, claiming to have better things to do than babysit a hat rack the size of a child. His smile is lazy, but his movements show that he is slightly reluctant as he walks out of the room, glancing over his shoulder more than once.

  • Chuuya would ignore the man and close his eyes, uncaring of how his chest suddenly felt hollow without the other man’s presence. 

  • Time would pass, and the redhead would be on the verge of falling asleep when he feels someone slip into the bed beside him. As an automatic reaction, his nerves would run cold and he would reach for the dagger that he hides underneath beneath his pillow, only to be stopped when feels a hand wrap around his wrist.
  • It’s only when he hears Dazai’s familiar snort of amusement at his side that Chuuya, against his better judgement, relaxes against his partner’s touch

  • Minutes would pass, and eventually Dazai would let go of Chuuya’s wrist. The redhead would feel slightly emptier with the loss of contact, but would nearly choke on his own breath when he feels Dazai move even closer, resting his chin atop of the shorter man’s head.

  • Redfaced, he wouldn’t be able to hide his surprise when he hisses at Dazai to get the fuck away. Even though he would act annoyed, Chuuya would still fight to try and keep his breathing under control and his heart in his chest. 

  • Against his better judgement, he would feel himself moving closer as well. Not by much, but just enough so that his forehead gently rests against Dazai’s throat, and he can feel his thoughts become clearer at the contact. Their chests brush together ever so slightly with every breath they took, and it would serve to make Chuuya feel slightly more at ease.

  • The redhead wouldn’t be able to help but release a shaky breath at the uncharacteristic gentleness the bandaged man was showing, but he wouldn’t dream of commenting on it. 

  • The moment Dazai slowly tangles their legs together, Chuuya is fairly sure that he’s on the verge of passing out. He doesn’t react when the taller man brings them closer together by wrapping his arm around Chuuya’s waist, too comfortable to complain about the closeness.

  • With Chuuya curled up in Dazai’s arms, the two of them would remain close and unmoving until they both fell asleep, and would get even closer during the night.

  • In the morning, however, when Chuuya awakens to the sight of a sleeping brunette, would let out an unmanly yelp. When the other only laughs, the redhead wouldn’t think twice about kicking him off of the bed, disregarding his injuries altogether.
  • Once they’re both dressed and ready to go their separate ways, neither of them would comment on what transpired the night before. That being said, their actions would still weigh heavily on both of their minds for the rest of the day; why would Dazai suddenly come back? Why did Chuuya reciprocate at all? Why did he even like it? 

  • Despite having avoided each other during the day, they would both unknowingly find themselves in the same position together later that night. They would be equally as unwilling to forget just how nice it felt to be so close to another person with no ulterior motive in mind.

I needed to draw the two PRECIOUS babs!! <33 ;w;
I tried doing shading but I think I failed
My hand was terribly shaking so excuse me for the terrible lines ugh, it was supposed to be a clean lineart >.>

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