ughh i cried over this

njmphadora  asked:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALIA U BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL AMAZING GORGEOUS FABULOUS FANTASTIC SPECTACULAR SOUL <3333 (okay day early but shh making sure i get this message to u in time basically) also like 🌸 because i'm trash for compliments but umm please just know i love u and wish you all the best for your birthday and jksnksdjf just HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hjfbjs ummm have a wonderful day <333

hjsf iT is past midnight aka i’m officially 22 oM natalie help me plz i cannot adult, thank you so much omg ilysm 🌸💕

🌸  firstly i jUst wanna thank you for being so amazing and kind and lovely and flawless aNd these are blog compliments bUt your blog has a great blogger okay yes good, moving on tO your flawless blog ughh. i still cri over ‘holy cricket’ whenever i see it - its the best blog title ever tbh?? and your mobile theme is so cute and perfect omgg aNd your theme is so well put together tBH just everything is perfect i could go on and on

no more for now please