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Get to know me meme → 3/? Favorite Actresses: Kaya Scodelario

“I’ve always been proud to be a woman. Once I came into the media world, 95% of the scripts I read have a nude scene or the female character would be in her underwear for no reason. It’s really difficult and can be disheartening.However, we have to focus on the good projects to give them the recognition that they deserve. Strong female leads need to be made more mainstream.”

i wish i could be happy about october and everything that’s going on but i’m just so tired i just want to sleep for the rest of the month


You’re a monster
But I have tamed you

Or have I become one too?


Non-no July 2014 Issue - Sakaguchi Kentaro and Suzuki Yuuna Photoshoot - Translations

Another Sakaguchi Kentaro treat for the fans! So this video is actually pretty old, but the video came back on our feed so I decided to watch it again, and whilst doing so, I was noticing that these two had a lot of chemistry. With Sakaguchi preparing for his role in Heroine Shikkaku, I’m still holding out that a HnR live action will happen with yes, Sakaguchi as my preferred Mamura…and possibly this fresh face by the name of Yuuna Suzuki to star as Suzume? Go check out the video and try to tell me that these two don’t look good together?!

Translations under the cut! 

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Audrey by Leo Fuchs. Ughh I can’t get over how beautiful, talented, classy, and inspirational woman she is. She’s so perfect, everybody should know her and watch her movies. Its defiantly a must. ILYSM Audrey❤️

in ‘이사/isa’, namjoon asks if yoongi remembers three years ago when they first started, when ‘hyung and I’ came to get together and did stuff together (predebut?) and then he said something about a toilet, wind.. something about what happened then and telling someone to get lost? and how now that his ambition has become bigger, that house’s big space is just too small now, i’m sorry he’s being all philosophical and spitting rhymes I can’t make out properly :’) but like ‘이사/isa’ means ‘move’ like moving houses/places or ‘change’ like change of situation/position. I’m guessing they’ll talk about how they start from the bottom to the top, and that is just beautiful, it’s also beautiful how he addresses yoongi ‘SUGA’ and then went on with ‘Hyung and I’ instead of ‘you and i’ that’s just aww??? they must’ve been through a lot before the final lineup for 방탄소년단. i like the sounds from the preview a lot, this album has such a soft, mellow sound to it, and the way all the members took part shows how much they’ve matured 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

Dont Trip || Sammy Wilk ||

Requsted, do something sweeter than usual. I cant really do good fluff shit so here you go I tried.

     “(Y/N) can you stop being mad at me please?” Sam begged me “No Sammy you should have thought about that before you were a dick to me.” I said looking at my phone and not even giving him the simple courtesy of looking at him.

     “Ughh” He groaned getting up from the couch and walking over to the counter and getting his car keys then leaving, he had pissed me off a lot lately I wouldn’t know how he would get his bitch ass out of this one. “Fucking dick.” I said once he had left, I got up off the couch and decided to make something to eat.

     I was cracking my eggs when I heard Sammy come through the front door. “Baby” He called through the house in search of me, but I was keeping my mouth shut. 

     Once he was smart enough to check the kitchen he walked up from me and hugged me, I stiffened at his touch “Can you get off of me?” I asked my bitchey tone flowing through each of my words, Sammy unwrapped his arms and backed away “Sorry” He said under his breath, I just shook my head he was so aggravating sometimes. 

      “Well I got you something, in hopes you wouldnt hate me.” He said grabbing a bag. I out my eggs in the pan and turned around and looked at the bag “A present wont get you out of this.” I said before taking the bag out of his hands “Oh I know I have to do alot more kiss ass shit before we will be 100 again but hopefully you will accept this as an I really am sorry for being an ass hole.” He said biting his lip, he was nervous I could tell but I didnt know why. 

     I looked suspiciously at the bag It was pretty big what the hell did he get me that would be this big? I wondred to myself, but I took out the paper at the top of the bag to reveal a White Givenchy bag. I picked it up out of the bag and let the other bag fall to the floor.

     “Are you fucking kidding me Sammy, this is a 2,000 dollar purse!” I said shocked, not growing up with money had prevented special gifts like these from ever happening. “Yeah I know, but you deserve it and all. Dealing with all of my shit you should win an award but for now this is the best I can do.” He said putting extra emphases on for now.

     “No take it back I dont need a 2,000 dollar purse Sammy.” I said handing the bag back to him and taking my eggs out of my skillet and putting them a plate. "No baby you deserve something for all of the shit you do for me and this is what I want to give you and I know you want it.“ He said handing it back to me, he wasnt wrong I did want the purse and I did put up with all of his shit. 

      "Your not out of this, but thank you baby.” I said wrapping my arms around his neck “Dont trip baby, I love you.” Sammy said “Love you to Sammy.” I said pressing my lips to his then quicly ripping the kiss apart to look at my new bag. “Its so pretty” I squealed.

I honestly have no clue what I just wrote, I took a nap and this is what it was about and I thought It was cute but now that I wrote it its not so hot… sorry

As Long As You’re Happy -  Part 2

 A/N: So I guess I’ll be doing a part 2 :)

Trigger Warning: Slight racism :/

Part 1

     To summarize the rest of the now worst beach day ever, beating the time I was stung by a jellyfish once then got rained on, it was torture. Of course Stella and Luke continued to go at it for most of the time, so I tried spending my time in the ocean away from them, but that failed since they felt the need to follow wherever I went. It was already sundown by the time we actually left and I couldn’t be happier. I was finally in my apartment away from “them” and can finally be free. 

     I decided to take a shower to get rid of some of the stress from today. Sadly, it barely worked and the thoughts were still stuck in my head. Still can’t believe it, but I should’ve expected much. What were you thinking!? Of course he’s never going to feel the same. Get the hell over it now. “Ughh!” I yell in frustration.

     My thoughts were cut short by a knock on my door just as I finished changing into my pajamas…well more like shorts that were completely covered by my over-sized t-shirt, that kind of just appeared. When I opened the door, I was greeted by the sight of Luke. What’s he doing here. “Hey,” he smiles. He realizes my confused expression and walks in, closing the door behind him. Then he clasps his hand to together and looks at me, “You must be wondering why I’m here so late,” he starts and I slowly nod in agreement. “Well it seemed you’d not been yourself today, and if I weren’t mistaken, you were avoiding me,” he explains with a worried expression. “Why?” he questions and looks into my eyes directly, looking for answers. “Why? There was nothing wrong to begin with really,” I nervously chuckle. How do you not know? “Now why are you lying to me?” he says, catching my fib. I avert my gaze to the floor, feeling a bit guilty.  “L-listen, I really don’t want to talk about it right now, it’s not important at the moment and never will be,” I choked, the situation unbearable to speak about. He suddenly walks closer to me and pulls me into a bone crushing hug, “Is it because I invited Stella?” he asks. “Maybe,” I mumble in his chest. Well that’s part of it. “I’m sorry, it should’ve been just us today,” he apologizes and looks down at me. “It’s fine Luke, really,” I say and try to push him away a bit, but he just holds on tighter. “No it’s not, and I’m gonna repay for it with a movie night filled with relaxation,” he proclaimed. “I choose the movies,” I spoke and managed to get out of his  grip and walk over to a shelf where I keep my movies. He laughs and goes to my bedroom where I assume he’s changing into a more comfortable outfit of sweatpants and t-shirt he keeps here.

     By the time he comes back to the living room, I’m sprawled on the floor covered in blankets and surrounded by couch pillows, ready to watch Lilo & Stitch. Luke walks over and lays against the couch next to me and pulls me onto his lap to cuddle. “I missed this,” I admit and snuggled my head in the crook of his neck and turned my attention towards the movie. “I did too,” Luke agrees and smiles at the thought. 10 minutes in and Luke’s phone rings, but he doesn’t hesitate to answer it. “Aren’t you going to answer it?” I wonder. “Nope,” he states and presses decline on his phone. “What if it was someone or something important, Luke? You know better than that,” I scold and shake my head at him. He giggles and takes a deep breath, “ You sound like my mum,” he exaggerates and rolls his eyes. “Well someone’s gotta keep you in line,” I sass back and return to watching the movie.

     Once the movie finished, I yawned loudly and rolled off Luke’s lap to lay down properly. Luke does the same and pulls be into him, now in a spooning position. That is until his phone rings for the tenth time tonight and he just groans in annoyance and turns it off. “Are you sure you should’ve just answered the phone?” I repeated sleepily with my eyes closed. “I’ll deal with it tomorrow,” he replies and returns to his position.


     I’m awakened by 6 or 7 loud knocks on my door, causing a minor headache in my sleepy state. I grab my phone to check the time and am blinded by the brightness of it. 7:55 AM… who the hell is knocking like a maniac at this fucking early? Let me sleep. I sigh as I carefully unwrap myself from Luke’s arms, which makes him groan a bit turn to the other side before settling again. I yawn and stretch my body a bit, hearing a couple of cracks from my knees and elbows. That’s what I get for sleeping on the floor. Slowly and tiredly, I walk to the door and open it without asking who it is, and boy….do I regret that. “I know Luke is here,” I hear a girly and snobby voice. “Please don’t be Stella, please don’t be Stella,” I plead quietly while raising my head to see the one and only…Stella. Great. “Okay, first of all, how do you know where I live, and second of all, why are you here?” I interrogate, a bit on the grumpy side since I’m definitely not a morning person and am not looking my best right now. “I don’t have to explain myself to you, all I know is that I’m looking for Luke, he hasn’t been answering my calls,” she ends up explaining anyways. You just explained though. “Well to answer your question, yes, he is here, he stayed over…,” I trail off. “Well I mine as say this now so I don’t need to, hopefully, see you again, so I’ll say this once and only once,” she starts. “Stay away from Luke, I noticed the way you were looking at him like you were so hopelessly in love,” she pipes up at the “hopelessly” part, “but everyone knows you’ll only be a best friend to him so I don’t even know why you’re trying, and not to be racist and all, but I don’t think you guys would look good together anyways, you get the point. I mean you’re hair is all knotty and you look dead right now,” she laughs cockily. Excuse me it is probably now 8 AM, I am not gonna wake up like Aurora did in Sleeping Beauty with a face covered in perfect make up. “Okay I’m gonna need you to leave before I fight you,” I say, glaring at her. “Huh, typical. Anyways..I’ll leave and just handle Luke when he comes by my house so I can show him a ‘surprise’ tonight,” she winks while saying surprise and I grimace at the statement. Stella then turns around, walking away confidently down the apartment stairs and towards her car. I then close the door and quickly lock myself in my room and lay down on my bed face down. Way to start off my day. I stifle my sobs in my pillow hoping to not wake up Luke.


     Negative thoughts were running throughout my head like a marathon. Of course he wouldn’t like me. It’s been 8 almost 9 years, what makes you think he’ll like you now? You aren’t good enough. We wouldn’t look good together would we? If I were just a different person. If I didn’t have curly hair maybe. My thoughts were interrupted by a door opening and I immediately tried wiping away any evidence of me crying and sat up properly on my bed. “Hey, I didn’t see you when I woke up – ” he cuts himself off, inspecting my current state. Quickly, he walks over towards me and wraps me in his arms. “What’s wrong?” he asks concerned. I stay silent, not willing to speak about the conversation with Stella earlier. “(Y/n), tell me,” he says more sternly. “Nothing Luke. Nothing at all, just drop it,” I fire back. “I just think you should leave…now,” I ended. When I look up I see the once concerned Luke now hurt a bit and he lets go. “A-Alright I guess,” he stuttered and stood. I watched as he exited the room and soon exited my apartment. Nice going.

Part 3?

A/N: Sorry it took so long, I was a bit busy. I hope you liked! it! ~Chiara <3