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literally every single album by gregory and the hawk is so perfect like. leche is a MASTERPIECE but nobody ever talks about come, now or in your dreams and they're both such good albums. boats and birds is an amazing song don't get me wrong but wild west and the bolder thing to do are two of the most beautiful pieces of music i've ever heard and they deserve more recognition

LECHE IS SO GOOD!! and in your dreams is too…geez the bolder thing to do is one of my favorite songs ever i think, i completely agree w/ you on all of that. boats & birds is a REAL GOOD album but i feel like the only song ppl focus on is boats and birds & i wish gregory and the hawk would get more recognition for her music

meredith godreau saved my entire life tf

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So every Family Friendly Mark video is the world's quietest let's play? Since there's tape over his mouth.

pFT pretty much. His voice is too powerful so it just had to be stopped. Now his editors can write whatever subtitles they want! But hey, his eyes are free, and youtube and his audience just LOVE his big emotional tears so hes given free range to emote however he likes! ….the words and context just might be edited!