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How was your day,my princess?


ok ok……..uffffffff.

Today i pass out in the school eating with so many people and with my friends because i dunno the girl put me something in the food.

and UUFFF the piano lessons.

Today i draw in the school something for halloween and my hands was really tired.

So i have a Teacher of the piano lessons called ‘‘Maria’‘ she was very kind and nice,i don’t like her,and i was there with my best friend Lola.

So i was taking a rest and Lola too,Lola did see the teacher was looking at me,the teacher see me relaxing and….


She just crushed my poor hand with the thing for not the people play the piano(idk i don’t remember what that is called)

And she just said ‘‘Oh! I’m sorry i didn’t see your hand there’‘ AND i freaking know that see did she my hand.

I was freaking about to punch her in the face but i didn’t punch her(why did i not punch her? XD i’m a freaking idiot) and now my hands hurts VERY much. :))

For anyone who has ever sent anonymous hate to someone, STOP. You have no right to send hate to anyone. You could be really hurting someone. Some of us hate on ourselves enough already. No need to add to it by telling people negative things they already know about themselves! So for the love of everything, stop.

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I have this headcanon that Jason never really drank hot chocolate until after he came back but then it quickly developed into an addiction. Now it's his favorite drink and he'll always choose it over coffee. If coffee is his only option though he usually just tops it off with marshmallows and moves on. I was wondering about your thoughts on this?

[rubs hands together excitedly] I did not take 2.5 years of psychology for nothing, so let’s buckle in for some angst!

First off, wonderful headcanon; Id like to know if there’s a why behind it :) like, does the taste of coffee feel too earthy and bitter now? Does it bring up memories of the manor? Are his tastebuds screwed up and sweet is the easiest to taste, thus his affinity for marshmallows and hot chocolate?

Onwards to the psychology shit, I wish I still had my psych textbooks but I dont ughh!

Didja know chocolate (and by extension, some hot chocolates) help elevate moods (X)? It’s why people with pms and periods are told to eat chocolates during their period, to help elevate their mood, beyond the benefits that it does to help combat pms symptoms like bloating and cramps; I could get into a whole other rant about our chemistry before, during, and after our periods but Ill just drop this (X) and let you search more if you’re interested.

Chocolate helps to release endorphins, which I like to call our body’s natural happy drug. Beyond that, chocolate holds seratonin (X) which is normally what depressed people lack in their brain chemistry, it’s considered a literal anti-depressant. More info here (X) (also note near the end of page one it says a lack of serotonin is theorized to make someone excessively angry; ring a bell?)

Hot chocolate is said to help soothe stress, anxiety, and depression (X), all of which I personally believe Jason has especially after his resurrection….

Honestly, I could keep talking but what it boils down to is this: Jason and (hot) chocolate after his resurrection pains me and I need more of it <3

AnoTHER Po///rn blog followed me
Idk how long ago thooo soO
Ughh, tumblr needs to fix thIS
anywayy, I’m going nooow to get the root canal finishedddd
When I come baccck I’ll prooobablyyy draww hh
Sme loopy weird drawings is what those’ll bee


FYI This is the first time that I fell for a guy who is much more older than MC and ughh….he’s just soo 💕

I think what I really love about him is he likes to joke around (although his jokes sometimes goes way overboard since he also jokes around when the topic is very serious)

OH YEAHH!!! he is also a very へんたい(hentai) person! like Takamasa (from MFW)

Now that I think about it…there’s a lot of similarities between Takamasa and Kazumi??? 🤔


Stranger Things | season 2 foreshadowing

“Something is coming, something angry, hungry for your blood…it is almost here.”